Doing all Things Without Complaining

12/17/16 (10/17) Video Broadcast

Doing all Things Without Complaining - Study
We are ready to begin our study portion for today's
And how many of you authored some trials recently? How many of you are going through some difficulties, some challenges and it's testing your faith and you're wondering what's going on. Why am going through this? What is the purpose in this? You don't understand. You're wondering what the reason is and you don't always understand the reason. Well that's often the case. We don't always understand the reason for our trials, but there are some things we can do to hasten the ending of those trials and that is, counting all joy.
Counting all joy actually helps us to, not only
endure the trial, but to hasten its end. And so, we're going to talk about this today, we're going to talk about doing all things without complaining.
That little baby there, he's not too happy and
sometimes, I think when Yahweh looks down from heaven, that's pretty much how he sees us. -- And he doesn't want us to do this. Now, of course, babies they're going to cry 'cause that's something Yahweh put in them to - explain - if they can explain to us that they're not happy for some reason. Sometimes it's out of selfishness and sometimes out of need. But, for us, hopefully, we are above baby stage here and we've gone into a stage where we are willing to accept trials, willing to accept difficulties and we've matured. And so, you know, when the children of Israel came out of Egypt, Yahweh saved them from slavery, he saved them from terrible horrific conditions, where their first born were being cast into the River Nile and they were under great distress. And Yahweh saw their - the things they were going through, and he chose by his grace to save them.
And so you would think that after having done
this, that they would be oh, so thankful, but it
wasn't really necessarily the case.
They weren't oh, so thankful, they were , oh so whining and complaining. . And we are told in the scriptures that there are
examples of what not to do and what to do in some
cases. First Corinthians Chapter 10, verse 1, says, "Moreover brother I do not want you to be unaware that all our fathers were under the cloud, all passed through the sea, all were baptized into Moshe, or Moses, in the cloud and in the sea." It's like they - they were saved by the blood of the Passover Lamb and then they went through the sea, and that was a type of baptism, the scripture says. They're baptized and I the cloud, in the sea, the cloud representing the Spirit of Yahweh. So they were all baptized in a sense. And he wants them to know, to not be aware of this, unaware of this I should say, do not want to be unaware of what they went through and so on. And to take a lesson from the pages of history, because the thing that they went through, is very similar to the life that we go through, as
believers and I often bring this out.

