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Followers Of Yahweh & Yahshua Who Keep The Sabbath
Name or Organization name : Les Austin & Family
Description : We know Yahweh wrote the commandments with his finger. We know that the Bible runs in pairs. We foll......
Jefferson City, Missouri, United States
Sabbath Services
Name or Organization name : Kehilot
Description : Messianic, Torah based believers of Yah who meet on Sabbath day's at Day's Inn of 87th and Hillcrest......
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
2nd-shift worker seeking fellowship near Joplin MO
Name or Organization name : David.B
Description : Essentially, some of the audio-books from First Fruits of Zion (ffoz.org) hold merit, like:
Hope ......
Joplin, Missouri, United States
Rom 10:8 Word of Faith
Name or Organization name : YHWH's Word of Faith
Description : We confess as our doctrine, the entire Word of YHWH. Our desire is to be a light to this world, shar......
Mansfield, Missouri, United States
Yahweh's Vineyard of Refuge
Name or Organization name : YVR-Barrie
Description : Yahweh’s Vineyard of Refuge is a local fellowship and exists to develop and provide an aftercare ......
Rolla, Missouri, United States
Looking for fellowship in the Desoto, MO area!
Name or Organization name : Angela
Description : Believer in Hebrew roots, Torah observant, Sabbath and feast keeper, Yeshua is the Messiah.
Desoto, Missouri, United States
Tom Martincic & Family Near Springfield, Missouri
Name or Organization name : EliYah
Description : Scripture understandings found on this web site.

Please do not contact me thro......

Ava, Missouri, United States
Starting fellowship in Lebanon Missouri.

Description : Looking to start a fellowship, for accountability, growth and maturity in our walk with Messiah, stu......
Lebanon, Missouri, United States
Join us for Torah Study
Name or Organization name : Fellowship
Description : Holding meetings at my place on Shabbat for a fellowship/meal sharing/Torah study time. Contact for ......
Mountain View, Missouri, United States
Looking for fellowship
Name or Organization name : Divine
Description : I believe in using our Fathers true name Yahweh, and His Son's true name Yahshou.I also believe we s......
Lee's Summit , Missouri, United States
Shabbat in Our Home and Torah Study
Name or Organization name : Yahuwah's
Description : Shalom, We are looking to fellowship in our home with other believers. We live a kodesh lifestyle, ......
BRANSON, Missouri, United States
Name or Organization name : Lion of God Ministries
Description : May the grace and peace of Elohim be yours. We are a small ministry with a branch in Oak Grove, Miss......
Oak Grove, Missouri, United States
Looking for Fellowship
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States
Waiting for the Elohim
Name or Organization name : Bertha shannon
Description : I am married with two children. I live in Kansas City, Mo. I have believed since the age of 10. But ......
Kansas city, Missouri, United States
Kansas city, Missouri, United States
Name or Organization name : MS
KANSAS CITY, Missouri, United States
Gathering in his name
Name or Organization name : Lester & Veronica Corlew
Description : Keeps the law and old testment feast.
Drexel, Missouri, United States
Mesharet Outreach Network
Name or Organization name : Pam Staley
Description : Mesharet Outreach Network is an on-line resource center for believers looking to further their resea......
Warrenton, Missouri, United States
Name or Organization name : Steve & Dora Ketterer
Wilderness , Missouri, United States
Praise YAH he has seen fit to call us
Name or Organization name : Hebrews seeking the way
Description : Striving to understand and follow the whole word of Elohim, undivided! Deliverance by YHWH, through ......
Mountain view, Missouri, United States
Name or Organization name : HOUSE OF PRAYER
KANSAS CITY, Missouri, United States
Leaving Mystery Babylon
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Worshipping Yahweh in Spirit and in Truth
Name or Organization name : Rev. Bobby Holland
Description : I believe in worshipping Yahweh and Yahshua our Messiah. I believe in the Holy Days and the Sabbath(......
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Ron Believes
Name or Organization name : Ron
Description : Living by "every word that proceeds from the mouth of Yahweh." Beliving that the reformati......
Blackwell, Missouri, United States
New Disciple Seeking fellowship
Name or Organization name : Darrell Ackerson
Description : new disciple am a child in my understanding and seeking to grow in my understanding of Yawweh and hi......
Joplin, Missouri, United States

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