Defending the Unborn

03/23/19 (01/16) Video Broadcast

Defending the Unborn - Study

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We are ready to begin our study portion for today’s broadcast. And it is entitled “DEFENDING THE UNBORN” Defending the unborn. It is a tragedy in this country I live in, and the world we live in. Even the land of Israel today-that they allow for and practice this hideous crime known as abortion. That’s what they call it-I would call it murder. Murder of the worst kind-murder of the most innocent human beings on the planet.

And I wanna ask you a question regarding this important topic. Suppose for a moment, we are all walking down the street somewhere, and somewhere in town we saw a child who was about ready to be hit by a car, and one of us was in the position to save that child’s life. How many of you would be quick to react to save that child; maybe even give your own life for that child? I hope that almost everybody here listening would be willing to do that.

Now what if the child was pushed in front of the car by none other than one of his parents. Imagine that-innocent little boy or girl, mom and dad or mom take the little boy or girl and toss them out there in the street to be run over by a car. I mean-finally someone would wanna grab that parent and say “what are you doing”, right? “What in the world are you doing?” And the parent says, well, you know, I’ve really been needing to finish school, and I wanna be able to get a good job, so I just decided it wasn’t a good idea right now for me to have to take care of a child, and so I just went ahead and threw the baby in the street or threw the child in the street. Or what if the parents said-well, you know, I made a mistake-I wasn’t ready for the child-I figured maybe it was the best thing, you know, because the child is really destined for misery-I’m not a very good parent-and I can’t take care of it right, and so I just-push. Most of us would think that parent is either terribly immoral or has some kind of mental problem.

I once read a story about a man who took a 5-year-old child and hurled him over the bridge into the water. He was running from the cops; he stopped with the child and, of course, the child died. Well, we look at that and we say “Oh how awful that is”. It is awful. It turned out the man had a very serious mental problem. But I want you to understand that this is the mentality we are dealing with today when it comes to the children who are inside mommy. It’s a mentality we’re dealing with-in fact this kind of mentality causes one million mothers a year in the United States to end the life of their own child.

You see, I wanna talk about this truth that babies are children no matter where they live; whether they live inside the womb, whether they live outside the womb, and just because no one has actually seen the baby yet does not mean the baby is not a baby. I mean the baby is thought maybe not to have the same level of care and love, and those things; relationships have not yet been established because you can’t see and hold and touch and feel the baby. But imagine that you just only really care for people that you know, and you love and have a relationship with? Is that the kind of people we’ve become? I mean if you’ve never seen me before, I hope you wouldn’t want me to die. I hope you love me enough that if you heard about hit men trying to murder me that you would care enough-even though you may not know who I am to want to save my life. If you hear about a situation where one person’s gonna murder another-would you want to do anything about that? But mothers are told-oh, this is not a baby-this is a fetus-just a blob of tissue-it’s not really murder, it’s just a child in the early stage of development. What if we took a step further and said since all children really aren’t completely-fully developed until they’re fully grown at 20 years old-they’re at an earlier stage of development-therefore, we have the right to kill them if we see fit. You see the mentality this world is in. Whether they’re inside the womb; their location is not the issue-whether you know them is not the issue-whether they can survive on their own is not an issue. No baby can survive on its own-inside or outside the womb. It doesn’t matter how far along it is in its development. Where do you draw the line with that?

Some believe abortions are acceptable or not that big of a deal because a child’s not been born. And they say it’s a woman’s right to decide what she wants to do with her own body. I tell you what-some women are-they equate the aborting or the murdering of their own children and you preventing them from doing it is you telling them what to do with their body. And they get really personal about it-you don’t tell me what to do with my body-get your laws off my body-that’s my personal space-you don’t mess with my body. Men are wanting to-they got a war on women, and they want to prevent women from having choices-and c’mon-aren’t all crimes committed with our bodies? I mean-all crimes are committed using our body for doing something.

They say, okay-don’t tell you what to do with your own body-I could almost agree with that to some extent-I mean if a woman has-I mean if she wants to-you know-do some kind of self-harm-I mean she has a right to do it-I would try to stop her, right? But she’s not aborting her own body, see-she’s aborting someone else’s body. Because once that body-its life is over-the woman continues to live. It’s not her body. And every nation has laws that prevent you from harming another person. You can’t do with your body what you choose, and just because it happens to be legal does not make it right.