Sass, "All ate the same spiritual food, right",the
same spiritual food. "All drank the same spiritual drink, for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was Messiah." He was there, just as he is with us, so he is and
was with them."
And so, they went through the Sea of Reeds, in the same way they were separated from the world at that point. When we got baptized we were separated from the world, just as they were separated from the Egypt, and the old men, the old man drowned in the river. And when we got baptized the old man - the waves of the body of sin died in the river, so we don't have another old man anymore. He's a different person. We are now a new person. We are now separated from our own Egypt and what happened? After he brought them out of Egypt, he got the Red Sea or Sea of Reeds behind him. What happened to them? He immediately tested them, it says in scripture, "He immediately tested them and they went three days with no water".
Were they still thankful for what Yahweh had done
or they began to lose their thankfulness and the joy of their salvation? That's an important question for us, for me, for you, have we lost or are we losing that joy of salvation and resorting to the complaining? Yeah important question. So we partake of the manna also as they partook of the manna. Is Yahushua enough? He is our hidden camera, is he enough? In the same way he taught them the Torah, we - he also teaches us the Torah and feeds us with the Words of everlasting life. And we are also being led by the fire in the cloud and by the spirit of Yahweh, through this wilderness that we are in, in this age that we're in, this temporary land, this dry and thirsty land, it's not our own. This land has chosen not to be under Yahweh's Headship and we're going to endure. as they did test, trials, and tribulations and temptations, as we go through this wilderness that we are presently in. But at the end, we will cross the Jordan into the Promise Land and Yahweh wants to know what's in our heart, whether we will honor him, whether we will keep his commandments or not, and whether we will walk in faith or not. And here they were, partaking of the spiritual food, the same spiritual food, the Torah, the same spiritual food. And the rock was with them too and they partook of the fountain of living waters, Yahushua, and what happened? With most of them, Elohim was not well pleased. For their bodies were scattered in the wilderness. Now these things became our examples to the intent that we should not, we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted. You see an evil thing, don't desire it, don't even desire it. Choose not to desire it. Turn your eyes away from it. We've been talking about that the last five weeks haven't we? So, and do not become idolaters, as were some of them. Actually, scripture says covetousness is idolatry, so don't be a covetous person. As it is written, the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play, nor let us commit sexual immorality as some of them did, and one day 23,000
Lots of people struggling with this right here.
So, they were destroyed, it says, it says, "Nor let
us tempt Messiah as some of them also tempted and were destroyed by serpents", now what? Complain, as some of them also complained and were destroyed by this destroyer. Now all these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition, "Upon whom the ends of the ages have come, therefore, let him who thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall."
Now you may not see people physically dying and being
destroyed by the destroyer or being bit by serpents or whatever, but you do see brothers fall away,
fall away from the faith and if you're killed
spiritually, you're no longer alive, you bear the gates of death, and unless you repent and turn back to Messiah, there's no way back. So we see the same temptations today that they faced in their time in the wilderness. You may not see 23,000 people die in one day, but you know, this world's not easy, it'll bring intent temptations into our lives and we daily have to make that choice of whether we're going to let Yahweh lead us or whether we want to go back to Egypt.
And these things are written for our
admonition, for our benefit, so don't you think we ought to make sure that we go back and read those things and actually read the Old Testament and find out what you've got to learn from that and most people today, don't bother to read it, don't bother to read the rest of scripture. They look at Paul's letters and Yahushua's Words and that's kind of where they stick around. But he said, "These things are written for our admonition, for our examples, to make sure we're not doing what they did. So how do we show us to be different people than those people and the negative things that they did? Scripture says, "No temptation has ever taken you, except such as common demand?" We all go through the same things. Anyone who's ever done counseling knows, we all fix the same things, we really all do, but Elohim's faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able. Now, with the temptation, we'll also make a way of
escape, so that you may be able to bear it.
You cannot say, "This is too much for me", you can't say it. He'll let you bear it, because Yahushua will bear it in you. There will always be some way to get out of it. No one can blame anybody else and no one can say, "Well this was too much, I couldn't do it."
-- Not true.
Yahweh's the one telling the truth here, not man, not your flesh, not yourself, you're just making excuses for yourself saying, "Well I couldn't handle it 'cause it was too much." Wrong. Scripture says, "You're able to bear it. He'll make a way to escape." He says, "Therefore my beloved flee from idolatry or covetousness or lusts. Speak as to as why it's being judged for yourselves in what I say. They're examples of what not to do. We can live our life and we see actually, people doing different things that are wrong and we can let what they're doing wrong tempt us or we can choose to see the things they're doing wrong and say, "Well, that's not something, example I don't want to do, I mean, I pray for them, I hope they don't falter anymore, but I pray they'll turn back, but let that be a little lesson I want to keep in the back of my mind of what I don't want to get caught up in that. When I was a young person, I had an uncle that was in
drugs and police were always after him, and the
whole mess. And I thought well, I don't want to be like that -- and I always had the temptation to do drugs,
but I chose not to do it.
I didn't want to be like that. So Yahweh gave me grace there and let me learn from an example of somebody of what not to do. And Yahweh can do that for you young people. You can see somebody doing something wrong and say, 'Ooh that's a temptation to me", or you can say, "Well, that's something I don't want to do. " You can learn the way of wisdom to not be the kind of people that are having to learn the hard way, always find out the hard way to do something.
We can be people who listen are attentive to
the Word of Yahweh who are looking for examples of men, examples of women who are upright also in their conduct, and righteous in their behavior and imitate that and learn from that example and the same thing with the people around you. You see people who are spiritually doing very well and they're blessed. So, you can say, "Well I want to follow that pattern." So in scripture there's plenty of good examples and plenty of bad examples." Then we're called to learn from the good examples, not repeat their mistakes and they're examples of good behavior that we're called to emulate. So when you look at the Torah, when you look at the scriptures, look at the children of Israel, you look at what they're doing, and you say "Well let's avoid their mistakes and where they did well we'll imitate that." So, we don't any right number one. It's the one thing we've got to learn. We don't have any right to complain. We don't. We have no right to complain about anything, because one of the things we're supposed to be learning from, is says, "Do not complain", as some of them complained and were destroyed by the destroyers. We don't have any right to complain about any circumstances. They didn't have no water. They couldn't have - find anything to drink. And so, you think they'd have a right to complain about that. Nope. They didn't. We don't want to be like them, because the one Yahweh's forming in us, Yahushua never complained.
And he is the one who lives in you, so seek
after Yahweh's leadership and when you find what you believe is Yahweh's leadership, don't complain about where you're at or where you think he may lead you. And if you think you're not sure, whether or not, you're in Yahweh's will in what you're doing, you definitely don't have a right to complain, because you're not doing what he says to do. So, either way you've got no rights to complain about anything. We can even rejoice in our trials, actually we can. Yahweh told them, he said "He humbled you", Moshe said, "He allowed you to hunger, he fed you with manna, which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that he might make you know, that man shall not live by bread alone, but man lives by Word that proceeds from the mouth of Yahweh." Ultimately, that's where he's taking us almost every single time. That's what we need. Sometimes we need humbling. It's for our good. You don't have your physical needs provided for, move. He won't let you starve to death, don't worry about it. He might let you hunger a little bit, to let you know, man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of Yahweh's mouth. And that's exactly what our trials do so often.
Every Word.
Some people say, "Well only New Testament Words". No, every Word. Yahweh said it. I believe it. Yahushua said, "This is the bread which came down from heaven, not as your fathers ate the manna and are dead, he who eats this bread will live forever." He's talking about himself, you see, he is the Word. John 1:14 says, "He's the Word made flesh that dwelt among us." He's the Word in the Old Testament and he's the Word in the New Testament. He's not just the Word in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, he's the living Word in Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and all the other books, so we partake of that Word we live forever and we benefit. We're learning the Torah, just as they did. They're partaking of manna coming down out of heaven and the Word that came down out of heaven and Yahushua was with them. The scripture says so. And they were advancing to the Promise Land, but in the meantime, there were tests and trials in the wilderness. And we want Yahweh to reign over us.
Moshe, you know, ultimately Moshe never led
them into the Land of Promise, as even he himself failed, even Moshe. Moses he also failed, when he said, "Here now you rebels must we bring forth water out of the rock" and he struck the rock twice, rather than speaking to it, as if he was the one bringing water out.
He didn't need to strike the rock, he just had to
speak to it. He did not follow Yahweh's instructions before the people. He did not honor Yahweh in the midst of the people. And Yahweh said, "Because you didn't believe me, you did not make me holy and Yahweh, --in the eyes of the people, you will not bring them into the Promise Land". So even Moshe, Moses even failed. We all need grace, don't we? You can't rely on the law to bring us to the Promise Land. We can't rely on Moshe's instructions to take us to the Promise Land, we only - he only can take us so far we're going to realize that we'll fall short. What we really need is a man named Yahushua, right? Joshua, son of Nun.
Yahushua, son of Nun.
Joshua or Yahushua, the son of Nun, same name as Do you know what his name was? How is his name really pronounced in Hebrew?
the Messiah, was the one who brought them across
the Jordan. And so, the lesson here is, Moshe can only take you and tell you what to do, he can't lead you across the Jordan. You're going to need a man named Yahushua to take you there. You'll need grace. The old men will have to die in the wilderness and the new will have to take its place.
I love how scripture does that.
All right. Our own salvation's like written in the history of
Beautiful. So in the same way, no one can cross the Jordan without Yahushua, the son of Nun, no one's going to get to the Promise Land without Yahushua, the son of Elohim. And the greater ministry is going to eventually get us righteousness, than the ministry that tells us what righteousness is. But you know, even Moshe himself struck the rock and water came out. So, even he failed.
So, we all need grace don't we?
And our responsibility is to walk out this calling, this calling Yahushua placed on our life. Yahushua had a calling, he went through it, he never complained one time, so for this reason, I'm here. Let's learn from the mistakes that the stiff necked, right? Learn from their mistakes, not connect to sexual morality, not tempting Messiah and not complaining, very, very important. Scripture says, "When your Father tested me", Psalm 95, verse 9 they trusted - they tried me though they saw my work. For 40 years I was grieved with that generation, I said, 'is a people who go astray in their hearts and they do not know my ways, so I swore on my wrath they shall not enter my rest.
" They failed completely.
They had the wrong attitude. Grace was not seen as seem as being sufficient. How 'bout us? Is his grace sufficient for us? You know, if the only thing Yahweh ever did for us, was save us from the lake of fire and from the judgment that we deserve, if that was the only thing he ever did for us, wouldn't that be enough?
I think so.
Do we deserve something more? Did we even deserve that? No. It kind of puts things in prospective doesn't it? The little affliction that we endure, would you rather after to endure the length of fire? I mean, I hope not. So if the only thing that you ever did, was save you from your sins and deliver you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness, if that was the only thing he ever die would that be good enough? Or do you demand more?
That's our question.

