12/24/16 (10/24) Video Broadcast

There are some things that Yahweh dislikes, but other things that He calls “an abomination.” What He calls an abomination is not usually what most bible-believers think are abominable in our world today. We need to conform our minds to HIS ways.

Abominations - Study
We're going to go ahead and - we're going to go ahead and begin our study portion for today's broadcast. I am definitely getting a leading from Yahweh's spirit that this is to be our study topic and is none other Abominations.
Abominations what Yahweh says are Abominations.

And what Yahweh says our abominations are no
necessarily in the eyes of the world abominations. And I believe it's very important that we, as
Yahweh's people, as believers in Yahushua the
Messiah, it's very important that we get a firm grasp on the way Yahweh sees things. The way we see it because of the culture we're living in, may be different than the way he sees things. What he would see as an abomination we might think is not that big of a deal and what we think is terrible, he might not have a problem with. So, we need to be sure that we have Yahweh's prospective when we're looking at the world and the things that people are doing. Because that's the one that's going to count. He's not going to consult American culture. He's not going to consult any man or any culture, he is only going to judge us with his prospective. And our prospective can be influenced by the culture we live in, in regards to what's right and wrong, what's terrible and what's not. And so, we need to be sure that we have our Father's
heart in these matters.
I mean, look at 50 years ago. The things which are on television today, if they were able to play those same kinds of programs on the - in the air waves in the 1950's, the things that are on television today would be considered an outright abomination. There would probably be public revolt and riots in the streets, criminal obscenity charges filed against the programmers, but not today, today it's all normal. It's accepted. And so, it just seems to me that we need to realize just 50 years in our own culture here, 60 years maybe, there was a television program where, you know, a man and his wife were part of the program and they were not allowed to be shown on television as being in the same bed. It was called Honeymooners. They had to be shown in separate beds when they were on TV, but not today, fornication right there. A whole lot worse, I'm going to be going in more details, but we know it's getting worse and worse, and we - and now reality's entertaining. Well, you know, it used to Fancy was entertaining, now Fancy's gotten so crazy, that now reality's entertaining. But what's crept into our faith I wonder. And just the last 2,000 years, let alone 50 years that originally would have been outright shocking and abominable, but now maybe most churches don't think it's that big of a deal. It's kind of crept into the faith and become accepted and normal when Yahweh's eyes it's an abomination. So what was the original faith that was once delivered into the saints? What are the things that, if Yahweh was to tell us personally right now, appear to us on camera, what would he say is an abomination? What's going to count on the day of judgement?
His word, that's what's going to count.
Now, we don't want to sin, obviously. All sin is something we want to avoid, but we want to make sure, extra sure, right, we're not doing something that he personally calls an abomination, something he personally calls detestable. So I'm going to start off here with a scripture that for some of you may seem to be quite a shocker, what I say this is an abomination, and it's not I say, but the scripture's say is an abomination, is abomination. So, Leviticus 11, verse 3, "Among the animals,
whatever devised the hoof, having cloven hoofs and
chewing the cud that you may eat. Nevertheless, these you shall not eat among those
that chew the cud and that have cloven hooves.

The camel because it chews a cud, but does not have
cloven hooves is unclean to you. The rock hyrax because it chews a cud, but does not have cloven hooves is unclean to you. The hair because it chews the cud but does not have cloven hooves is unclean to you. And the swine, though it divides the hoof, having cloven hooves yet does not chew the cud is unclean to you. The swine is a linker, a pig. Their flesh you shall not eat, their carcasses you shall not touch, they are unclean to you. These you may eat of all that are in the water, whatever is in the water, in the water has fins and scales, whether in the seas or in the rivers, that you may eat. But all in the seas, when the rivers that do not have fins or scales, all that may - all that move in the water, any living thing which is in the water, they are an abomination to you, it is an abomination" he says. "They shall be an abomination.
You shall not eat their flesh, you shall regard
their carcasses as an abomination." Now an abomination in scriptures and just something minor, something utterly, totally, disgusting and filthy, you want nothing to do with, totally detestable and here abomination. Whatever in the water does not have fins or scales that shall be an abomination to you.
So this would include shellfish.
Shellfish do not have fins but would include -or scales. That would include catfish. Catfish has fins, but no scales. It be lobsters and shrimp, they don't have scales, they're considered to be an abomination. Their unclean carcasses shall be an abomination. Don't even go near them, don't touch them. We keep reading, verse 13, "And these shall - you shall regard as abomination among the birds. They shall not be eaten, they are an abomination. The eagle, the vulture, the buzzard, the kite, the falcon, every raven after its kind. The ostrich, the short eared owl, the sea gull, the hawk, after its kind, the little owl, the fisher owl, the screech owl, the white owl is one else, the jacktall carrion vulture, stork, the heron, the hoopoe and the bat, all flying insects, that creep on all fours, shall be an abomination to you, yet these you may eat of every flying insect that creeps on all fours, those which have jointed legs above their feet with which to leap on the earth, these you may eat. The locust after its kind, the destroying locus after its kind, the cricket after its kind, and the grasshopper after its kind. I actually talked to brother this week, who eats grapa - grasshoppers. He says they're pretty good, you know. I didn't ask if they tasted like chicken or anything, but all other flying insects which have four feet, shall be an abomination to you, abomination.
So later on down, verse 42, "Whatever crawls on
his belly, whatever goes on all fours, whatever has many feet, among creeping things that creep on the earth, these ye shall not eat, they are an abomination. Ye shall not - and this is a key verse right here, verse 43, "You shall not make yourselves - make
yourselves abominable, make yourselves abominable
with any creeping thing that creeps, no shall you make yourselves unclean with them, lest you be defiled by them. So, it's one thing, you know, he calls this abominable, for him to say, you make yourselves abominable by partaking and eating from these things - I mean, that's quite interesting. You may hear people say, "Well, you are what you eat," maybe a little truth to that there. I mean, if you eat abominations, you are abominations, and yet most people today don't think it's that big of a deal. Go have your pepperoni pizza, even though the pepperoni is made of pork, have your breakfast sausages, and whatever, and they don't think it's that big of a deal. And they think well, what you put in your body, I mean, what's that really matter, what you eat, I mean, how can something you eat be an abomination? Ask Adam and Eve what they thought about that [LAUGHTER)], what they ate caused a lot of problems, it actually brought the entire world down, right. o he says, don't even touch their carcasses, let alone eat them. And if we do, if we make ourselves abominable now, most people today they're attitude is, you can put anything in your body, it doesn't - I mean, they misapply the scripture which says, "You know, what goes in the mouth, doesn't defile a man, that's talking about dirt and stuff on the ground, that doesn't defile you. Yahushua was always saying about regular clean foods, if you eat with unwashed hands, you're not defiled by that, that's what he's saying. Now our bodies, most of you know are supposed to be the temple of Yahweh Spirit.