So, the problem is not with the person’s doing with their own body, it’s what they want to do with somebody else’s body. Because if an abortion was truly successful, and it’s really something to do with her own body, she’d be dead when it’s over. It’s not her body she’s willing to abort, it’s the female’s body that living insider of her womb in fifty percent of the cases that they want to do away with. What about the little one’s body? Who will speak up for those who have no voice? Doesn’t that child have a right to live rather than having others decide whether the child has a right to live?

The Declaration of Independence of the United State of America says: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. They are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; among these are: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So that’s where the concept of “right to life” comes from. Early settlers who developed the Declaration of Independence recognized all men were created by a creator with certain unalienable rights and one of those rights is the right to life.

So, we have a responsibility as believers because we are supposed to be the most loving people on the planet-because why? – The Torah of Yahweh is all about love. Love your neighbor, love Yahweh. We have a responsibility to love the little one who’s inside mommy. We have a responsibility even though it’s not our child. Just as we have the responsibility to love each other as brothers and sisters, we have a responsibility to love those who are outside the body of Messiah who need to hear about the love of our Savior-who loved us while we were yet sinners.

We have a responsibility to love the little ones who are inside their momma-who are being murdered every day. And we cannot be passive and just sit back like those who did in the Holocaust. That’s what happened-people sat back and said – “Oh those Jews-and yet they’re being gassed and killed-sorry to hear about that, but well you know. No, we have to do something about it. We are our brother’s keeper. We have a responsibility to promote justice, righteousness and life. And so, yes, we need to be doing something as the body of Messiah to defend the unborn from abortion. We do have to be doing something because we are called to love. Think back-Exodus Chapter 1-the thing that inspired the entire Passover.

I really think was this passage right here, where the Egyptian Pharoah said: “When you do the duties of a midwife for the Hebrew women, and see them on the birthstools, if it is a son, then you shall kill him; but if it is a daughter, then she shall live.” But the midwives feared Elohim, and did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the male children alive. So, the king of Egypt called for the midwives and said, “Why have you done this thing, and saved the male children alive?”

See the Egyptian Pharoah did not want Israelites increasing in number, and so his solution was to have the midwives go ahead and kill those babies as they came out. Now, if there was such a thing as abortion back then; he probably would have required that too. But there wasn’t the technology we have today. See, we have more sophisticated ways of murdering our babies; we just send them into-you know-nice little office buildings with men in white coats and the tools and weapons of murder. It’s something you don’t see; nobody has to see it except for the doctor doing the evil crime-see. But, in Yahweh’s Eyes-He sees all things. And I really believe that one of the reasons why Pharoah-his heart was hardened by Yahweh is because He would not pardon Pharoah for having this heart that wants to kill the innocent babies. Now, we’re gonna get into this later, but Yahweh can pardon us-but we’ll get into this later.

The Angel of Yahweh said to her: “Behold, you are with child, and you shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, because Yahweh has heard your affliction. Now, I want you to notice here, the Angel of Yahweh is talking to Hagar telling her “You are with child”. Yahweh has referred to the unborn baby inside Hagar as a child. “Now there’s a child inside of you” He says. That means the child is his own person-that that child is a person that she is with. It says “you are with child”. It means you have a baby with you-you have a child with you that Yahweh is creating. It was not a part of her-it was a person that she was with. It was a child-a baby that she was with. And one day she was going to bear that baby, but it was a child before she ever bore the son-according to Yahweh.

Another example- Luke Chapter 2 verse 4-6: Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, to be registered with Mary, his betrothed wife, who was with child-with child-and that child we know was Yahushua the Messiah. So it was, that that while they were there, the days were completed for her to be delivered. So, the child’s there-it’s just not delivered yet, right? So, they are children-they have not yet been born, but they are – children and so people call it fetus growing inside.

You know, to take the life of a fetus is to take the life of a child. There’s no way around it biblically. It is infanticide-it is murder of the worst possible kind-it really is. Think about that. Is there any time in a person’s life that they could possibly be more of an innocent life than when they’re inside their momma? You could not kill a more innocent person-impossible. And yet to murder someone in their most innocent phase of life is fully legal in most countries of this world. Yet, I think it really is a crime of the highest proportion. Now, I’m not saying this to condemn anybody; that’s not my goal. Sometimes we have to hear the bad news before we really understand how awesome the good news is. And the good news is-there is no mark Yahushua can’t erase when we truly repent, and we give our life to Him. It would be impossible for you to have any desire-if you’ve ever committed abortion any time in your life-it would be impossible for you to have any desire to do what is right unless Yahweh had drawn you by His Spirit. Impossible because-in fact you wouldn’t even-it would be impossible to renew someone to repentance-they’d get to that point of no return.