Don't be anxious for anything.
Make your prayer up to Yahweh. If he thinks it's best to answer according to what you want, then give him praise. If he doesn't, give him praise. Trust him. He knows better than you do. He's just a little smarter than you are actually, I think. I'm being facetious. He's infinity wiser than you.
Now I didn't say this walk was easy, but it's still
our calling. Looking at Philippines it says, "Do all things in thanksgiving when you make up a request" Don't just make a request, be thankful for what you have, make your request and everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Be thankful for what you already have maybe, maybe Yahweh will give you more. I know people who cursed themselves all the time, because they're not thankful for what they have. And so they don't get their prayers answered, according to what they want. Why would he give them more, they'll just complain more. Why give them more? You know if you had a child and you gave them a new gift and all they did was complain about it, would that make you want to give them more? No. Make you want to take away what they do have wouldn't it? So, people that do that, they don't get their prayers answered, and then they complain about not getting their prayer answered. And so, they're in this cycle of ever ending misery, never ending misery, because they do not take a moment and be thankful for what they have and what Yahweh has done and they don't recognize the blessing and they go through life complaining about one thing after another. And people who do that, are miserable.
So, I say if he only saved you from damnation in the
lake of fire, would that be good enough? Don't take too much among yourself thinking you deserve more than that, 'cause you don't.
Can we really knock on the door and say, "Hey, where
are my rights?" It's not going to be mail or breakout the constitution on Judgment Day and say I've got my Bill of Rights", it's not going to work. Just know, you don't have any rights. Yahweh gave you grace, be thankful. Reverence with contentment is great gain, First Timothy 6:6. This is actually a bad translation, Godliness means reverence. "For we brought nothing into this world, it's certain we can carry nothing out" and having food and clothing we these, we shall be content." Imagine that in our covetous world we live in. Just having food and clothing being content.
Did you have anything in your hand when you were born? "So here you go mom and dad, look what I got this with me." No, and you can put it in your casket when you die, but you can't bring it with you. Yahweh knows you need food, he knows you need clothing, and you start complaining - "Oh, where's my this and where's my that, and where's my this", you know, sometimes he'll provide that too, even though you're complaining about it. We're really in many ways we're spoiled, especially here in America. We are spoiled. You know, you get up in the morning, Yeah I push my little buttons and get my coffee and, I wonder what's the weather's going to be today? Click, click, you know. Can I have a remote start on my vehicle? Get it nice and toasty for me. Walk out there. I can roll the windows up and down with a button and hit the radio and hear whatever music I want and we're just sick, we're just sick spoiled. And we complain. And we've got the word of Yahweh so easily readily available. You want to know what Yahweh's word says, you just get that old keyboard and just doot, doot, doot, you know, a few buttons you know, exactly what to find and where to find it. You click away on the Internet, find a bible study on almost every topic known to man. It doesn't mean it'll be right, but it'll be study. You know, and you know complaining? I mean, come on. Take stock of what you got there brother, sister.
All the concerns and worries of life you don't
have to be worried, you don't have to be concerned. We have a Father who provided for you so much what you need and beyond. And Yahushua, he's walking around saying "Well, foxes have holes, birds have nests, the son of man has nowhere to lay his head. "Where's his fancy house? I mean, it wasn't exactly laying on a bed with four people carrying, you know, popping grapes into his mouth. You know, he just - he was a homeless man, him and
the disciples are all homeless men.
Now the group of homeless men turned the world upside down. Israelites in the wilderness, were, you know, living in tents and not exactly in their permanent home and neither are you.
Don't look at your tent and go, "Oh man, my tent
needs more, more, more." You can't take it with you.
How's Yahweh feel about complaining?
Numbers Chapter 11, verse 1, "Now when the people complained it displeased Yahweh, for Yahweh heard it and his anger was aroused, so the first of Yahweh burned among them and consumed some of the outskirts of the camp." How did he feel about it? He wasn't too happy, I mean, there he was, there's a little fire there away. . Did that get your attention how he feels about complaining? I hope so, I mean, the fire of Yahweh comes. He's pretty serious about it. He doesn't like it when we murmur and we complain about our circumstances. We should believe Yahweh when he say, "He'll take care of us. " We should believe it and rejoice in what we're given and not complain. He's a good dad. He may not give you everything you want, but he'll give you everything you need.
So, there were some that didn't complain, but most
of them did complain and they were about ready to enter the Promise Land. And so Moshe sent out the spies and some of the spies brought back this report. So the camp's quieted the people before Moshe and said, let's go up once and take possession if we're well to overcome it. But the men who got up with him said "Oh, we're not able. We're not able to go up against the people for they are stronger than we." And they gave the children of Israel a bad report of the land, which they spied out, saying "Oh the land through which we have gone as spies, we go in with the various inhabitants, all the people we saw were of great stature and we saw the giants, the giants were there. The descendant of Anna came from the giants. And we were like grasshoppers in there in their own sight, so were we and their sight, you liar. We're not grasshoppers" -- Exaggeration. It's not even true.
They chose not to be a people of faith.
They chose to be a people of fear. They chose not to trust in the love and the power of Elohim.
So all the congregation lifted up their voices and
cried, it's like the baby I showed in the initial screen, the people wept that night. All the children of Israel what did they do? Complained once again, against Moshe, against Aaron, again the whole congregation said to them, "If only we had died in the land of Egypt. If only we had died in this wilderness. Before they were complaining about dying in the wilderness, like "Oh it be better to die in the wilderness now " Why? Why has Yahweh brought us to this land to fall by the sword, that our wives and children should become victims?" He's a child abuser. Would it not be better for us to return to Egypt? Where they were killing the first born of their children? Where they were being forced to be slaves?
She said to one another, "Let us select a leader
and go back to Egypt.
" So we start fearing, instead of walking by
faith. You face giants in your own life too. Difficult situations, things that you're wondering, "How am I going to overcome this? How is it going to be possible? You know, Yahushua set you free.
Don't set your circumstances bigger than
he is. Don't fear the future and don't complain about the present or complain about what you think the future may hold. Don't walk in fear.
Look at the giants and say, "Oh they're bread for
us. " Both fear and faith project into the future, one is gloom and doom, one is excitement to see what
Yahweh will do to overcome this giant ahead.