Now if our bodies are the temple of Yahweh's Holy
Spirit and we are bringing through the partaking eating of unclean animals, abominations into our bodies. Think about that for a minute. Abominations into your bodies. Now, in - now imagine this, all of a sudden, you know, we know from scripture, eating unclean things is an abomination to Yahweh. Right. And then the minute Yahushua dies for our sins, it's no longer an abomination? It's. "Go ahead. Eat all you want." Does that really make any sense? Now I do have a full study on this, on elion.com/clean.html, that addresses all the commonly quoted scriptures that are often used to justify
eating the unclean, but Yahweh says, "It's an
abomination." I believe it. You know, some time ago, there was a man by the name of Antiel Gus Epiphanies (ph), and he went into the temple of Yahweh, and defiled it by taking pig fat and smearing it all over the walls of the temple.
My question is, are we doing the same things.
Are we taking Yahweh's temple, the bodies he's given us, which are no our own, and allowing pig fat to be smeared all over the vessels, the blood vessels and broth of abominable things all over our body. And so I see why Yahweh would consider it to be an abomination, when we put things in our body that he says are abominations. It's supposed to be his temple, his dwelling place. Now, I'm not trying to condemn anybody, so don't get - don't get the wrong idea, I'm not trying to condemn. I'm only pointing out its serious. It is a big deal to him. It's a serious matter again and we need to treat it like the serious thing it is.
Look at Isaiah Chapter 65, verses two through five,
it says, "I have stretched out my hands all day long to a rebellious people who walk in a way that's not good, according to their own thoughts, what do you think is an abomination, right? A people who provoke me to anger continually to my face, who sacrifice in gardens, and burn incense on altars of brick, who sit among the graves and spend the night in the tombs, who eat swine's flesh. And the broth of abominable things is in their vessels. Who say to your sake, keep to yourself, do not come near me, for I am holier than you. These are smoke in my nostrils a fire that burns all the day." He cannot stand it. Talk about holier than thou, that's where you get the term, holier than thou, is actually from this scripture right here. And they don't understand clean, unclean, and holy and unholy, because they're hanging around among the tombs where there's defilement, the sacrifice - they're sacrificing to idols, which is defilement, and they're eating swine's flesh, which is defilement.
And so, Yahweh wants us to put a difference between
the clean and the unclean, between the holier and the profane. Now some of you are saying, "Well, that's to the Jews Tom, that verse there is only the Jews." What about Isaiah 66, 16 through 18? It says, "For by fire and by sword, Yahweh will judge all flesh, Jew and Gentile alike and the slain of Yahweh will be many." What do you think, when is this going to happen? This never happened, right, where he's judged all flesh? It hasn't happened yet. "Those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves or go to the garden after the - an idol in the midst, eating swine's flesh and the abomination and the mouse" - do you know they put mice stuff in cancer treatments now - "shall be consumed together says Yahweh, for I know their works and their thoughts it shall be that I will gather all nations and tongues and they shall come and see my glory." This is a future event. This has never been fulfilled, but it will be. Those eating swine's flesh shall be destroyed. I'm sorry if that bumps into your theology and what you've been taught by traditional Christianity, but I'm just teaching you what the scriptures says here. Yahweh is going to judge he says, all flesh.
So the characteristics, eating swine's flesh.
Now the reason why it's not an abomination today, to many people, even though it is -still is today for Yahweh, is because - you go to the grocery store and you see packages and you know, food's food, you know, it looks all the same and you know, so they just eat what's out there and - But I can tell you, I know a guy who once -used to butcher pigs and he's butchering a cow, he says, "It's completely different. Some of the most disgusting things come out of butchering a pig and it's very much - very different than butchering a cow or a sheep and you can see why it's an abomination. So, it's not the other white meat, it's an abomination. Now, again, be careful. Yahweh's ways are higher than your ways. Don't assume, because Christianity by and large teaches it's okay, that makes the abomination okay. What are they going to do with that scripture, when Yahweh comes and judges all flesh, eating - those eating abominations and unclean animals like mice and swine. What are they going to do? They're going to find out they're wrong. And again, leah.com/clean.html. Another scripture, Proverbs 29, verse 27, the
- an unjust man is an abomination to the
righteous and he was upright in the way, is an abomination to the wicked." Now, that's true. "The unjust man is an abomination to the righteous. We regard what Yahweh calls to be an abomination to be an abomination. But they think we're an abomination, because we do the right things that Yahweh tells us to in the scriptures. It's just a very interesting observation here. Some of you probably have experienced this, they hear that no eating pork anymore and you're doing things differently and to them, you're an abomination, things that you are doing, things you're learning about Yahweh and they find what you do to be doing detestable, and abominable. And so, as we increase our understanding of Yahweh's prospective, that could happen more and more. Now, you go back 30 or 40 years ago, homosexuality was considered to be a terrible abomination to probably 95% of the people out there in our culture. I know when I was growing up, it was something that was laughed at and mocked as silly and ridiculous, but now they shove their lifestyle in our throat, down our throats so long now and made people to come to sensitize to it. Now, it's on TV all the time and the news and just 30 or 40 years, the tide has turned. In some countries in Europe, you can't even say anything negative about homosexuals in those countries. They'll accuse of you hate crimes. But Yahweh says, "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman", both of them have committed an abomination, they should surely be put to death or blood shall be upon them." So, this is an abomination to Yahweh, just like the other things. Eating pork is an abomination to Yahweh and so is homosexuality an abomination to Yahweh. If it involves doing something with your flesh, that he calls abominable. And that's an important question, as we go along. They keep putting their lifestyle in front of us and promoting it, and we must find it detestable. That means, it doesn't mean you have to hate them personally, but you should find what they do to be something that you hate, as we should hate all sin.
So, this nation we live in, they have their own
ways. The nations of the world have their ways. The cultures of the world have their ways, but then Yahweh has his ways and Yahweh says, "You shall therefore keep all my statutes and all my judgments and perform them that the land where I'm bringing you to dwell, may not vomit you out. And you shall not walk in the statutes of the nation which I am casting out before you, for they commit all these things, therefore I abhor them." So don't pay an attention to the nation you live in and what they think is right and wrong, you follow Yahweh's statutes, his judgements, his commandments, that's what you follow, that's what matters.