So, if you are feeling bad about it-if you are feeling guilt about it, and if you are concerned about it-there’s good news for you because that means Yahweh’s Spirit has convicted you about it, and He has not rejected you. You have not blasphemed that, Spirit. But that’s the power of grace-there’s no mark He can’t erase. So, now think about this. Name one place in the United States where-if you went there-you’d have a one out of five chance of being murdered there. I mean that would be like the most dangerous place ever, right? Who would want to live in such a place? Well, the most dangerous place to live in the United States is not in some back alley in the Bronx or somewhere-it’s inside mommy-the most dangerous place to live-inside your own momma. And in certain areas of the world, it’s even worse. You know in Greenland and Russia, half of all children who are conceived are murdered inside mommy-half. Worldwide it’s one out of five-worldwide-one out of five. And believe it or not-it may shock you, but the nation of Israel murders one out of five of its conceived babies too. The nation of Israel today-40,000 a year-about 20,000 are actually official-they have to go before a three-person committee to get approval, but it’s pretty much a rubber stamp because only 2% are ever denied. And there is a whole other half-another 20,000 besides the 20,000 that are actually approved that just go ahead and do it-and don’t get the approval. And nobody enforces anything against it. The most common reason for abortion to be approved is the women are unmarried. That’s considered to be an appropriate case where abortion is permissible, and they wonder why they’re harassed by terrorists over there-because innocent blood is being shed. He recently approved Federal funding-this nation for even larger numbers of abortions, so, another 6,000 abortions as of last year will be paid actually by the government of Israel. Now the world pays so much attention to the terrorist attacks, right? – 9/11, 3,000 people lost their lives-huge news.

Yet, that’s how many children are losing their lives to abortion every day in America. You know what-it’s much more than that. Contraceptives known as “the pill” birth control. A Pro-Life website I once read said the morning after pill, which is basically a high dosage of the birth control pill, and most if not all birth control drugs and devices including intrauterine devices, Proprevera-the patch and the pill act to terminate pregnancies by chemically altering the lining of the uterus so that a newly conceived child-the human embryo-is unable to implant on the womb-therefore, starving and dying. This mechanism of action is called a pre-implantations-called chemical abortion.

So, it’s what they call it so, the egg is conceived and has nowhere to plant, and so it dies. How many more abortions are taking place that way in the United States? Probably far more than 3,000. Now some would say – “Oh, c’mon Tom-that’s not really a life-it’s just some zygote-you know-a few cells being divided or whatever”. Okay, well you believe that. Now suppose a minute there was a Land Rover running around on Mars, right? And they found living cells on Mars. The whole world would be shocked and say: “Hey-they found life on Mars!” Right? They would think it’s considered life if they found some living cell that happened to be on Mars, correct? They would say: “Oh that’s life”. But then a child who’s in the womb who’s in the same basic state is not considered to be life.

In fact, there are some who don’t even consider it to be a life until it comes out of the womb. If you’re not gonna say that conception is where life begins, what are you gonna say? It’s impossible to have it any other place. A child is a child no matter where it happens to live-inside the womb-outside the womb. I mean, if you’re not gonna say a child is a child from the time its conceived, then where are you gonna draw the line? You have to invent your own idea. Well, you know-3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks. What hour, minute and second are you going to identify as the time when life begins? You can’t-there’s no other place to put it-there’s no hour, minute and second you could possible identify as being the time a life begins except conception.

Now in the Torah-in the Law of Yahweh in Exodus chapter 21 it says: If men fight, and hurt a woman with a child, so that she gives birth prematurely, yet no harm follows, he shall surely be punished accordingly as the woman’s husband imposes on him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. But if any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, would for wound, stripe for stripe. So, in Yahweh’s eyes here, we see based on this text in the scriptures-the principle here is the life of the unborn child is every bit as valuable in the eyes of Yahweh as anyone else-life for life.

Now you want to talk about crazy logic- here’s one-in the United States of America-if you come across an eagle egg and you destroy an eagle egg-it’s illegal. You can go to prison for up to two years. You could pay a fine for destroying an eagle egg. Yet, a human being that’s not yet born yet-perfectly legal. Even the government will pay for it-in some cases; it depends on which President’s in power. The government will pay a doctor to do it-it’s insane logic-that the life of an eagle is worth more than the life of a human being, right? So, when our laws value the life of a bird over the life of a human, something is amiss-something is going crazy.