We start fearing instead of walking in faith,
sometimes it prompts us to complain and a desire in our hearts to go back to our former ways thinking it was better for getting all the misery that we were in.
The ways of Egypt, the ways of Misaim, the ways
of the world, let it not be so. Let it not be so. What did Yahweh say about them? "How long shall I bear with this evil congregation who complain about me?" When they complain about circumstances, Yahweh saw it as a complaint against him." I have the head of the complaints, what the children of Israel make against me. " Say to them, "As I live says Yahweh, just as you have spoken in my hearing so I will do to you. The carcasses of you who complained against me, just because they complained, shall fall in this wilderness, all of you who remembered according to your entire number, from 20 years and above. Do you see the magnitude of this example brothers and sisters? Joyous he magnitude of what's going on here?"
It was because of their complaining, he rejected
them from entering the Promise Land. He would not allow them to go in. They were not putting their faith in Yahushua, essentially. They believed Yahweh hated them. They didn't believe in his Love and they said, "Well,
because Yahweh hates us, he's going to let us die
in this wilderness, so we're not going to overcome these enemies. They're too big for us and we'll never make it.
Really sad. Let's beware of their example. Because it was their complaining attitude,
their whininess, that he would not let them in the
Promise Land. "You're not going to be thankful for what I'm doing, then you won't get what I've got ahead of you. It just won't happen. You won't get it. You don't want to be thankful for what you have, even what you have will be taken away from you. I say we need to learn from that, because we could lose even more than what we have and we'll forget - we forget what we have, I think. So, it was because of their complaints that he said "You're not going to enter my land. You're not going to enter the Promise Land. You will not inherit life in the land." "So we need to learn from that and say "I'm going to rejoice in Yahweh always " Have an attitude of gratitude. Not be anxious for anything, knowing we have made a request unto Yahweh. He will take care of things according to what he thinks is best. The one who created you from dust, I think he knows what he's doing, what do you think? He probably knows what he's doing. The most powerful being in the universe probably knows what he's doing. He probably knows how to lead you just right, it may not what you think is right, but what he thinks is right.
"But indeed old man, Romans 9:20, who are you
to reply against Elohim?" Will the thing formed say to him, who formed it? Why have you made me like this?
Does not the Potter have power over the clay from
the same lump to make one vessel for honor and one for dais-honor?" Hey, if he did not give you honor, what makes you think you deserved it? He's a Potter, you're the clay. You go through circumstances in the end, many will be first, you are last and who is last, first. So you may not be getting much out of today through the difficult times you're go through, but the day may come if you take it patiently and you don't complain and you're thankful for what you have, "He were last now, will be first. He would have thought less now, will be great in the age to come. " And they're people getting on it today who won't be getting much in the age to come. They might get some, but our goal is not to be this world-minded. What do we get here? Get what you can and can what you get, you know. We can't be that way. After all, what's our life in this world? It's just a little speck, a little speck of dirt, compared to the size of the universe. I mean, what's 70 years of age in this life? It's like nothing compared to - I mean, six trillion years later, whatever you went through now, what's it going to matter? I mean, our trial is just a tiny, a tiny speck of time. And the truth is, we all have to go through trials. So brothers, beloved, First Peter 4:12, "Don't think it's strange concerning the fiery trial, which is a trial where some strange thing happened to you, but rejoice, to the extent
that you get to partake of Messiah's sufferings.
Who-hoo. Hallelujah. All right. "Here comes the Messiah-like suffering's in my way. I'll take it, thank you very much", that when his glory is revealed, you also may be glad with exceeding joy." "You ever see anybody do that? I don't think I ever have. If you're reproached for the name of Messiah, blessed are you. Someone you know, tries to knock you down a few notches, 'cause of who you are and Messiah, and they try to shame you and make you look bad. You know Yahushua would say? "Lap for joy when they persecute you. " Imagine doing that, you know, someone's saying you're the most rotten blah, blah, blah and your faith is this, that, and the other. "You go Who-hoo. Thank you. Chalk one up for me in the kingdom.
" Not many people do that, but it's what Yahushua'
saying and he's saying, "Here if you're reproached for the name of the Messiah, blessed are you. "Well thank you for the blessing. I appreciate it. What? What blessing? Well, scripture tells me that when you reproach me, 'cause of my faith, I get blessed in the age to come, so you can pile up the blessings if you want to. They'll probably look at your like, "You're looney tunes". It's called faith, you ought to try it sometime, because the spirit of glory and of Elohim rests upon you. On their part he's blasphemed, on your part he's glorified. " They don't get it. They don't get it. But here it is, this is why, I think. When you and I undergo suffering, in that suffering you choose not to bow to pressure, but you choose to be thankful for what you have, and glorify Yahweh anyway and praise him through it all, you know what we're doing, we're justifying Yahweh, rather than ourselves. We're justifying Yahweh, and even in the midst of difficult circumstances, we're saying "He's leading me. Okay, I'll take it. " That glorifies him, 'cause people are saying, "Why do you still rejoice?" Well let me tell you about the hope that's in me.
See, we're actually preaching repentance when
we rejoice in the midst of trials. "Let me tell you about the hope that's in me. I know nothing happens to me that Yahweh didn't give the green light. Even Yahushua when he spoke to Pilate, 'Pilate don't you realize I've got the power to crucify you?
Yahushua looked at him and just said, "You have no power over me unless it was given to you from above".
The Yahweh's ways are right and our life in this
world is no, you know, this is not where it is Just don't fear the ones that can kill the body or persecute your reputation or whatever, but it can't touch the soul. They slander you? They can't touch the soul, unless you let them touch it. I - so we only fear the one that has the power to destroy both body and soul.
And so when we respond the way we're supposed to
respond, people go, "What is this hope that's in you? It looks pretty real to me. Tell me more about it." You get persecuted at work for taking a stand for righteousness for observing the Sabbath or someone makes fun of you, because you - something you do for Yahweh, I consider that to be a glory, a glory to him, because when you endure that persecution see on their part, he's blaspheming, your party's glorified. When you endure that persecution, a lot of people they may not like what you do, but they'll come to respect you, 'cause so many times, people don't make a stand for anything anymore, you know. They'll respect that and as part of the life in the cell, you have to be willing to suffer and suffer shame for is sake. If you're too ashamed of him, he says, "He'll be ashamed of you in the age to come." We don't want to do that. When the disciples went through the trials, they didn't complain. They didn't take that as an opportunity to complain. They took it as an opportunity to rejoice, says when they had preached the gospel to the city and many disciples returned to Lystra, Iconim, and Antioch, Acts 14:21, strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in their faith saying 'We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of Elohim. ' They understood it. Trials are there, it's going to happen. James 5:7 "Therefore be patient, brethren until the coming of the master, see how the farmer waits, waits, waits, waits, for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently, patiently, patiently, patiently for it, until he receives the early and later rain. You also be patient. Establish your hearts for the coming of the master is at hand. " Oh wait a minute, here's one. Verse 9, should be, "Do not grumble against one another brethren, unless you be condemned.
Behold, the judge is standing at the door."
"Boy if there's a scripture we need in this generation. You think about complaining to somebody, you know, grumble and complain, take a real close look at James 5 verse - is should be verse 9. "Do not grumble against one another, brethren, unless you be condemned. Lest YOU BE CONDEMNED, CONDEMNED, CONDEMNED. Whoa. Just for grumbling? Because the judge is standing at the door. The judge is going, "Well you're complaining about his sin, what about yours'?
You're complaining about his sin and yet, you're
not willing to give grace and yet, I give you grace. " Wait a minute. With what judgment you judge, you'll be judged, the measure you use will be measured back to you.
This right here, is a serious scripture.
We need to pay close attention, cause a lot of this going on.
So remember the door and who's standing there?

