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Nazarene Israelites
Name or Organization name : Assembly
Description : We keep the Sabbaths given in Leviticus 23; We keep Torah and follow the Kosher Laws given in Leviticus 11; We believe that YHWH is ONE: We believe that Yahshua is the vi......
Port Elizabeth, International, South Africa
Name or Organization name : Arphaxad
Description :
I was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness and left the church about 2 years ago in order to study the scriptures independently. Since doing so, YHWH has listened to my ......
Corby, International, Bahamas
Seek and you shall find
Name or Organization name : Yahdaim
Description : All I seek after is truth as written in the Scriptures, without addings or parts taken away for convenience sake. I am not at all perfect, but desire to do what is comman......
GENT, International, Belgium
Alone seeker of Yahuah
Name or Organization name : MOMENT
Description : I am a servant of YAHuah & YAHushua. Will walk as He walked - Obeying His Commandments (all of them)...

I'm a Lost sheep (Prodgal son) returning home, etc, etc. <......
Newcastle, International, Ireland
New Beleiver in Yashua/Yaweh
Name or Organization name : Roy
Description : I live in Christchurch New Zealand and am a new beleiver in Yaweh and his son Yahsua coming from a christian background but now called out to be apart of Israel...
Christchurch, International, New Zealand
Contact for Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Rosie Hill
Description : The Holy Bible. A woman of Yahweh 22 years.
Chester Cheshire, International, United Kingdom
Believers Synagogue
Name or Organization name : Auckland
Description : Bet Ya'akov - Auckland Believers Synagogue
Ph: New Zealand 09 815 0575
We are a growing community of around thirty people. We have published a first century Siddur,......
Auckland, International, New Zealand
Yahweh congregation
Name or Organization name : Independent
Description : Believe in Heavenly father Yahuwah & messiah Yahushua. Observing biblical holidays .Observe Torah .Keeping lunar solar sabbath
Auckland, International, New Zealand
Keep the Sabbath and be blessed
Name or Organization name : B'nai Yahshua Synagogue of Penrith NSW Australia
Description : We are a Messianic Congregation that upholds the Torah, the True names of Yahweh & Yahshua, and we teach & keep the Annual Feasts of Yahweh, and the weekly Sabbath.
Sydney NSW 2745 Australia, International, Australia
May Yahuah bring you joy in your search
Name or Organization name : Peter
Description : 54 years old. I've been a believer all my life, but a true believer for 5 years. Wow, what a way to be. The only thing missing in my life here is a true believing woman/w......
Near Melbourne, International, Australia
Yisrael Echad Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Elizabeth
Description : I am a believer in Yahshuah, I keep Torah and I
fellowship with like minded people who love Yahweh and keep Torah. Our group is praying that Yahweh will add more who ......
Perth Western Australia, International, Australia
To glorify yahweh
Name or Organization name : Mark
Description : i to have the honour of being called out and have been following our messiah for many years we are few in number and meet in a hall at bullsbrook and in homes would love ......
Perth, International, Australia
Seeking Fellowship
Name or Organization name : The Allen Family
Description : We have been seeking Truth for the last 5 years, and Yahshua has honoured His word in revealing the paganism rampant throughout mainstream christianity, His Name, and tha......
Hawkes Bay/Australia, International, New Zealand
Name or Organization name : ECCLESIA OF YHWH
Lagos, International, Nigeria
Looking for truth

Description :
Description: I am a strange mix My mother was not same religion as my Father,he was Catholic My father never went to church but my mother had to promise to bring the ......
Brisbane, International, Australia
Greetinngs from the sunny caribbean
Name or Organization name : Scripture research yeshiva
Description : i am a messianic believer..i do private study as i do not belong to any group...i'd like to meet fellow believers so we can have online fellowship and study anywhere in t......
Castries, International, Saint Lucia
Shabbat is THE TRUTH = Yeshua
Name or Organization name : Blessing Generations
Description : Praise to Yahweh
In my spiritual journey (Jeremiah 29:11) together with my family Yahweh leads us to know Him Who is THE TRUTH and The Power of His Might. He delivered......
Gold Coast, International, Australia
Suiwer Leer
Name or Organization name : Die Suiwer Leer
Description : I am a disciple of Yahshua Messiah.I believe in and proclaim the true and mighty NAME of YAHWEH and His Son Yahshua the true Messiah. I am a Sabbath keeper, commited to t......
Pretoria, International, South Africa
Name or Organization name : Peter Ndung'u Mathu
Description : I believe in the keeping of the ten commandments, feast days of Leviticus 23, use of the true names of our Heavenly Father Yahweh , and our master and Savior Yahshua the ......
Nakuru, International, Kenya
Looking for Believers of Yahweh Yahushua and Torah
Name or Organization name : Messianic
Description : Yahweh is Elohim creator of the universe
Yahushua is the Messiah and Savior
Everything written in the Torah is to be obeyed by all believers Jews and Non-Jews
Bern, International, Switzerland
Friend in Messiah
Name or Organization name : Organic Life
Description : Believer in the sacred names and the feasts. Desire to meet others likeminded to associate, even over the internet. Our body needs to be built up to endure these times co......
Chiriqui, International, Panama
Believers looking for work/fellowship
Name or Organization name : Moshe
Description : Torah observant, keep Shabbat and feasts, seeking the ancient paths wherein lies the "good" way......Jer 6:16. We love Torah and the ways of the Master. We use ......
Brisbane , International, Australia
Truth of the Scriptures
Name or Organization name : Michael
Description : I believe in Messiah Yahushua, I believe in YaHWeH Elohim, I don't believe in the trinity as the regular church teaches. I was once very involved with my local church, bu......
Peterborough, International, United Kingdom
Hello there
Name or Organization name : Frank
Description : Guard love and fight with the seduces of the devil by walking according to righteous.Stand and wait for the day of the glory of Yahweh.
Taipei, International, Taiwan
Fellowship Seekers in Belgium
Name or Organization name : YAHWEH
Description :
Are you living in Belgium or in nearby countries seeking for Sabbath fellowship or perhaps seeking for deeper bible truths? So do we! We are a few people......
Beersel and Brussels, International, Belgium

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