We have had sixty million murders in America since 1973-that’s a lot of innocent blood being shed-a lot. Innocent blood being shed in the land is a very, very serious crime in the eyes of Yahweh. The very first human being who was ever born, Cain, became a murderer-isn’t that remarkable? The very first human being ever born was a murderer! And Yahweh had told Cain-for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning. From the hand of every beast-I will require it. From the hand of man, from the hand of every beast-every man’s brother, I will require the life of a man.

I’m trying to get this slide to work-it’s not working. Okay. Whoever sheds man’s blood-by man shall his blood be shed-for in the image of Elohim, Yahweh made man, right? As for you, be fruitful and multiply-bring forth abundantly on the earth and multiply it. So, the reason why murder is such a serious crime in Yahweh’s eyes is because Yahweh created man in His own image-His own image. So, if Yahweh created man in His own image-then to create-and abortion-to do an abortion is to destroy one who was made in Yahweh’s own image, and we do not want to be guilty of that, right?

These six things Yahweh hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren. So, hands that shed innocent blood are an abomination to Him. Yahweh formed man-someone comes along and destroys him.

It’d be a personal attack against Yahweh Himself. Just like-say you’re creating this nice big house and someone comes along with a bulldozer and just mows the whole thing down. That’d be actually an assault again you and your person, right? It’s no different-when a man-one man takes the life of another-really, it’s a sin against Yahweh Himself. Yahushua says-Inasmuch as you’ve done it to the least of these-my brother-you’ve done it unto me. So, we’re talking about what Yahweh calls an abomination. And I can see why it would be-especially innocent blood. And the importance of not allowing innocent blood to be shed in the land we live in is so high in Yahweh’s Eyes-He said in the Torah:

When Yahweh your Mighty One has cut off those nations, whose land Yahweh Your Mighty One is giving you, and you dispossess them and dwell in their cities and in their houses, you shall separate three cities for yourself in the midst of your land which Yahweh your Mighty One is giving you to possess.

You shall prepare roads for yourself, and divide into three parts the territory of your land which Yahweh your Mighty One is giving you to inherit, that any manslayer may flee there. And this is the case of the manslayer who flees there, that he may live: whoever kills his neighbor unintentionally, not having hated him in time past—as when a man goes into the woods with his neighbor to cut timber, and his hand swings a stroke with the ax to cut down the tree, and the head slips from the handle and strikes his neighbor so that he dies—he shall flee to one of these cities and live; lest the avenger of blood, while his anger is hot, pursue the manslayer and overtake him, because the way is long, and kill him, though he was not deserving of death, since he had not hated the victim in time past.

Therefore, I command you, saying ‘You shall separate three cities for yourself.’ Now if Yahweh your Mighty One enlarges your territory, as He swore to your fathers, and gives you the land which He promised to give to your fathers, and if you keep all these commandments and do them, which I command you today, to love Yahweh your Mighty One and to walk in His ways, then you shall add three more cities for yourself besides these –

And the point of this whole thing was-I guess I don’t have it up there.

Verse 10: Thus, innocent blood be shed in the midst of your land, which Yahweh, your Elohim is giving you as inheritance and thus guilt of bloodshed be upon you. So, He went to all this trouble, just to avoid any guilt of bloodshed being in the midst of the land because He did not want innocent blood being shed. He went through all this trouble-cities of refuge-that’s why He established them, and ultimately it was the act of innocent blood being shed in the land that caused Yahweh to have the children of Judah be removed from the land.

Second Kings 24, verses 1-2: In his days Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came up, and Jehoiakim became his vassal for three years. Then he turned and rebelled against him. And Yahweh sent him raiding bands of Chaldeans, bands of Syrians, bands of Moabites, and bands of the people of Ammon; He sent them against Judah to destroy it, according to the word of Yahweh which He had spoken by the prophets.

Surely at the commandment of Yahweh this came upon Judah, to remove them from His sight because of the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he had done, and also because of the innocent blood that he had shed; for he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, which Yahweh would not pardon. So, they went into exile because of the innocent blood being shed.