So, "You shall therefore", next verse, this is 24,
there's, actually down to 25, "You shall therefore distinguish between clean animals and unclean, between uncleaned birds and clean, you shall not make yourselves abominable by beasts or by bird or by any kind of living thing that creeps on the ground, which I've separated from you as unclean." All right, now maybe you didn't understand about the pork, but once we know, once we're convicted, once we realize it, then we must make a change, we must do the right thing. Right? Okay. So now there are a lot of places where pork is hidden, just do you know? If some benign sounding agreement is like glycerin, gelatin, monde-diglycerides, mono-stearates, can contain pork, it might not, you have to call the manufacturer to know, and a lot of people even in their faith, just because it has these fancy names, they just don't pay any attention to the ingredients. But, imagine if it said, pig fat instead of glycerin? . Then you probably wouldn't eat it, because if they - they give you the little clinical name or a fancy name then, you know, it's kind of hidden and it's deceptive. They don't necessarily mean to be deceptive, but it is deceptive. You know that most bar soaps are made from pig fat and a lot of soft soaps have glycerin, which comes from pig fat. I mean, how can you wash and clean your hands with something that's unclean? It doesn't make any sense does it? I mean, 'cause even toothpastes, 'cause the world doesn't care. Not all toothpastes, I mean Crest is okay, I guess, but the world doesn't care, and so they don't mind having their pork derived ingredients in their foods and whatever else. But you can't wash your hands and make your hands clean with something Yahweh says is unclean. You can't coat your skin in pig fat and say you're not washed. You can't coat your body which is a temple of Yahweh's spirit in pig fat, and claim that you're doing something different than Antiel Gus Epiphanies. Really, you are, maybe you're not realizing you are, but you are, covering and coating the temple of Yahweh in pig fat.
So we need to make a distinguishing mark here.
We're not going to do the statutes of the nation's we live in. We're going to avoid the things that Yahweh calls abominations. Yahweh is merciful. He is gracious. He is one who's willing to forgive. He is one who is tremendously long-suffering. I don't want anything to take away, anything I've say to take away, from the idea he's willing to give grace to one who doesn't know better especially. So, you know, I mean, people change their diet, because their doctor tells them to, there's some health professionals that change your diet, you change your diet, but then when Yahweh tells them to, it's like whoa, you're trying to put me under legalism. No, it's - this is for your benefit. He knows what's best for your bodies and if you listen to your doctor, shouldn't you listen to the ultimate doctor, Yahushua the Messiah? I would hope so. Now thankfully, we have some things to help us, I mean, the Jewish people they're also trying to avoid unclean things and so, they go in with these different organizations, they'll go in and check the ingredients of various foods and they'll put symbols on the packaging, to show you that these things are now clean. These things have been inspected and we've determined them to be without pork. And here are some of the symbols that you'll notice when you go to the grocery store. The most common one would be this one right here, the U with a circle around it, that's the Union of Orthodox Jew, something or other. And then the circle K would be another one, not to be confused with the Stop and Go Store called Circle K. The Chicago Rabbinical Council's another one. This one's a pretty popular one here, the ah, -- and then there's U - actually one with a V that's - I don't see it here, oh here it is. And so, be looking for these. We've seen this one fairly often, Kosher. So just be looking for that. Now the Plain K, you can't trust, because it's not in an organization, it's just - cause you can't have a copyright on the letter K. And so, it's the whatever, like Jello Gelatin for instance. They've got a K on their packaging, but they're got some Reformed Rabbi that said, "Oh you can get eat gelatin." So, you can't always trust that, but these other ones, I think, are pretty sound. So - All right. So we do have ways to help, help us.
Here are some things to consider, things that are
all abominations, according to Yahweh. Leviticus 18:22, "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. Nor shall you mate with any animal to defile yourself with it, nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it. It is perversion. Do not defile yourselves with any of these things, for by all these the nations are defiled" defiled nations, we live in. We live in a defiled nation right now. "Which I'm casting out before you the land is defiled, the land we live in today, brothers and sisters, is defiled. Therefore, I visit the punishment of its iniquity upon it and the land vomits out its inhabitants."
"He shall therefore, keep my statutes and my judgement, you shall not commit any of these abominations either any of your own nation or to a stranger who dwells among you." So even, the Gentiles were required to observe the statutes. "For all these abominations the men of the land have done, who were before you and thus, the land is defiled. Lest the land vomit you out also, when you defile it, as it vomited out the nations who were before you." There's something that - there's a connection between the sin of a nation, what they're doing with their bodies which takes nutrients out of the soil, and then goes back into the ground upon death. They're taking nutrients and things, elements that are in the soil, and they're taking that and they're doing abominations with it and it's going back into the ground when they die. And so the land is defiled when the people who live in that land are committing abominations. See the earth cannot bear these things. And the day's going to come when the whole earth is just going to languish. It cannot handle these things anymore. Isaiah 24, verse four, says, "The earth mourns and fades away. The world languishes and fades away. The hottie people of the earth languish. The earth is also defiled under its inhabitants, because that what - they have transgressed, they've transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance and
broken the everlasting covenant.
They've violated the law of Yahweh and changed things. So it's all changed now, see, the Messiah came and changed it all. Wrong. It's still an abomination, therefore, the curse has devoured the earth. And those who dwell in it, are desolate. Therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned, when Yahweh says I'm coming with fire, going to judge all flesh, and few men are left. The earth can't handle it. It's not built for it. It's not built for sin. It's built for righteousness, it's built for righteousness and it cannot handle it. And so verse, going down to verse 19, "The earth is violently broken. The earth is split open. The earth is shaking exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro, like a drunkard. It shall totter like a hut. Its transgressions shall be heavy upon it. It will fall and not rise again. It shall come to pass on that day that Yahweh will punish on high, the hosts of the exalted ones, talking about I's good that it's Satan and his demons. And on the earth, the kings of the earth. So he's going to destroy the wicked and the demons that are inspiring the wicked to do these things. So, we need as Yahweh's people to not be a part of this defiling the land that we live in. The piece of property that Yahweh has given you to dwell on, you need to not participate in abominations. And speaking of participating in abominations, Scripture says in Deuteronomy Chapter 12, verse 29. "When Yahweh, your money one cuts off from before you the nations which you go to dispossess, and you displace them and dwell in their land, take heed to yourself, that you are not ensnared to follow them after they are destroyed from before you. And that you do not enquire after their mighty one saying, 'How did these nations serve their mighty ones? I also will do likewise." What's he saying? You shall not worship Yahweh your mighty in that way." What way? The way these nations worshipped their deity's or idols, for every abomination to Yahweh which he hates, they've done to their mighty ones. They even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their mighty ones." Sick right? It says "Do not look at how they're worshipping their deities and their idols and say "I want to do this to Yahweh". Did you know that Christmas, that's exactly what it is? Christianity in the 300's A.D., decided to take the practices of Mithraism and Son Worship, their practices and try to honor Yahweh with those practices and that decision is why we, as a nation, United States of America and most of the world, observe the holiday known as Christmas. And then they said a lie. They said, "He's born December 25th".
