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Believers looking for fellowship
Name or Organization name : Northern
Description : We believer their is One G_D and Creator of all His Name alone is YHWH The Almighty G_D of Israel an......
Marysville, California, United States
The Manifest Sons and Daughters of Yahveh
Name or Organization name : The Sons of Yahveh
Description : Believe that Yahveh is more correct than Yahweh in pronunciation however the v is only barely pronou......
Hermosa Beach, California, United States

Description : I am a lover of YHVH and everything He commands (The Torah). I am a sponge to learn the Hebrew ways.......
Janesville, California, United States
Reedley, CA fellowship
Name or Organization name : Reedley
Description : We are a fellowship of aproximately 30 - 40 indivuduals who are seeking to walk in Torah through Yah......
Reedley, California, United States
Seeking True Believers
Name or Organization name : SOS YAHWEH Charity Resources
Description : The Heavenly Father\'s Holy name is Yahweh and the Messiah is Yahshua (Yahweh Saves or Yahweh\'s Sal......
SAN BERNARDINO, California, United States
Independent Assembly of Hebrews
Name or Organization name : Independent
Description : Free ministry-service to all Messianic believers. All downloads are free!

Contact us if you w......
Northridge, California, United States
Seeking Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Gail Wessman
Description : I am new to the Messianic movement and would like to find others to fellowship with and get to know ......
Oakley, California, United States
Seeking Like Believers
Name or Organization name : Paulette Chartrand
Description : I am a Messianic believer in the \
Santa Maria, California, United States
New Covenant Believer
Name or Organization name : Sabbath Keeping Home Group
Description : New Covenant Believer. I disciple others that the 4th commandment to rest on the Sabbath day is stil......
Stockton, California, United States
Searching for Sabbath Keepers
Name or Organization name : John McRae
Description : Baptist/non-denominational, to 7th day Adventist, to Hebrew Roots, to Messianic-ish and grafted in.K......
Visalia, California, United States
Henderson Family
Name or Organization name : The Henderson Family
Description : We love G-d and keep his commandments, and we love our brothers as ourselves.
Pasadena, California, United States
Torah study weekly Shabbat
Name or Organization name : Minister Elizabeth Maas
Description : I am a licensed and ordained minister through National Association of Christian minister. I am also ......
Sacramento, California, United States
Name or Organization name : Shaynah
Description : Shalom!
Los Angeles, California, United States
Sabbath fellowship
Name or Organization name : Hebrew Israelites
Description : We are a small group of believers, Sabbath keepers, who keep the Laws, Statues, and Commandments of ......
Tustin, California, United States
Believer Yashua
Name or Organization name : Jennifer Reyes
Description : I just was introduced to the heavenly fathers name Yawyeh. I am new to the sabbath and festivals.
Bakersfield, California, United States
Child of Yahweh observes NEW MOON crescent
Name or Organization name : Russ
Description : LOOKING TO FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER BELEIVERS CALL ME Russ 760 505 8034 power.russ@gmail.com I follow a......
San diego (north), California, United States
Scattered remnant of Israel (Not church)
Name or Organization name : Chana
Description : Messianic-Shalom!
YAHWEH is my ABBA Father and Y'shua is my Messiah. I believe we must be Holy r......
Woodland, California, United States
Name or Organization name : Last Restoration Fellowship
Description : I teach a Bible(Torah)study to a group of believers at a tatoo shop of all places. Have purchased so......
Ontario, California, United States
Looking to meet those who love YaHuWaH
Name or Organization name : Ben
Description : It's really hard to find other people who believe in YHWH and who are seekers of truth, so this is m......
San Diego, California, United States
Preparing for the greater exodus
Name or Organization name : Joe Pena
Description : Following Torah in YAHSHUA Messiah
Los Banos, California, United States
Red Spirit

Description : We specialize in sharing a Native American and Contemporary style of music
Whittier, California, United States
Looking for fellowship

Description : My family and I have been in prayer to find a place to fellowship with like minded believers... my f......
Portola Ca., California, United States
NAME above all NAMES
Name or Organization name : Laura
Description : the Creators name is Yahuwah and his Son, Yahushua.

the Millenial reign of Mashiach will be i......
Wildomar, California, United States
Yahuah / Yahushua Ha'Mashiach
Name or Organization name : Craig
Description : Shalom friends!
We are looking for a congregation as well as fellow believers in Yahuah, and His ......
Turlock, California, United States
Looking for Like Minded Brethren of Yeshua
Name or Organization name : Sword Of The Spirit Ministries, Int"l
Description : I only follow the feasts in the bible, not the pagan worldly holidays, or the traditions of man, and......
Garden Grove, California, United States

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