Psalm 106:35 says: But they mingled with the Gentiles and learned their works; they served their idols, which became a snare to them. They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons, and shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; and the land was polluted with blood. So, they were offering their children to these demons like Molech, for instance and the reason why they did it-they thought the idol wanted that, and so they did it. It seems pretty awful. I mean-talk about devotion-seems like the idols get more devotion than Yahweh does. But you know, sacrificing your son or your daughter is a bad thing, obviously-to an idol.

If it’s in ignorance because you didn’t know any better-I mean-I could say – “alright one thing”, but to knowingly, purposely, intentionally sacrifice your own son or daughter on the altar-our modern-day idols called “self”, called “convenience”, called “I want what I want”, called “I wanna finish my school work”, called “I’m not ready for a child” – I think it’s even worse. Now sadly, many of these young ladies are deceived when they go into an abortion clinics-they are told lies – “Oh, this is not really a baby-this is not really what’s going on”. In fact, there’s a movie coming up here in 2019 called “Unplanned” about a woman who never really saw an abortion-just felt like women had the right to choose. And she won all kinds of awards for being one of the top people in Planned Parenthood. And actually, walked in and had to supervise an abortion-saw it happening and said “No way”. Even she didn’t even know what was really going on. And that’s part of the problem-is ignorance today. Now some women they know full well-you know-they do know-some don’t. You talk about cheapening human life-I mean-my will and what I want to do is more important than this child and its life. But we want to defend the little ones-we want to teach and educate the young girls-its usually young girls because-I mean there’s always a new group of young teenage girls that need to be educated and taught what abortion truly is.

It’s kind of interesting in Israel In 2 Chronicles, 33 verse 5 says: He built altars for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of Yahweh. Also, he caused his sons to pass through the fire in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom; he practiced soothsaying, used witchcraft and sorcery, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the sight of Yahweh, to provoke Him to anger. Speaking here of Manasseh.

And 2 Kings 21:16: Moreover, Manasseh shed much innocent blood, till he had filled Jerusalem from one end to the other, besides his sin by which he made Judah sin, in doing evil in the sight of Yahweh. So that innocent blood was a very serious matter in Yahweh’s eyes, right? Very serious, and Yahweh would not pardon the land for this reason. Now again, if there’s anyone listening to the broadcast today whose ever had an abortion, I want you to know this was not the end of Manasseh’s story.

If you continue reading about Manasseh in 2 Chronicles, you’ll find out he got sent away. But then he repented of his sins, and Yahweh forgave him and restored him. So, he shed a whole lot more innocent blood than any woman whose ever had an abortion, okay? And he was forgiven for the sins that he had done; they were some of the worst ever in Israel. He was forgiven, but Yahweh could not stand all the innocent blood that had been shed on that land; He wouldn’t pardon the nation, okay? And so, shedding innocent blood is a crime of epic proportions in Yahweh’s eyes. But He offers grace if we are willing to receive it. Even David-David killed Uriah the Hittite, stole his wife for similar reasons why abortions take place-because he lusted. And lustful men and lustful women have relations-have a baby, and women don’t want it so they have it killed. But he suffered consequences for it-his own child that was to be born-Yahweh ended that child’s life, and trouble never left his house after that. So, there were consequences because he knew full well it was wrong. But I feel like we need to understand what’s happening in our world today.

This crime of shedding innocent blood is a serious matter. We have to understand the importance of it because we’re sort of desensitized to it. Oh yeah-another year-another million abortions. I mean-go back and sit back and watch the football game now, and do nothing about it. I don’t think that’s what Yahushua would want us to do-is nothing. I think we are called to love and even those little babies in the womb did not have the ability to defend themselves-they can’t say – “Oh wait, don’t do this to me”. So, they depend on us to defend them-to defend the sanctity of life-of their life. And yes, they call it abortion-Yahweh calls it murder. What’s worse is the parent of the child doing the crime and hiring hitmen to do the work.

Again, I’m not trying to hurt somebody’s feelings, but that’s what’s really happening. And we have to understand what it is and all the ugliness of it for us to be upset enough sometimes-and concerned enough sometimes-that we will take action because the spirit of Molech is alive and well today. It’s probably worse than the spirit of Molech because they thought they were doing the right thing-you know by appeasing this demon or this idol-but they thought that’s what the creator wanted them to do but… Interestingly, this Valley of Hinnom where Manasseh had shed all the innocent blood later became in first century Judaism-the place where they burned all their garbage and their animals and whatever. And this valley where the stench-this garbage stench, and it was this Valley of Hinnom-it became a euphemism-this Valley of Hinnom- for the Lake of Fire. Really.

