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“Because I will proclaim the Name of Yahweh” -Deu 32:3

A personal message from the author of this site.

Dear visitor, the purpose of all the materials on this site is to bless, enlighten and encourage. It’s not my intent to condemn anyone or promote any man or denomination. I would encourage you to thoroughly search out the references given.

I’m not claiming perfection in my understandings, abilities, or practices. I’m only desiring the truth…and the grace from above to walk it out.

You’ll find that I’m not in the mainstream, but I think it’s unwise to assume the majority will always do and teach the right thing. After all, how often in biblical history do we see the majority being right? My goal is to simply live the way my Savior lived.

So please prayerfully consider what I have to share, and if you think I’m in error, feel free to contact me. I do want the truth!

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Hebrew roots of Christianity
Important Video & Powerpoint presentation

Discovering the Hebrew Roots of Christianity video

In this full-length video, we will take a journey through the scriptures and examine the Hebraic Roots from a biblical perspective, seeking to discover what the Messiah and the first century believers were really like.

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Calendar for 2022-2023

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