Don't even complain about each other.

My brethren, take the prophets who spoke in the
name of Yahweh as an example of suffering and patience. Indeed, we count them blessed who endure, you've heard the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by Yahweh for the Yahweh's very merciful and compassionate. So, you've just got to patient and wait. You have no right to speak evil of another person.
You know, probably the area that's most greatly
violated, this right here, this grumbling stuff, is in the home life, the home life. And we're not supposed to complain about our spouses, wives are not supposed to complain about their husbands and husbands are not supposed to complain about their wife.
And neither is supposed to complain about their
children. And no one's supposed to complain about their job or the circumstances. In fact, no one's supposed to complain about anything.
Call this brother in Ohio and say, "How are thing's
going?" He goes, "Oh, I can't complain."
Say "Yep, you're right.
You can't. " -- The scripture says you can't, not allowed to, but do you understand the dangers of it. Those things are written for our examples. Our attitude should be, "I take this circumstances Yahweh's teaching me something. I'm going to try to learn from it. I'm going to try to live through it.
" Now, if you're in a home situation where you know,
your husband's beating you or something, you know, dealing with black eyes and broken bones or what, I'm not saying it's wrong to try to escape such a situation. Paul was persecuted when they let down over a wall. Yahushua said, "They persecute one, instead you flee to another." It's okay to try to flee the abuse. If you have a spouse that who's violent against you and the children, you should seek to be free of that. But if it's just, you know, he wasn't treating you right or whatever, I mean, take it patiently as Yahushua did. If you wife isn't doing what she should do, take it patiently as Yahushua did. But you know, there is something unique about a wife complaining about her husband. And you see this times, women will complain, they get around each other, and they complain about their husbands or say some negative thing about their husbands. You know, scripture says, that the head of every man's Messiah, the head of women is man.
Head of Messiah, is Elohim.
Right. We know that. So, Yahweh is the one who caused this to be, right.
He put the husbands in that position of headship.
The husbands didn't say, "Hey, can I file an application for headship?" He didn't ask for it, Yahweh gave it to him.
So Yahweh gave them the authority.
They didn't earn it, they didn't apply for it, it's there's inherently whether they want it or don't want it. So, why are they given the headship? Because they're smarter than woman? No. Because they're responsible, that's why. They are the ones that Yahweh will hold responsible, and so, they're responsible for leading the family and telling them and directing them what they should do. He's not responsible for them actually doing it, they are responsible for doing it, for following that lead. So, if a husband, you know, directs his family to do something, and everybody rebels against him, it's not his fault if they don't do what he says, 'cause he led them in the right way they should do, but the ones who are under the headship, are responsible for doing what the husband leads the family to do. Because listen, responsibility of which he has, without respect the leadership is actually kind of a joke. I mean, if you - if you're - you know, the head of household and yet, no one does what you say, I mean, that's their deal right? But Yahweh had to give men the status of head of household, because he made him responsible for what happens, and responsibility without having the authority, is just a joke. I mean, imagine if you had - you were the supervisor of 30 employees. And yet, and you tried to them what they're supposed to do, and no one wants to listen to you, because the manager of the company said, "You don't have to listen to him what he says, "It might not work after all. So you have to have the authority in order to function, you know, if Yahweh gave a man the responsibility for a department, but didn't give him any authority to do anything, that would be a joke. And so, you know, the point - and so, you have to have that authority in order to have the responsibility. They go hand in hand. Now if one of his employees complained about the one who's leading, then the man says, "Well,
I'm going to do it this way anyway", then at that
point he could go to the manager of the company or the owner of the company, and say, 'Well I think this ought to be this way. " So, in terms of headship in a family setting, wives
do have someone they can go to, a higher authority
they can go to, and his name is Yahweh.
If he's not - the husband's not doing what
he's supposed to do. Okay. And it's also not good for a husband to complain either. The scripture says, "We're to honor our wives, giving awe unto them the weaker vessel, right?
Now, I want to show you an example of where Yahweh
gave someone a position of headship and authority. And there were people who are not willing to accept that person's authority. I want to show you the example here.
Numbers 16, verse 1.
"Now Korah, the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi with Dathan Abiram and the sons of Eliab, of the sons of Peleth, the sons of Rueben, took men and they rose up before Moshe with some of the congregation of Israel, 250 leaders of the congregation, representative of the congregation, men of renown. They gathered together against Moshe and Aaron, and said to you, said to them, "You take too much upon yourselves for all the congregation is holy. Every one of them and Yahweh's among them, why then do you exalt yourselves above the assembly of Yahweh? They're thinking, "Well I've got the spirit. I'm holy too, what makes you in that position of authority?" Yahweh. And there are wives who say the same thing. "I don't understand I'm holy. I've got the spirit, why is he there? What do I need him for?" They didn't understand it. Why is your husband in the position of headship, you've got the spirit? Because he's the one responsible.
"So when Moshe heard it, he fell on his face.