In Luke chapter 12, verse 4, it says: And I say to you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into Gehenna in the Greek or Valley of Hinnom in the Hebrew. So, the actual place called “hell” – what it actually means-it’s actually the same place where Manasseh did his dirty deeds-sacrificing their babies to idols.

So, it’s kind of interesting because-okay-Yahweh’s saying – “Oh, you wanna shed blood, huh? – and this is where you’re gonna do it-I’m gonna put you in the same place-you know-allegorically have you in the same place-named the same way. So, what would the child say-if it could form words-what would a child say? A very touching Psalm I want to read to you.

Speaking to Yahweh: You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows well. My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest places of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book, they were all written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them. You know, I realize this is King David speaking, but it’s the closest thing I can find in scripture to what its like to be there-you know what he’s describing-and just that it’s wrong to kill a child outside this place-this lowest place in the earth it says; the place of residence does not matter.

How many of you remember the Holocaust? Probably studied it and heard about it. Some younger people may not know about it, but there were six million Jews who perished because someone decided that their life was not worth anything. I wrote a poem years ago called “The Holocaust” – it goes like this: A vision of slaughter I have seen in pictures-they seem so far away-yet so near to my heart. How could it be? How could humanity be so cruel? More than six million killed in the days of slaughter-yet many stood by with excuses in their hearts-some looked the other way, pretending it did not happen. “They’re not really people-not really human” – some said in those days. They’re used for medical research, thrown away in dumps-some burned, others dismembered or tortured beyond recognition-but I’m not talking about Hitler directing this slaughter-I’m speaking of here. It wasn’t the Nazis that I’m talking about who brought their doom. It’s the doctors and mother’s who killed their own innocent children in the comfort of a mother’s womb. The holocaust is still going on; it’s not over, and at this time, the most innocent ones are the target. Far more than six million – forty million – actually sixty million now since 1973.

On average, 3,000 babies a day-murdered by their own mother, and many would save them and give them a home if they could-if only they legally could. We have a responsibility-because I wish I could. How many of you feel like this? If there’s something I could do I would. We have to cry out against it. Remember, wrath will come upon the nation that sheds innocent blood.

The earth cannot bear this innocent blood being shed; it will spew man out with fire or with fire will cleanse it-one or the other. Just like the book of Ezekiel. In the book of Ezekiel, people were told put a mark on the foreheads of those who are crying out against abominations taking place here; put a mark on them and I’ll spare them from judgment. And Yahweh will spare us from judgment. We’ve got to cry out against the innocent being destroyed. If you’re not crying out against it; then you’re complicit by saying nothing and doing nothing.

Proverbs chapter 24, and verse 11: Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, “Surely we did not know this,” does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds? We can’t pretend like it doesn’t exist.

He puts the responsibility on our shoulders to deliver those who are drawn toward death. I think what this means in our context today is we all have a responsibility to be doing something. Something, big or small-everybody ought to be doing at least something. We cannot turn a blind eye. We cannot act like this is not happening. We cannot just sit idly by while children are being murdered-brutally murdered; the most innocent of all-human beings being murdered. And just because it happens to be in a medical clinic where you don’t see it-just because you don’t see the limbs of a little baby going through the suction machine and being torn apart by forceps does not mean it’s not happening-it is. And Yahweh has put a responsibility in our hands to deliver those who are drawn toward death.

In Genesis 2:15 it says: Yahweh Elohim took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend it and keep it. Yahweh created Adam and Eve-put them in the garden, and says: “Hey, take care of this for me.” And this was Adam’s purpose-the reason why he was created; at least partly. I want you to understand He had a created purpose for Adam-to subdue the earth-be fruitful and multiply, right? And for Eve to join with him in that mission.

Well, Mark chapter 9 verse 35, or Matthew, chapter 9, verse 35 says: Yahushua went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people. But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. “Therefore, pray the Master of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” So, we’re looking here-we have a harvest of souls in the world today.

And many people today are too lazy to go out and take that sickle and harvest it. A lazy man doesn’t gather what he planted, does he? So, we gotta pray to the Master of the harvest for laborers. If you’re not a laborer, you’re just taking up the ground; you’re not doing anything about it. You’re not doing anything about people who are hurting-people who are lost. And you’re just so busy spending all your money and wasting it on things that will never take you into your eternal retirement program. Then maybe you’re just sitting on your talents in the sand and burying it-too afraid.