Now he finds their things to be abominable, because
all idolatry is abominable to Yahweh." Deuteronomy 7 - oh, I forgot about verse three. It says, "Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it, you shall not add to it nor take away from it. Don't add a bunch of pagan stuff to your faith", he says and try to honor me with it. Don't worship me in their way, the way they do it." He doesn't want it and the reason why December 25th was chosen as the so-called, Birthday of the Messiah, was because that's the birthday of most of the Sun Gods. That's when the Sun began to come back towards the Northern Hemisphere, after the Winter Solstice on December 21st and so that - a new God was born. And they give the Messiah, the holy son of Elohim, the attributes of idol He hates idols. He doesn't want to be honored with demonic and pagan customs. He says, "Curse is the one who makes it carved from a molten age, an abomination to Yahweh, the work of the hands of the craftsman sets it up in secret, Deuteronomy 27:15. Deuteronomy 32:16, "They provoked him to jealousy with foreign mighty ones with abominations the provoked him to anger.
So we want no part of idolatry and the things
that they do. Don't worship Yahweh i the way they worship their idols and yet we have these festivals, Christmas, even the name Easter is the name of a pagan Goddess Eastar. And both of these festivals are rooted in the very things that Yahweh detests and hates. He says, "Don't worship me in their way. He hates their way. He doesn't want any part of that. He can't be honored with something he finds detestable.
Also, Deuteronomy 7:26 says, "Nor shall you bring
an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it. He shall utterly detest it and abhor it, for it is an accursed thing." I've gone on to believer's homes and saw things like, Buddha statutes, Cupid things, just different things, even proximately displayed, that are idols
and so called angels, which really, most of what
people think are angels are actually depictions of the Goddess Nike, especially if it's a female angel. There is no female angels in scripture. They're always given to masculine attribute in scripture. So don't bring these things into your home, lest you be doomed to destruction like it, that what he says. Now another place where the idol can be set up is in this home right here, the heart.
In Ezekiel 14:3, says "Son of Man these men have set
up their idols in their hearts. And put before them that which causes them to stumble into iniquity. Should I let myself be inquired of all by them? These are the things in our hearts, the things that we do with our hearts, the things that do with our minds, what's going on in our hearts, things that we're putting ahead of Yahweh. Anything that you're putting ahead of Yahweh can become an idol. We have various forms of media today that are in use, which are common in-roads, where men put up things in their hearts to cause them to stumble into iniquity. Sometimes, I think phallic worship has not stopped, because people worship their reproductive parts of women, putting that ahead of Yahweh, setting up an idol in their hearts.
Just like they did in ancient Paganism, when
they worshipped the sexual act. And men set themselves up as being greater than Elohim when they have their own ways and decide to establish their own religion rather than letting it be founded on the word of Yahweh. And they'll laugh and mock those of us who happen to dare about what Yahweh says are abominations, because they're set up their own religion, built their own idol, made an idol out of Yahweh. They have molded their own image of what they want Yahweh to be, based on their own personal preferences and desires.
Now, I'm not condemning everyone who's in mainline
Christianity, who just don't know any better, but if you do know better and you continue to do what you know scripture has said, "Not to do", you're setting up an idol in your heart. You have just chosen your own Yahweh and molded him into the image you want him to be. Rather than letting him define himself.
Old people will say, "Well they didn't have good
sanitation in those days, you know. They just didn't have the right, you know, kind of - the shell fish, I mean, that somehow the oceans were they really bad environments for lobsters and stuff for where you couldn't eat the lobsters those days, because of poor sanitation. It's not the reason why, he just says, "Don't eat it period." It's an abomination, it has nothing to do with how sanitary you think something is. See the problem is, man thinks his ways are better now, you know, he treats the laws of the so-called Old TestAmeint as some laws of a bygone era from some time outdated. And so they have the opinion that their ways are better than the ways of Yahweh. Oh, we improved on that now. No different than people say, "Well. It's not bad to fornicate, 'cause now you've got birth control, whereas half the people that enter abortion clinics, half of the women shall enter in the abortion clinic, we're on the pill, when they got pregnant. So, you've got to be careful. Scripture says, "Every scribe instruct and concern the kingdom of heaven is like a householder brings out of is treasure things new and old. Yes, Yahushua brought in the idea of baptism in Yahushua's name. He brought the idea of partaking of the body and blood of Messiah at Passover. Yes there's some new things, but there's also - you can't throw out the old, it's both new and old, Yahushua said so here. But the mentality of many people today is, out with the old, in with the new. They think, oh you don't have to concern yourselves with all fleshly commandments, you know. Those are all carnal things. The law was all carnal. I'm not carnality. The law is all about the exterior, you know, this kind of mentality that we hear so often, but was even the Book of Romans say?
It says this, Romans 8:5, "For those who live
according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh". That's what they think we are 'cause we won't eat swine's flesh. I've heard this said about me, 'because I don't eat swine's flesh. Oh, you're just worried about the flesh. We're in the spirit now. Does that mean you can go commit adultery with your flesh 'since you're in the spirit now? I mean, where are you going to take that one? That's an interesting idea. But those who live according to the spirit of things, are things of the spirit, for to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded, is Life and Peace. Why, because the carnal mind is enmity against Elohim. Why? For it is not subject to the law of Elohim. What's the law of Elohim? I just read it, pork and shellfish are abominations, taking a pagan ritual and then trying to honor Yahweh with it, is an abomination. So, those who are ignoring these principles coming from the law of Yahweh are actually operating in a carnal mind, because they're not subject to Yahweh's law. And so you're actually in the flesh. That's why the Book of Romans teaches that the law is spiritual, but we're carnal, that's the problem. The problem is not the law is carnal, the problem is we're carnal. That's the problem. Second Corinthians 6 verse 16 through 7, on into Chapter 7 and verse 1, says.' What agreement has a temple of Elohim with idols? For you are, you are, the temple of the living Elohim, as Elohim has said, 'I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their Mighty One and they shall be my people. Therefore, come out from among them and be separate, says Yahweh. Do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you. I will be a Father to you and you shall be my sons and my daughters" say Yahweh Almighty. Do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you. Therefore, having these promises, what promises? Come out from among them. Don't touch sight unclean, I'll be a Father you, you be my sons and daughters, having these promises beloved terrible place put a chapter division here. Let us because of this therefore it means because of this, having these promises beloved, let's cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, both. Perfecting holiness in the fear of Elohim. So it's both the uncleanness of the flesh and the uncleanness of the spirit that we should endeavor to eliminate from our lives. The uncleanness of the flesh comes through eating the things that are unclean.