He's a humble man.
He spoke to Kohath and all of his company saying, "Tomorrow morning, Yahweh will show you who is his and who is holy and what caused him to come near to him that one, who he chooses, he will cause to come near to him." Do this, take sensor, Korah and all your company, put fire on them and then put incense in them before Yahweh tomorrow. It shall be that the man whom Yahweh chooses is the Holy One." You take too much upon yourselves, you sons of Levi The Moshe said to Korah, "Here now, you sons
of Levi, is it a small thing to you that the
Mighty One of Israel has separated you from the congregation of Israel to bring you nearer to himself, to do the work of the Tabernacle of Yahweh and to stand before the congregation to serve them and that he has brought you nearer to himself, you and all your brethren, the sons of Levi with you and you're seeking the priesthood also?" 'Cause they weren't satisfied with their position. They wanted to move up in the ranks and Moshe and Aaron were threats. Yahweh had given them the position of authority in the congregation, but they want Moshe's job. They wanted to be the one head honcho.
And we got households just like this today.
Yahweh help us. We live in a liberation movement society where women are liberated and they're looking for more power, so they can rule. And then she think she's holy also, why can't she can't be head, and the husband's authority is questioned.
So, what happened?
Therefore, you and all your company are actually gathered against Yahweh, not Moshe against, Yahweh.
And what is Aaron that you complain against him?
And Moshe sent to Dathan Abiram and the sons of Eliab, and they said, "We will not come up. Is it a small thing that you have brought us up out of a land flowing with milk and honey, Egypt, to kill us in the wilderness and you should keep acting like a prince over us?" Talk about an insult. Wow. So disrespectful.
"And people were dying in the wilderness, yeah,
because of their wickedness They didn't get it, so they didn't think Moshe was doing a good enough job, they wanted to take over. "You know, Moshe all these people are dying. It's not working out here"and so, when a wife
complains about her husband's leadership
that's what happening, they're complaining against Yahweh and with disrespect, the husband had disrespecting Yahweh had put him in a position.
I hope you understand that.
I'm not trying to put anybody down, but this is the facts of the matter. So later on, after the earth swallowed up and the sons of Kohath and everything that they had, the next day what happens? The congregation of the children of Israel still complained and murmured against Moshe and Aaron, saying "You've killed the people of Yahweh. "Come on, the earth swallowed them up and they're blaming Moshe for it.
Get out of town.
This is crazy.
See miracles still didn't solve the problem, they
blamed Moshe for causing the earth to open up and swallowing them up". That's ridiculous, but Yahweh put Moshe in that position and we should - they should have respected that position. And the same is true, for wives toward their husbands. Now, men I've got a word for you too. You know, that we are told in scripture the following " to be submissive. Therefore, submit yourselves to every ordinance of man, for the master's sake, what is it, the King is supreme or to governors, as to those who are sent by him for the punishment of evil doers and for the praise of those who do good.
" So, I have a question for you.
Do you expect your family to be, you know, submitted to you, and yet you're not willing to drive down the road without violating the speed limit, running through stop signs, disregarding the authority that Yahweh has placed in government.
I think we need to respect the laws of the land and
be submissive and set the example for our families. You know, if you're a so called speed demon running down through the road violating every traffic law and ignoring man's law, you're just as rebellious as anybody, but Yahweh put them in authority and we should respect their authority.
Many years I did not do that.
I sped to work if I was late and I disregarded and I had traffic ticket, after traffic ticket, and Yahweh showed me that scripture and convicted me. I can't say I'm perfect at it, I mean, I hate to admit it, but a couplet months ago I was going through Ava, and I got a phone call and I'm not paying attention to my speed and for the first time in about 17 years, I got a speeding ticket.
And just a lapse in concentration.
And so, I mean, I'm not acting like I'm hot to trot. I'm saying that you know, when you're going - you're driving your car, and you come up to a speed limit and you slow down and for that speed limit, your children see you, your wife sees you willing to submit to authority. I think they'll find it easier to respect you, because you're also a man under authority and you're submissive too. So how can you demand from them when you're actually a rebel yourself, or if you're working at a job somewhere and you come home and all you do is complain about the bosses or the company or whatever and don't be like that. Yahweh gave me the job, you thanked him for it when you got it, and what kind of an example are you setting? Be respectful and show proper reverence. Yahweh put them in that position, allowed them to be in a position of leadership over you. Don't be rebellious. Set the example. Submit and don't complain. Treat them like they're an authority that came from Yahweh. It says "that when we labor, don't do it as under men, but do it as to Yahweh, right?" The scripture says so.
So the principals of authority really are all
the same across the board, and I know what I'm saying is not a popular message because we just got a little rebelliousness kind of built in, don't we. But this doesn't mean the husband's better than the wife, it just means he has a different job to do.
Yes, wives are holy too and man must not be
Ahab's, spiritual wimps who are afraid to speak with any kind of authority in their household. Yahweh gave us a job to do, we need to take it seriously and be willing to stand firm for what's right, not take advantage, not control, not force, but lead. Encourage them to follow your leadership as you walk uprightly.
So, let's not complain, let's not be dissatisfied
with the position that we're in, let's not pass the buck to our wives, and then don't complain about them either. Rejoice in their blessings and the good things that they are, the good things they do. We should not despise our duty before Yahweh, for lest we also be guilty. Order and authority is actually a gift and blessing from Yahweh. Anything that's successful has to have authority somewhere, every company, every organization, every government, anything that involves people working together to accomplish a common goal, everything has authority. And for some reason, we think the family is going to be all right without any kind of authority at all. It's got to be somebody who's responsible and it's a blessing and it's a gift from Yahweh. Yahweh wants a meek and content people, being meek and content will exalt and glorify him.
Think about Joseph.
Joseph was a righteous man. He did no wrong. He was sold as a slave by his own brothers. He could have spent the rest of his life complaining about his circumstances.
What did he do?
Genesis 39, Joseph had taken down to Egypt and Potiphar, an officer of the Pharaoh, Captain of the Guard, and Egyptian brought him from the Ishmaellites who had taken him down there. What did he do? He made the best of it. It says, "Joseph found favor in his sight and served him, he made him overseer of his house and all that he put under his authority. " He made the best of it. He was respectful, obedient to the authority in the house, blessed the one who had that authority, and what happened? Potiphar made the overseer of his house. He took the right attitude. He was blessed. No record of him murmuring or complaining. And then he gets falsely accused, and even in prison, Yahweh was with Joseph and showed him mercy. Gave him the favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison. He had a couple of men with dreams. He interpreted them. Asked them to go and 'remember him'. Nope, didn't remember. Years went by, nobody. Joseph was patient, committed himself to Yahweh, he judges righteously. And Yahweh delivered him and made him second in command over Egypt. You know, for us - in order for us to be adequate leaders we must first be adequate followers. Before we can really understand how to be in authority, we have to be willing to live under authority.
And so, even if we're treated unfairly our
entire lives, if we wait patiently in the salvation of Yahweh, the truth is, Yahushua's coming soon, his reward is with him and we can rejoice. And a day's going to come, we're going to sing a new song, saying, "You're worthy to open the scroll, to take the scroll, open it seals, for you were slain, have redeemed this to Elohim by your blood, out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation and there's kings and priests who are Elohim, and we shall reign under or on the earth. So before we can qualify as kings and priests, we must first be willing to be under authority, under Yahweh's authority and then he'll make us kings and priests. We first must submit to circumstances on the earth, recognize Yahweh as the one in authority over us, we submit to him. Any submission we do to others in this world, is an act of submission to Yahweh. If he put them in a place of authority over us, it's an act of submission to him and that's how we get
qualified to be kings and rulers in the age to come,
as we first live under authority without complaining. You know, one of the key differences between disciples of Yahushua and the ones who are scribes and Pharisees, was this.
Scribes and Pharisees complained against his
disciples saying, 'Why do you eat and drink with the tax collectors and the sinners?" Yahushua answered them and said, "Then those who are well have no need of physician, but those who are sick. " Luke 15:2, "And the Pharisees and the Scribes complained saying, "This man receives sinners and eats with them." Luke 19:7, "when they saw it they all complained, saying He's gone with the guests to be a sinner."
The Jews then complained about him.
John 6:41, "because he said I'm the bread which came down from heaven.
" Those who are blinded by unbelief were murmurers.
They're complainers. And later on in the Book of John, Chapter 6, "And that time, it says, many of his disciples went back and walked with him no more". Why? They complained about what he said, didn't like what he said and so Yahushua looked to his other disciples and said "Do you also want to go away?"
Simon Peter answered him, "Master to whom shall we
go? You have the words of eternal life." He understood what was being said, because he wasn't quick to complain, he sought to understand.
They were focused on trusting and believing, it
was the food Yahushua gave that compelled them to follow the words of eternal life.
And Yahushua's not just the words of eternal life
in the Book of John, but also the Book of Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, all the words, it's all his word. He's the word that became flesh and dwelt among us, John 1:14. So many times he did not understand what he was saying, but they stuck with him, 'cause they knew he had the words of life.
And one thing Yahushua never did, was complain.

