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11/07/2015 - "What the Scriptures REALLY Teach about Health"

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Joy Mathew
10 Oct 2016, 03:46
I like this teaching
Marianne Gordon
08 Dec 2016, 19:05
Hello I do not understand because the Bible says that Yahweh is loving and has tender mercies and is compassionate. Then it speaks of Him killing and wounding. I am not being disrespectful it's just that I do not understand. I have a cigarette addiction and I keep asking our Father Yahweh for deliverance and it hasn't happened yet. I know that we are His creation and if He wants to kill us He can. I do not want Him to be angry with me, I would be ever so grateful if He would help me overcome instead.
joseph Danley
13 Jan 2017, 08:23
Just started this series of teachings
I can tell....this is gonna be good!!
Debbie Covington
02 Apr 2017, 11:16
I look forward to hearing this series, as I now have it on cd.

Blessings and Shalom
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