So Deuteronomy 18 verse 9.
It says "When you come into the land which Yahweh your mighty one is coming - is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire or one who practices witchcraft. Or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens or a sorcerer, or one who congers spells or a medium or a Spiritist or one who calls up the dead.
These are among the abominations in the nation
that they were coming to dispossess. He says, "For all who do these things are an abomination to Yahweh. And because of these abominations Yahweh or Mighty One drives them out from before you. You shall be blameless, blameless before Yahweh, your Mighty One Now, these are abominations most of us recognize okay. We shouldn't be practicing witchcraft and sorcery and soothsaying and interpreting omens and things like that. And yet I've even heard of believers expressing adoration for the Books called "Harry Potter "and the movies called "Disney" a lot of which contain witchcraft, the so called Magic Kingdom in Orlando These things glorify magic and witchcraft. It's not Yahweh's power that they are using there. It is the power, supposed power of Satan the Devil. The very thing that Yahweh says, is an abomination. And they glorify it. "Oh, it's like magic." They talk about magic as if it's just some cute little thing. Yahweh says "It's an abomination" and a lot of movies are loaded with this kind of stuff. It's not Yahweh's power they're drawing on. It's demonic power and the glorify. They present it as a struggle between white magic and black magic. They present it that way. As - but in reality all magic is an abomination to Yahweh. White magic is just the gateway into black magic.
Magic in Yahweh's eyes is evil, it's an abomination.
And we need to get those things out our house. You got Disney movies with magic in it? Toss it. Throw it in the garbage. Burn it, whatever you got to do, it's an abomination to Yahweh. It's glorifying evil. It's glorifying Satan the Devil and his power. It's glorifying the things he despises.
We have to have that sensitivity to the things
Yahweh calls abominations.
And so the real battle is the battle between Yahweh
and all these magicians. They don't present the good news of Yahushua the Messiah and these movies. They act like, oh there's good magic. White magic. It's just a wolf in sheep's clothing. Our Homes Brothers should be a sanctuary. A place for the dwelling of Yahweh's spirit. We cannot allow our homes to have content for the television or through the Internet or anything that would be things that chase away and grieve the Spirit of Elohim. We need all the Spirit of Elohim we can get. We should flee from idolatry. Flee from these things. Yahweh's spirit is holy. He is not going to dwell with uncleanness and abominations. We want Yahweh's Spirit to be in our homes. And so we don't glorify those things and we don't want - we don't want those who do to be a part of our life. We don't read their books. We don't watch their movies. We don't see their television programs. We don't want to enjoy the things that Yahweh despises. Psychics, palm readers, terra card readers, mediums, oija boards, magic this, magic that, all of them are an abomination to Yahweh. Don't set these things before your eyes for entertainment. I love what David said, Psalm 103 - 101 verse 3, Says, "I will set, I will set nothing wicked before my eyes, nothing." And probably where this is most violated is in
Internet and television and books and media.
He says, "I hate, I hate the work of those who fall away. It shall not cling to me." You ever been really filled with Yahweh's spirit and you get around certain people, and you just feel like you've got this iciness now?
The wickedness that's being portrayed or on
television or you go to a relative's house and they've got that TV going and everything, and all the abominations pouring out of it. And you feel like you just got this iciness attached to you now? He says, "You know -- he recognizes it." He says "It will not cling to me. I won't sit at my - it in front of my eyes. I hate the work of what they're doing. I hate what they're doing. The perverse heart will depart from me. I will not know wickedness, don't want to even know about it, let alone practice it. I don't need to know all the wicked ways they do the wicked things. I just know it's wicked and now I want to avoid it. I don't want to be a part of that." Now, all you got to do, is go to the grocery store. You're going to see wickedness. But, you don't have to bring it into your house. Let your house be a sanctuary for Yahweh's spirit. You know, and these movie stars, everybody falls - I mean, they all want to know all about them, you know, their lives, whole magazines, entire TV shows, probably entire cable channels somewhere are devoted to their lives and what they're doing, their marriages, their divorces, their photo shoots and they're loved and admired. Even on Fox, Fox News is supposed to be this big conservative channel, you go to their Web site, always at the bottom, some kind of abomination. This woman and her scantily clad whatever,
and this is supposed to be conservative people.

And these movies, so called movie stars, are so
admired. Everybody wants to know all about them, and they regard them very highly.
First Kings 11:7, says "Solomon built a high
place for Khamosh. The abomination of Moab on the hill east of Jerusalem and for Malik the king - the abomination of the people of Amu. He's calling these idols the abomination of Moab and the abomination of Ana, the things that they admired, which they turned into idols, Yahweh called them abominations." In Yahweh's eyes the lift styles of the rich and famous in -the fornicating and famous in their immodest dress and their immodest lifestyles and their smug appearances in their - whatever they're doing that is unrighteous, guess what, they're going to die life everybody else. Psalm 62, verse 9, "Surely men of low degree or of vapor, men of high degree are a lie. Men of high degree are a lie. They don't have a high degree, we're all the same, Yahushua is our Master, we are brethren." "If they're weighed on the scales, they're all together lighter than vapor, because life is nothing but a vapor that appears for a time and it vanishes a way", according to the Book of James. And they're going to face judgment just like everybody else. Daniel 12:2, "Many of those who sleep in the best of the earth shall awake. Some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting content. Those who are wise will shrink like the brightness of the firmAmeint and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars, forever, and ever." So the real stars are those who were turning many to righteousness, forget the move stars. The real stars in Yahweh's eyes are "Those who turn many to righteousness and those who turning away from unrighteousness and towards wickedness are regarded as the stars, shining the stars forever and ever." "And yet, those who turn people away from righteousness, the movie stars, are regarded as the stars." They've got it all backwards.