Well, just as Adam was created to tend the garden-we have a garden to tend right here among you. Some of you have a garden right there in your own household-your children. Some of you have a garden outside the walls-we all have a garden outside the walls we’re supposed to be tending to, and as people who are serving Yahweh-He wants us to be a laborer in His gardens. Not everybody has the same function-not everybody needs to be behind a microphone-not everybody’s gonna be running sound or whatever, but everyone needs to be doing something-help with meals, have a role, whatever. Speak up. Yahushua said the sheep cared, the goats didn’t.

It wasn’t the goats were doing terrible things-rape, rob, steal, they were not-they were just indifferent to those who were hurting, to those who were being damaged, to those who were sick, to those who were in prison. They’re just indifferent. We need to get out of this church mentality-all of the laborers and ministers up front-you know-while we sit back and warm the pews. Here serve me for this much money and tell me what my relationship is supposed to be like with the Father. No, we are all responsible to minister. The greatest among you, Yahushua said, will be the minister of all. Nobody’s called back to sit back and be served-nobody.

Yahushua said in Matthew 28:18: “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, “teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” The fact He’s saying He’s with you to the end of the age to do these things shows me that this was not a temporary command. This is a command for everybody-all the way to the end of the age. So, Yahushua’s saying-in the garden, go out, be fruitful and multiply. Yahushua has been given all authority and power in heaven and earth. He’s saying “Go-rule this planet for me. Teach people how to rule this planet because they’re messing up. Satan is their ruler, see? They’ve chosen Satan to be their ruler. Yahweh didn’t make Satan the ruler-man chose him as his ruler. Just like Eve chose Satan to be her authority and listened to his voice in the garden. So, we all have a creative purpose to go therefore and make disciples of all nations. It doesn’t have to be everyone going on a missionary journey. It could be your children, it could be your family, it could be your aunts, your uncles, your grandpas, your grandmas, your grandsons, your friends next to you-next to your house, the people at work. You have responsibility to go and to minister and make disciples-teach them to observe the things I commanded. That’s what it says.

teaching to observe all the things I have commanded. We have to teach them to observe the commandments. It’s not about saying a prayer and walking away. We’ve gotta serve people who wanna come into the body of Messiah, and teach them the Word-give them a hunger and thirst for the Word of Yahweh. Show them why the Word of Yahweh’s important.

He told Adam and Eve: He blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth. He’s telling us-go be fruitful and multiply, bring in souls, be a laborer in my harvest, and subdue the earth because the earth- man was created from the dust of the earth, right? And men need to be brought under subjection to the King of Kings now before it’s too late-and man will quit listening. Then Yahushua is gonna come back, and He’s gonna rule, and we’ll rule with Him.

But it’s time that we start being about our Father’s business. Be about our Father’s business-take care of the garden. The garden out there that needs to be taken care of-there are children out there who are being tortured and murdered, and people are just sitting back like nothing’s going on.

Years ago, my wife had the opportunity to share some music with a young girl who had gotten pregnant. She was gonna have an abortion-she shared a song called “Voice of the Unborn Child” by Song Harvest-it’s on my website and saved that baby’s life. There’s a satisfaction when you see that child-that life that you saved. That child could be in some sink somewhere or some dumpster, and here you saved that baby’s life. There’s joy in doing these things-there’s joy in it.

As soldiers in Yahweh’s army, we are responsible to go out-as a people in exile, we need to gather together an army of soldiers who are willing to say – “You know what? We’re not in a time of peace-we’re in a time of war”. It’s a war going on for the souls of men. It’s the most important battle there is. There are no cheerleaders in this battle-there are no spectators-we’re all in it now. There’s a battle going on for your soul, for the souls of our children, for the souls of your friends and family members. And we’re all called to recognize this battle and do something to join the sight of Yahweh and be about His business. And the wars that we fight-the skirmishes we win have eternal consequences-eternal ramifications. There’s nothing more important than the battle that we are engaging in-this battle for the world’s souls.

You know what? I’ll tell you something right now-the one thing you need to remember is-the reason why there are so many young girls who are committing this crime of abortion today is because of sexual immorality. Very few abortions are from married couples-most of them are from unwed mothers. And so, what’s the cause of the pregnancies?