He knew he had a calling, he was going to walk it
out. Well listen, you have a calling too. I have a calling and we all need to walk out that calling Yahweh's given us. Yahushua was perfect and sinless before Yahweh. He was marred more than any man. He was tortured, hung and killed by his enemies, betrayed by his friends, oh, and you deserve better, right? No, you don't, neither do I.
First Peter 2:21 "to this you were called", to this
you were called. Here's your calling. Right here. Because Messiah also suffered for us, leaving us an example you should walk and follow in his steps, who committed no sin, nor was any deceit found in his mouth who, when he was reviled, did not revile in return. When he suffered he did not threaten, but committed himself to him who judges righteously. " Just like Joseph, and like Caleb, and like Joshua in the wilderness oh, let's walk out this calling he's placed on our life, let's trust him, the enemies bred for us. So do we believe brothers and sisters, do we trust Yahweh's leading or do we dishonor him by complaining about what he's done and leading us? When you choose to be content in all circumstances, you're preaching repentance. So preach repentance. When we rejoice before Yahweh and leap for joy, doesn't that stand out as being different? Doesn't that glorify Yahweh, because your contentment with proclaiming Yahweh's ways are just and right? We're going to trust him for everything? And no one will have any power over us, lest it was given to him from above. When the world ceases to having trials, yet we don't complain, we're preaching repentance. We preach they should also submit to Yahweh's lead in their live, not matter what, because we have hope in that. There is not hope in any other path, no hope, no future, just a dead-end road. If we're disciples of Yahushua, with every circumstance we're in, the shepherd's in the lead, right? Don't murmur against the shepherd. Don't grumble against one another, the judge is standing at the door. Your walk is ordained by Yahweh. He's leading you to the Promise Land. He's going to take you across to Jordan one day. Sometimes unpleasant circumstances, sometimes great things come out of unpleasant circumstances, Yahushua endured a very unpleasant circumstance and he brought salvation to the whole world and All Power and Authority is given to him, because he was willing to live under authority.
So do all things, all things, without
complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless. Children of Elohim without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation among whom you sign as lights in the world. All things.
I didn't write the mail, I'm just the delivery boy.
I'm just the mailman, all things without complaining and disputing. I hope that sums it up right there. I mean, do all things, not some things, all things. What a bright light that can shine. Let's not allow our journey toward the Promise Land to come to a horrible and dreadful end, where they despise the Pleasant Land, they didn't believe his word, they complained in their tents, complained
in their tents.
The home is most often the place where the complaining takes place, you know. Let's choose to be blameless and harmless. Children of Elohim without fault, and a crooked generation, blameless and harmless and your light
will shine ever brighter.
You'll shine like a lamp that gives light to the whole house.
Don't let your house burn down, okay, and
destruction fill your household, because of the complaining. And if problems are coming because you complain, don't complain about that too, see, 'cause a lot of times you put it on yourself. So, don't complain in your tent, instead be content.
Let's not be a City of Murmurers and complainers,
let's be a City of Homes full of light, only then
can we meet the city on the hill that can't be
hidden. Let's not allow our end to wind up like this, 'cause all the men who see my glory, decided I did. In the wilderness, they put me to test now these 10 times, you see Yahweh's very patient with them.
Did not hear my voice, they certainly shall not
see the land of which I swore to their fathers, nor shall any of those who rejected me see it.
They had grace too.
Yeah - he tested Yahweh ten times, at least, he gave them grace. It came to pass as he finished speaking all the words, the ground split apart under them, don't complain about the authority in your life, please. Don't whine about the government, don't whine about your husbands. Scripture says, "He was often rebuked and hardens his neck, will suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy.
" Listen to the admonishment in scripture,
'cause all these things happen to them as examples. For our admonishing upon whom the end of the age has come, therefore, that him that thinks he stands, take heed, lest he fall. No temptation's overtaking you except what's common demand. Elohim is faithful, he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you're able, with the temptation will make the way of escaping, we may be able to bear it. I'm repeating these things because I want to put a nice little bow on what we just went through.
Sometimes our circumstances are actually
negative, because of something we did.
Who is he who speaks and it comes to pass when
Yahweh's not commanded it? How about Lamentations' 3:37. "Is it not from the mouth of the most high, that woe and well-being proceed? Both, woe and well-being. Why should a living man complain, a man for the punishment of his sins? Let's reach out and examine our ways and turn back to Yahweh. If you find yourself going through circumstance after circumstance, take a look - take stock of your life and see if maybe something you're doing might be causing it? You never know, it might be, so rather than
complaining, look for something in your life
you're always trying to perfect and repent of that very thing, because you just might be suffering as a consequence for your own things. So, maybe you're not really just getting persecuted, maybe you're actually running into the end result of your own mistakes and being chastened by Yahweh. They'll always think you're a bed of roses, I mean, I'm not a bed of roses either. So scripture says then, "Call upon me and Dave Trouble, I will deliver you and he will glorify me, Psalm 50:15. Scripture says "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but Yahweh delivers him out of them all. Boy isn't that true. Awesome words. It's okay, Yahweh deliver me please.
You pray for Yahweh's deliverance though, don't
be anxious for anything. Make your request known, Phillipians'4:6, "Be thankful and praise him.
Praise him for everything.