The actors get paid millions of dollars to
play the childhood game of pretend. Give me a break. Well, they're really good at playing pretend. Look at that actor, you know. Seriously, they get paid millions of dollars for it and they're glorified by our culture. And they turn many to unrighteousness and they call them stars. Yahweh calls those who turn people to righteousness to shine like the stars.
So you talk about abomination and twisted
perversion and everything's backwards. It's these kinds of people who are leading this world into accepting perversions as normal or just another lifestyle and they're pushing their - now they're pushing at transgenderism and blurring the lines between men and women. It's not what Yahweh wanted. Yahweh said, "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment. All who do so, are an abomination to Yahweh, your mighty one." He wants there to be a distinction between men and women. He created that distinction.
We need to maintain it.
Cause we got pretty - a lot of that - things like this going on where men are acting like women, being effeminate and weak, weaker than they should be. And their clothing now is coming that way. But Yahweh puts a division, a clear separation between men and women. He doesn't want gender confusion. Isn't it kind of interesting that women want equality that means they want to be like men?
Isn't that kind of an admission that they think
men are better? I mean, really they think that masculine attributes are better. It's almost they're - by their own actions they're confessing the very thing that they are against. "Oh, we're like - we're equal. We're just like you. Aren't women, the women think yourself as being valuable? Why do you think only the male is valuable and you have to adopt masculine attributes to be valuable? I think we're both valuable in our femininity and our masculinities. We both have equal worth. We're both unique and we're all created for a purpose and all for the glory of Yahweh. And our differences should be glorified, no minimized. Our differences should be something we're not ashamed of. We don't have be like the other gender to have value and worth. And yet, there's - you know, young boys are growing up fed with all kinds of stuff and, "Oh you can choose to be, you know, they've even got Hollywood Stars now raising their children saying, "You'll decide whether you're a boy or a girl." This is absolute absurdity and I never thought I'd see the day in the United States of America, I thought I'd get bad. I never thought I'd see the day when the President of the United States would tell that the Department of Justice to sue a state, to sue a state for saying "Men go to Men's bathrooms and Women go to Women's bathrooms". That's pretty bad. That's all abominations. And we're seeing this more and more.
Another example of abominations, Deuteronomy
23:18, "You shall not bring the wages of a harlot or the price of a dog, that's a male prostitute, to the house of Yahweh the Mighty One over any valid offering, for both of these ae an abomination to Yahweh, or Mighty One." In other words, don't take something that is a sin and make money with it and try to bring it in Yahweh's house. And what do you see going on in churches today?
Pig barbecue on the Sabbath.
Come for the Rummage Sale . I mean, they're selling and cooking on a Sabbath a, a pig on a rotisserie and they're selling the proceeds on the Sabbath. Yahweh says. "Don't do that." Now, the heathen did that on a regular basis in order to make money for their temples.
It's wrong.
I'm not again I'm not trying to judge anybody, I'm not trying to say, Yahweh hates you and you're not a believer, I'm just pointing out some times the things that Yahweh says not to do, people do and I know people even among our faith, who struggle with working on the Sabbath. And so they take the money they make on the Sabbath and try to give it to - as a Tithe to Yahweh. No. He says, "Now to bring the price of sin or in this case, harlotry, into Yahweh's house."
So, we remember the Sabbath and keep his day
it holy. Seek first the Kingdom of Yahweh and its righteousness, he'll take care of all the rest. One time, I remember, I - I worked for a company, it
was back in the late '90's - mid 90's and I worked as
an HVAC technician in air conditioning, heating calls. I said, "Well if some old lady is freezing to death, I'll come out there and fix it for her, not problem" And I'll do it for free". Well they sent me, you know, on these calls that really weren't emergencies I found out later, I mean. Then they tried to pay me for it. I threw it the money in the dumpster. I didn't want it. So, it's abomination, don't do that.
Deuteronomy 24 verse 1, "When a man takes a wife
and marries her, and it happens that she finds new favor in his eyes, because he has found some uncleanness in her and he writes her a Certificate of Divorce, puts it in her hand, and sends her out of his house." When she is departed from his house and goes and becomes another man wife. Yet the later husband detests her and writes her a Certificate of Divorce, puts it in her hand, and sends her out of his house or if the latter husband dies who took her as his wife, then her former husband, who divorced her, must not take her back to
be his wife.
After she has been defiled for that's an abomination before Yahweh. "And you shall not bring sin on the land which Yahweh, or Mighty One has given to you as an inheritance. So, you know, there are people teaching divorce and remarriage principles and they actually say, "You know, when your went off and married the other person, that marriage wasn't valid and so, you're going to go back with your original marriage." Yahweh says, "Don't do that. You can't go back and do that." But they don't care, because they think the Old TestAmeint has been so-called abolished. The scripture says, "This is an abomination." And I - I wanted to point tis out here, verse 5, although it's not related technically to study, I've been really meditating on the scripture, because there seems to a connection, perhaps a high rated divorce and not adhering this principle, which says, "When a man has taken a new wife, he shall not go off to war or be charged with any business. He shall be free at home one year and bring happiness to his wife whom he has taken."
You see, if - I think if more people would actually
follow the scripture, I mean really follow it. It's a commandment. "A husband and wife relationship would get started off on the right foot, because too often the man's out there trying to make money and he can't be with his wife and the scripture says, "He shouldn't be charged with any business. He should be free at home one year and bring happiness to his wife". So his job one year is one job, make his wife happy.
Now if he spends that first year blessing and
building he up and serving her and making her happy, you think she'll have a submission problem? He spent a whole year blessing and serving her, you think she'll have a submission problem." I say a whole lot -- a whole lot less likely that she would. I actually had that conversation this week with somebody. So, I mean, that's the way Yahweh set it up. He care about the woman, he really does. He cares about her happiness. It doesn't even mention anything, about well she needs to make him happy, this says, you make her happy. 'cause she needs it. She needs that very much. And I never did that. 'Been thinking about that lately, actually. So, but you know, Yahweh's ways are awesome. If we really go back to the root - to the ways he established in the law, they're really pretty awesome and really good precepts and laws here. Here's another abomination mentioned, there only 25:15. "It says shall have a perfect and just weight. A perfect and just measure that your days may be lengthened in the land which Yahweh might have us giving you. For all who do such things, all who behave unrighteousnessly are an abomination to Yahweh, your Mighty one. Obviously cheating others out of money, is an abomination. Proverbs 11, verse 1says, "Dishonest skill are unclean abomination to Yahweh, but a just weight is his delight. And we do see a lot of scamming going on and most of us recognize these are abominable things, who take money from the elderly, people getting -- losing their inheritances from people calling in and trying to take their money. And we all knows that's wrong. Proverbs 1, verse 20 says, "Those who have a perverse heart are an abomination to Yahweh, but the blameless in their ways are his delight. Now people of our generation obviously have gained a perverse and unruly heart, we have not acknowledged what Yahweh's calling abominable and until we do, our hearts are going to be perverse and perverted. Our hearts will be twisted into thinking abominations are acceptable."