Obviously, immodesty, which provokes the lust of men who then want to go out and resolve their lust problem for about thirty minutes. And-guess what? When you do something only a married couple is supposed to do, a baby can be conceived. And when a baby is being conceived-that is what brings about abortions. So, if you really want to help resolve the problem of abortion, don’t just-hey-tell people it’s wrong to commit abortion-we gotta teach people it’s wrong to commit sexual immorality or fornication. And then, there won’t be this situation where they’re gonna be tempted to be, you know, committing abortions. But ultimately, the real solution is Yahushua, the Messiah, Him crucified-and turning their hearts to Him-and therefore walking out His principles for life. Because people that don’t have the Holy Spirit may not have the strength to overcome the temptations of lust, and overcome the temptations of fornication.

So, it’s one soul at a time really-is what it comes down to. But we can do things-we can educate young girls about why abortion’s murder. We can educate society-we can be part of the solution-go and volunteer at a local pregnancy distress center where they’re promoting life, and teach people-be a part of the solution-support them-and be available to support women or young girls who are going to have a baby. And when the other person who was involved in the relationship to create the baby is not willing to help and be supportive-we can be supportive and say – “Hey, I’ll tell you what-I’ll buy all the diapers you want-just please-don’t kill the baby” – “I’ll tell you what-you can even stay-I’ll even pay your rent for your house-I’ll even-I’ll do this and I’ll do…-just please-in fact, I’ll raise the baby until you can”.

We did that back in New Orleans in 2010. There were some parents who were willing to take babies if these babies were gonna be aborted-they’d be willing to take the babies and raise them until the mom was ready, and maybe could handle being a mother, and then give it back to mom-if the mom wanted it back-they’d give it back. And that was awesome, and we held up signs and walked in front of the abortion clinic with this sign saying we’ll raise your baby until you can, and then the woman come out of the abortion clinic and said: “You guys really do that-you give the baby back-you just take guardianship and give the baby back”? And we said: “Well, at least we save a life”. And she was flabbergasted; she even took our phone number-I don’t know if she was gonna-she said maybe some women are interested in that option-I don’t know if she really was for that, but she could not believe that we cared enough about them babies to raise them from infancy, and even have to give them up, and weep and cry because we lost, you know, someone we loved-but you know-at least we saved a life. So, there are things we can do.

This week, for those who don’t know-Yahweh gave me a movie theater-and I’m operating a movie theater-we only show faith-based films here in Ava Missouri. And this week, we are actually showing a movie called “Unplanned” about the life of Abby Johnson, who was once an abortion provider-she was once an abortion provider, and she saw an abortion taking place, and it completely changed her mind about abortion. And this movie, , I think, will make a huge impact, so we’re actually giving all the ticket proceeds to the local abortion or pro-life center here-anti-abortion and pro-life center here in Ava called “Options of Pregnancy of Ava”. So, we’re helping them-they’re opening a new office down in Gainesville, and then afterwards, this coming the 26th of what’s called March, we’re actually gonna have a community meeting and all talk about what we can do to help resolve abortion in our community. So, there’s things that we can do.

Now, why do mothers choose abortion? – 75% say that a baby would interfere with work, school, other responsibilities-75%-can’t afford it-56% say they don’t wanna be a single parent-12%-they have a health issue they’re afraid of. But you know the greatest of all anti-abortion protests you could ever do is to save those women’s souls. Because, once they become a believer in Yahushua, they’re going to value life like we do. The second greatest way is to go out into the nations-in the trenches-talk to them-intervene-try to talk women out of having an abortion. So, we all have a responsibility-we all have a responsibility-deliver those who are drawn toward death. Let’s pray.

Father Yahweh-show us Abba Yahweh where you want us to be-what you want us to do to save those who are being drawn toward death. Father, have mercy upon this nation. Give us time Father-give us time to go out and talk to these women, and be a part of the solution-to save the little innocent ones that you are seeking to create. We pray that this nation would be spared-you pour Your Spirit upon out this land, and turn this nation back to You. In the fullness of Your Torah, the fullness of Your Truth-uncover Father, this darkness and show us Father, where it’s happening in our communities and inspire us-sending laborers into the harvest. We live in such a perverted world. Father, strengthen us, and give us the wisdom to know what to do. Truly we know that Yours is the Kingdom, and Power, and Glory, and Majesty, and all praise, honor and worship belongs to You-Yahweh, our Mighty One-Yahweh Elohim forever and ever. In Yahushua’s great name we pray. Amein