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Looking for Local Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Sharron
Description : I do not believe in worshipping according to man-made traditions. I will not keep man-made holidays(......
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Seeking Local Believers
Name or Organization name : Praising
Description : Sabbath. Appointed Days/Feasts. Clean foods. Looking for others to join in Sabbath celebrations as w......
Burlington, Kentucky, United States
To fellow believers
Name or Organization name : Jesse
Description : Hi folks! I keep the annual Holy days and clean foods, and am seeking out those who are likeminded a......
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Yah's Messianic Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Yah's
Description : Greetings in the authority of our Mashiach, Yeshua!
Welcome to Yah's Messianic Fellowship. We a......
Gray, Kentucky, United States
Seeking fellowship and study groups
Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States
Seeking one of likemind, a moutain man
Name or Organization name : Laura Brown
Description : I am and one who is in the wilderness/cave dweller, led of God these 40yrs. Taught of God many trut......
Jackson, Kentucky, United States
Seeking Local Believers
Name or Organization name : Yonatan and Rina Ricketts
Description : We keep the laws of Moshe and look to Yeshua for salvation. My husband is currently seeking ordinati......
Brownsville, Kentucky, United States
Name or Organization name : Ephesians inc.
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
The Church of Our Father
Name or Organization name : The Church of Our Father
Description : To assemble to Worship YHVH.
With Music, Prayers, Torah Readings, and Discussion.

We Belie......
Covington, Kentucky, United States
Name or Organization name : Pamela and Kenneth Vance
Description : We believe in the hebrew names vs. the pagan titles used by most in the world. We believe in clean m......
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Looking for fellowship
Danville, Kentucky, United States
Name or Organization name : The Sweeney\'s
Hodgenville, Kentucky, United States
Bible Study and Fellowship
Name or Organization name : LeRoy
Description : YHWH is the creator of everything that physically and mentally exists. The true Holy Scriptures are ......
Loretto, Kentucky, United States
Name or Organization name : Arnold Denney
Description : Sabbath/holyday/festivals keeper/ for more than 30 years. Observer of new moons since 2001. Use of S......
Bronston, Kentucky, United States
Old truthseeker
Name or Organization name : Southern Jew
Description : I have studied scriptures since about 1970. Have been Catholic, Methodist, 7th Day Aventist, Yahwist......
Owensboro, Kentucky, United States
Name or Organization name : Josephine Fields
Description : I believe in the Sabbath and Gods Holy Days and believe what I am reading and hearing on this web si......
Bremen, KY, Kentucky, United States
Servant of Yahweh
Name or Organization name : Harold Linville
Description : Yahshua , Yahweh in the Flesh , 7th Day Sabbath
Dawson Springs, Kentucky, United States
Delete my profile

Description : I no longer agree with the beliefs on this site and would like to delete my profile, but cannot figu......
Nowhere, Kentucky, United States
Seeking fellowship
Name or Organization name : Mrs. Rodgers
Description : Im seeking fellowship with like-minded brothers & sisters that believe in the validity of the Torah,......
Russellville, Kentucky, United States
Looking for believer in Louisville, Ky.
Name or Organization name : Moises puente
Description : I am just now realizing through Prophet Tom Deckard that I am to keep the Law.
I thought that I d......
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Scattered brethren
Name or Organization name : Tristate Messianic Fellowship
Description : Monthly Sabbath services as well as Feast Days for scattered brethren in Ohio,West Virginia and Kent......
Catlettsburg, Kentucky, United States
Finding people to fellowship with
Name or Organization name : Beth Block
Description : Sabbath/holyday/festivals keeper/observer of new moons.
Columbia, Kentucky, United States
Seeking the Scattered Brethren
Name or Organization name : Jason Stelter
Description : We are Torah observant believers in Messiah Yahshua. We are seeking friendship and fellowship with o......
Irvine, Kentucky, United States
Searching for like-minded believers
Name or Organization name : Jim Lutz
Description : We have a small group that has been meeting sporadically on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons to......
Covington, Kentucky, United States
Someone to Fellowship with

Description : Trying to return to Torah and most importantly to follow Yahushua and look for His return.. This inv......
Lexington, Kentucky, United States

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