And we will not be transformed by the
renewing of our mind but we will be conformed to the world and their ideas, their opinions of what's right and what's wrong. So make sure we don't have that perverse heart. Another example, "Deuteronomy 17 verse 1, says "You shall not sacrifice to Yahweh, your Mighty one. A bull or sheep which has any blemish or defect for that is an abomination to Yahweh your mighty one. Yahweh. When you give a sacrifice, he deserves the absolute best." Right. That's the principle here, so don' give them you junk, give them your absolute best. Now there are also spiritual sacrifices according to the scriptures. Hebrew 13:15 says. "Therefor, by him, let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to Elohim, that is the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to his name. Psalm 107 verse 22, let them sacrifice the sacrifice of sacrifices of thanksgiving. So to give thanks to Yahweh is a sacrifice and giving praise is a sacrifice and declare his works rejoicing. Are there any possibilities of our praises to Yahweh being a blemished offering? Ever thought about that? Yahweh wants the very best, right and so is there any possibility that our praises to Yahweh are somehow blemished?
What if you're singer and you're trying to get the
glory for yourself with the sounding of your voice? You're trying to glorify yourself with your music, while you're supposedly giving sing offerings to Yahweh? Ever thought about that? Or how 'bout someone paying you money to go and play a song for them, I mean, to me it's wrong to get paid. It's not a sacrifice anymore, it's just a - pretty much wipes out most of the Christian -contemporary industry, but it will behoove you, when you go out music to hear them praise Yahweh. They want you to buy it. There's something about that does not sit right with me. I mean, if someone's getting paid while what they were doing was supposed to be a sacrifice, how is that a pure offering? Look what David said here in First Chronicles 21:23, "Orin said to David, take it to yourself, let my master the King do what's good I his eyes. Look, I've given you the oxen for a burnt offerings, the threshing floor, threshing implements for wood, the wheat for the green offering, I give it all." King David said to Orin, "No, I will surely buy it for the full price, for I will not take what is yours for Yahweh, nor offer burnt offerings with that which costs me nothing. It needs to cost you something. Sacrifices are supposed to be sacrifices. They're supposed to cost you something, and yet, we have the equivalent of people stuffing ten dollar bills in people's pockets for singing the Yahweh. If someone - if you said, someone said to you, "Well you please say Hallelujah". And you Hallelujah and I give you $10 would you take it? I don't want that, right, yet they do this on a grander scale and it seems normal, because that's what the heathen do. We have musicians today here are making millions of dollars to give praise to Yahweh, something doesn't seem right about that.
Now, you may not agree with everything I say, but
think about this. Is it really a pure and holy offering when those guys step out on their stages, all these lights and fog and all these things, and lasers and - to glorify the band, to glorify man? Is that really an offering that Yahweh would accept
or is it a blemished offering?
Blemished by the praise of men and the glory of men. Blemished by a filthy lucre. How can Yahweh accept their praise when it's so doing thing which glorify them. I'm not judging them. They just think it's normal, 'cause that's what the heathen do, they're copying the heathen, what the heathen do. But you need to take a look and take stock of what we're really doing her. I mean, imagine if I came out there on the stage, that's the coat. We had fogs and laser lights and all that stuff going on and I walk out there and "It's Tom Martusick Rah". You'd laugh me right off the stage, wouldn't you?"
I mean, yeah if people do that with guitars and
instruments, that's all normal. It's just - it's no different, really they're just trying to give all to Yahweh with their singing, what they're saying instead of talking. But because it's what the heathen do, it's all normal, because we have been infected with perverse hearts in our own culture, has perverted our hearts. So when we offer our praise to Yahweh, I mean, if somebody has a CD, it costs them money to produce a CD, okay, if you want to charge whatever that costs you, and maybe a little less, so it does cost you something, great. And if somebody wants to give you, you know, money to help support you in the ministry you are doing, freely of their own will, okay, but don't charging people at the door, 10 bucks to hear me praise or $25 if they can get the higher seat. Oh, you poor person, you sit at the footstool or somewhere in the lower. The rich people can come front and get the closer seats in church. I know churches that charge more money to put people - for them to be in the front row. How is that not what James said not to do?
Oh, you rich person, you come up closer.
You know, you back there, you - okay. I'm off my soap box on that. The bottom line is, Yahweh says, "I am Yahweh that is my name. My glory I will not give to another."
All my praise to carved images.
Is it bad enough you glorify yourself on the stage, now you got to have the Dove Awards? LAUGHTER] It's crazy. Our praise should be without blemish, it should cost us something. All right. Proverbs 6, "These six things Yahweh hates, yes seven are an abomination to him. One of them is a proud look. It's got a proud countenance, an arrogant face, arrogant countenance about you. A lying tongue would be another abomination. Hands that shed innocent blood would be another. Heart devising wicked plans would be another. Feet that are quick to run the evil, is another. False witness or speaks lies and one who says discord among brethren. Notice the body parts here. The face, the tongue the hands, the heart, the feet being instruments for unrighteousness. And so they make themselves abominable. Is it a proudful countenance? Is it a proud look? How 'bout our tongue? Are we using it for righteousness or are we sewing discord? Our hands, is it shedding innocent blood?
You know, our tongue can shed innocent blood.
Yeah. Matthew 5:21, say, "You've heard it said to those of old. You shall not murder. You know, whoever murders will be in danger of the judgement, but I say to you, whoever is angry with his brother without a cause, shall be in danger of the judgement. He never says to his brother Raca, shall be in danger of the council. He never says, "You fool shall be in danger of hellfire." It's murder. It's assassinating somebody with your tongue. And so these things he hates, the tongue, sewing discord, false witness, all these things are abominations.
So our body is called to be instruments - an
instrument for righteousness, not an instrument for sin, it's the sin of shedding blood, but Yahweh says he won't pardon. You know, one out of four pregnancies in America, end in abortion. One out of four. The most dangerous place to be in the United States is not some back ally of some inner city with high crime or whatever, the most dangerous place to be in America, is inside mommy.