" Psalm 27 verse six, it says "Now my head shall be
lifted up above my enemies all around me. Therefore, I will offer sacrifices of joy in his tabernacle. I will sing, yes I will sing praises to Elmo to Yahweh. Romans 8:28, "We know that all things work together for good to those who love Elohim, to those who are called according to his purpose. You love Elohim, everything that happens to you will be for your good. Everything. For who he foreknew, he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn of many brethren. Yahushua, is our example. It all worked out pretty well for him, I'd say.
So Yahweh is going to test us, to see whether or not,

we were willing to endure humbling, were willing to
recognize that man does not live by bread alone, that perceives out - that every word perceiving out of Yahweh's mouth and in the midst of our trials and temptations we're just going to relax and we're going to trust him. Psalm 3, verse 5, "I lay down and slept, I awoke for Yahweh sustained me. I will not be afraid of tens of thousands of people who have set themselves against me all around. Arise Oh Yahweh, save me all my money, one you have struck all my enemies on the cheek bone, you've broken the teeth of the unrighteous. Acknowledge and give honor to Yahweh, trusting him who knows all things going on, and he is the most powerful being I the universe, he is worthy of our trust. So I say this, let's walk as Yahushua walked.
It's okay to cry out and say, "Yahweh if you're
willing let this cup pass from me, but nevertheless, your will be done.
" But we're going to let Yahweh have full control

of our life, 100%, yielded completely to him and not

complain when it happens the way we don't expect.

Because scripture says, "To everyone who has will
be given, from those who do not have, he only wants what to be taken from him" and not get taken away from you, the very thing you think you have".
If you're not appreciating what you do have.

He says, "Bring here those enemies of mine who do not
want me to reign over them and slay them before me. " As Yahushua on the throne of your heart, do you want him to reign over you, because that what you think you have can be taken away too.
Let me die in the desert, perishing in our sins.
We need to let Yahushua, a man like Moshe be the one we accept as our King and our Ruler. Look we're going to die anyway, might as well die for a good reason, right? Might as well die rejoicing as something - as we die, we might as well die rejoicing. Rejoice in Yahweh always. Again, I'll say Rejoice. And my brethren can all join when you're following the various trials, count on all joy. Knowing that testing of your faith, produces patience and let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing. And we can even Glory in our Trials, because we have this treasure in earthen vessels, Yahushua. Let the excellence of the power, may be of Elohim, not of us. We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed. We are perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed. Always caring about in the body, the dying of the master, Yahushua, that the life of Yahushua also may be manifested in our body. So, you're not alone, Yahushua took this journey for you already, you're just burying his sufferings, that's all. You are burying his example.
We're all in this together, maybe not
physically as brothers, sisters, but we are in spirit, we're in this wilderness together and we can draw strength from each other, if we are willing to wash each other's feet and be our brother's keeper. How many times Yahweh chooses to identify himself by, "I am Yahweh who brought you out of Egypt", he said that all the time. He wants to bring us all out of Egypt together. He wants us to be Yahweh, who brings us out of Egypt into the Promise Land. And the day will come when you'll say, "I brought you out of Egypt" don't ever go back there, don't ever cry about where you were, rejoice in what's ahead. There's a lot of Captains who want to appoint themselves to take you back there, a lot of false prophets who say you don't - you can forsake the Torah, you can still make it. Don't let them be your Captain, let Yahushua be your Captain. He kept the Torah, let's follow his example. Let's allow him to reign over us and look and see the great thing that Yahweh has done, in your life, and give him thanks for every little good thing he does for you.
And so, let's walk as he walked, that we might be
as he is. Let's be a Caleb, let's be a Joshua, let's move forward, because the enemy is after us. We can't fear of Yahushua and his word before us and the world behind us, we will press on in thanksgiving, being content with such things as we have, doing all things without complaining and without murmuring. And we're going to allow him to reign over us and recognize him, acknowledge him, in all of our ways that he might direct our paths, because we have a time and great rejoicing wedding for us.
Let's all be found there, together.
Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. May Yahweh bless you, brothers and sisters,
let's pray.

Father Yahweh we rejoice and we thank you for what
you've done for us, deciding to take stock for the good things you've brought into our lives and out of 6, 7 billion people on the earth, you have enabled us to see wondrous things out of your word. We have the ability to soak it in, understand it,
and we rejoice in it.
We trust you as being the shepherd, leading us in this wilderness. We accept the difficulties that we're in and we love you for it, knowing all this is for our good.
The spouses you've given us, whatever difficulties
they put us through, because of their imperfections, we rejoice anyway, knowing that we are refined.
The job situations we're in, the country we live
in, the neighborhoods we live in, the people we're surrounded by, we give you thanks, even for the negative things that make it difficult for us. Our family members, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and relatives they persecute us. We know Father, your word is set. The disciples were rejoicing that they were counted worthy O suffer shame for you.
Thank you for making us worthy to suffer shame for
So, in all circumstances we praise you.
Forgive us Father, where we've failed to do that.
We trust and know that yours is the kingdom, and
power and glory, and majesty and all praise, honor and worship belongs to you, Yahweh Elohim, forever and ever. In Yahushua's great name we pray. Amen.

This archive is from the Live Video Broadcast