And that's sad, very sad.
The child, a human being is at the most possible innocent state when they're inside mommy. They cannot get any more innocent than that. And what does scripture say our abomination and shedding innocent blood.
There was an instance in 2nd Kings 24, where Yahweh
said, verse three, "Surely at the commandment of Yahweh, this came upon Judah, that they were exiled out of land. To remove them from this site, because of the sins of Menasha according to all that he had done, and also because of the innocent blood that he had shed. For he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood which Yahweh would not pardon.
Now we know Menasha was the one who did it.
Menasha did actually repent later in life. It says "When he was an afflictions", Second Chronicles 33:12, "He implored Yahweh as mighty one that humbled himself greatly before the mighty one of his fathers and prayed to him. He received his entreaty, and so he heard his supplication and brought him back to Jersulem So Yahweh forgave him. So even the worse sins can be forgiven, but he would not forgive - pardon the innocent blood that was on the land. And so they had to be ejected out of the land for 70 years in order for that lamb to be able to enjoy its Sabas and for the land to be cleansed. David also shed the blood of an innocent man, named Uriah and Yahweh forgave him too. So I'm not saying if you've ever done an abortion, you can't be forgiven, I'm just showing you how serious this is in the eyes of Yahweh and our land - the land we live in becoming more and more defiled. Other countries like Russia, would you believe there are 200 abortions for every 100 live births? Wow. So it's a serious matter. And we read also, lying lips are an abomination to Yahweh. Right. Our words can be abominations. You know the same parents who punish their children for telling lies, will freely and openly tell lies to their children and tell them that, "Santa Claus is God, he knows when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, and knows if you've been bad or good", "making his list, checking it twice". Easter Bunny he's going to come and lay candy all throughout the yard there and the tooth fairy's going to come and give you money for your tooth and
Recently there was a minister who went to the mall and told all the children who were there, "That Santa Claus was not real and this is just some guy dressed up in a suit and the reindeer can't fly", "And Santa Claus is a lie", he was blasted by everyone, because they call him a "Crazy Pastor" for telling the children the truth. I mean, he's crazy. Now I feel bad the children had to hear it that way, I mean we shouldn't - I think about that though, I mean, someone who's a pastor tells them the truth, what's their opinion of the Bible going to be? Well, it's a place to get truth. But, I mean, I don't know, but it should never even have to be that way. Children should be told, it's a lie, but children are told, "Santa's like this God-like figure" and it's all lies, it's an abomination, lying lips are an abomination to Yahweh. I don't care who you're saying. If it's a lie, it's an abomination. The father of lies is the liar, that's Satan, the devil. Don't imitate him. It's especially an abomination for a believer to tell their children to fear Santa Claus and in so doing, create an idol into the conscious of a child.
Yahweh help us.
Proverbs 8:6 says, "Listen, for I will speak of excellent things and from the opening of my lips will come right thing. From my mouth will speak truth. Wickedness is an abomination to my lips. All the words of my mouth are with righteousness. Noting crooked or perverse is in them". This is wisdom speaking here. We should speak right things, good things.
Philippians Chapter 4, verse 8 says, "Finally, my
brethren, whenever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue, if there is anything praiseworthy meditate on these things, because out of your heart, the mouth
will speak."
Luke 6:45, "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart, brings forth good. And evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart, brings forth evil, for out of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaks." So what are you going to meditate on? Turn that television off and that garbage coming out of the radio, and meditate on the word of Yahweh, which is good. Good for the soul.
Another abomination.
Proverbs 17:15 says, "He who justifies the wicked neither condemns or just, both of them are like an abomination to Yahweh. We have to have righteous judgment."
Don't judge someone as doing something wrong
unless you have all the facts.
Make sure you have all the facts and then you make
your judgement. Otherwise, you may justify the wicked or condemn the just. Like lawyers, they know, they'll defend the ones they know were guilty. The prosecutors will prosecute the ones they know are falsely accused. And they'll do it in the of advancing their careers. It reminds me of how some people make a very quick snap judgement, about a person's character and say, "Oh I've got discerning of spirits", it's phony. It's phone spiritual discernment based on bitterness. They don't know the facts. They end up condemning the just. And there are others who die and there they are in the ground and the minister always says; "He was a good man" No, he wasn't.
Now the best thing for us to do, is simply not judge
either way, if you don't know the facts. That way, you're not justifying the wicked. That way you're not condemning the just. If you're going to judge you've got to be true in your judgments, very important. Otherwise, we're committing what Yahweh calls "an abomination." And if you don't know, just say I don't know. Be humble about it, admit it, rather than being the proud one thinking, "Oh I've got discernment here. I think this person, you know, you don't know. You don't know. Another abomination, Proverbs 21:26. "He covets greedily all the day long - all the day long, but the righteous gives and does not spare. ""The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination.
How much more when he brings the wickeded
sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination. Another form of sacrifice is prayer. Prayer's called a sacrifice, did you know that? Also, giving a sacrifice, you know, you're - if you're not willing to repent and change your ways and you're just going to go on in your sin and you pray to Yahweh, "Oh Yahweh will do this for me." He doesn't want to hear it. It's an abomination, because your sacrifice of praise and all these things doesn't mean anything to him. An example, even your keeping a fee steak can be an abomination. In Isaiah 1 verse 11, says "To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to me? I've had enough of, says Yahweh, I've had enough of burnt offerings of rams and fatted fit cattle. I do not delight in the blood of bulls or lambs and goats. When you come before me, who was required this from your hand to tramp on my courts? Bring no more fueled sacrificies. He's talking to the people in Isaiah's day. Incense is not an abomination to me. The new moons, the Sabth, the calling assemblies, I cannot endure iniquity and what? The sacred meeting? You come together and you give you all your praise and your thanksgiving, lift your hands up in the air, and you're - if you're walking in wickedness. You want no part of it. What good is it? What good is it to give praise to Yahweh and all that, when you're walking in abominations.
You can't endure both, iniquity and the sacred
meeting. So he says "Your new moons and your appointed feast my soul hates. They are trouble to me. I'm weary of bearing them. When you spread out your hands, I will hide my eyes from you. I will - even though you make many prayers, I will not adhere. Why? Your hands are full of blood.
Wash yourselves.
Make yourselves clean. Put away the evil of our doings from before my eyes. Cease to do evil. Learn to do good. Seek justice. Rebuke the oppressor. Defend the fatherless. Plead for the widow.

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