Tests, Trials and Tribulations

10/15/16 (8/13) Video Broadcast

Tests, Trials and Tribulations - Study
For those of you who had just observed the Feast of Tabernacles a few weeks ago. Probably a lot of you are encountering what we know, our trials and tests. I've got number of reports back from people who've had such things and very common that that would happen after the Feast of Tabernacles and after any some kind of spiritual uplifting time actually. Yahweh tends to choose those times when we are most spiritually uplifted as the opportunity for us to encounter some kind of tests and we're going to talking about that today as we discuss the topic of rejoicing. Nope, not that, let's try another one here, tests, trials and tribulations, tests, trials and tribulations. How many of you are going through some tests, trials and tribulations? I've had my share and currently going through one right now on some degree but it's not unusual for believers in Messiah to encounter tests, trials and tribulations as it is written in the book of 1 Peter 4:12, "Beloved did not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you." But rejoice, actually rejoice, why? To the extent that you partake of Messiahs sufferings that when His glory is revealed, you also may be glad with the exceeding joy and so we know He went through some tests, trials and tribulations right? Yeah. Yahushua, the Messiah, I think He had a few, more than a few. I think He had a lot but as the way it is and our time. Even at the Feast of Tabernacles some of us had some tests, trials and tribulations this year as it's written in Leviticus 23:42 says, "You shall dwell in booths for seven days. All who are native Israelites shall dwell in booths. That your generations may know that I made the children of Israel to dwell in booths, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt, I am Yahweh, your mighty ones." He mostly declared it one of the Israel, the Feast of Yahweh. The Feast of Tabernacles is actually and in of itself is supposed to be this picture of the children of Israel and the wilderness and a lot of us had a really good time this year but there's also some tests involved in that, right? Time of testing is going on and we see that after a
blessing time and sometimes in a midst of a
blessed time, we will have this test or trial or tribulation. I'm looking at an example here in Exodus Chapter 15, Verse 19 it says, "For the horses of Pharaoh went with his chariots and his horsemen into the sea and Yahweh brought back the waters of the sea upon them but the children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea." This is the crossing of the Sea of Reeds. Then Miriam, the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a tambourine in her hand and all the women went out after her with tambourines and went dances and Miriam answered them, "Sing to Yahweh for He has triumphed gloriously. The right horse and its rider, He has thrown then to the sea." Moses brought children of Israel from the Red Sea and then they went out into the wilderness of Shur. They went three days in the wilderness and found no water, found no water, couldn't find any water, right after the time of rejoicing, after they've been delivered, they found no water, three days and He brought them across the Red Sea or the Sea Reeds you might be thinking, "Well, why would Yahweh do that?"
and now He allows them to go three days with no
water. Tests, trials and tribulations, are we going to complain? When they came to the water to Marah, they could not drink the waters of Marah, for they were bitter therefore the name of it was Marah meaning bitter. This is interesting because here they finally find the water. I can picture it. They're so excited. A time of rejoicing again and they come to the water like, "Yes. We got some water. We found it." Then the waters were bitter. They can't drink it. They're exasperated. They're confused. They don't know what's going on. What happened? The people complained again. I guess Moses saying, "What shall we drink? You brought us out here, Moses. What you got for us to drink? There's nothing to drink out here. We're in the middle of the dessert." He cried out to Yahweh and Yahweh showed him a tree. When he cast some of the waters, the waters were made sweet and there he made a statute and an ordinance for them and there He tested them. He tested them right after they we're in this
wilderness and a lot of times that's what are
wilderness experience is about. We were all save by the blood of the lamb, right? We are all baptized right as they we're baptized in a sense. As they went through the Sea of Reeds and they were
tests right after that.
Remember that. Exodus 15:26 says, "If you diligently hear the voice of Yahweh or Elohim and do what's right in his sight and give ear to his commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I brought on the Egyptians for I am Yahweh who heals you." They came to Elim where there are twelve wells of water and 70 palm trees and so they camped there by the waters. Then they have plenty of water. Now, if you look in the scriptures, there was not a single, righteous man anywhere I can find who is a significant character in the Bible toward you'd know his life story. Not a single person went without testing. Everybody had their faith tested. Everyone has their faith tested and we also will have our faith tested. 1 Corinthians 10:1-3, "Moreover, brethren, I did not want you to be unaware that all our fathers were under the cloud, all passed to the sea. All were baptized into Moses in the cloud and then the sea. All ate the same spiritual food. All drink the same spiritual drink." For they drink of that spiritual rock followed them and that rock was Messiah but with most of them Elohim was not well pleased. For their bodies were scattered in the wilderness. Now, these things became our examples to the intent that we should not lust after evil things as they also lust it and did not become idolaters as were some of them, as it is written. The people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play, nor that is to commit sexual immorality as some of them did. In one day 23,000 people fell, nor let us tempt the Messiah as some of them also tempted and were destroyed by serpents. Nor complain, get that one, nor complain as some of them also complained and were destroyed by the destroyer. Now, all these things happened to them as examples and they are written for our admonition. Upon Him, the ends of the ages have come therefore let him who thinks he stand, take hid lest he fall. This was a part of the walk. This is part of what we signed up for as believers and the followers of the Messiah. He went through tremendous amounts of trials and tribulations and we are called to do the same.
That's a part of the walk.
As part of what we are supposed to be going through as believers. Don't think it's strange, think of it as an opportunity to endure the difficulties, similar to the children of Israel and the things they were doing with in the wilderness and be careful that if you be think you're standing, be careful. Yahweh forbid, lest you fall and remember, the next admonition, though temptation has over taken you except such as this is common to man but Elohim is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you were able but with the temptation will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear, therefore my beloved flee from my idolatries. So, don't think for a minute that your temptation that you have any different than what other people go through. We learn that we all face a lot of the same things but Yahweh does provide a way of escape. A way of obedience and sometimes you say, "Well, I don't think I can handle it." Well, maybe He can handle it through you and if you had put your trust in Him He would be able to bear that through you and just let Him do it and so you're not at the point where you're unable to bear it. As long as you are leaning on His power and His strength because when you are weak, He is strong.
And so test and trials and tribulations has just a
part of our walk. We're in boot camp right now. You see and if you are baptized recently at the Feast of Tabernacles in Missouri or wherever, if you were baptize a lot of times, you got to understand that this is part of what it means to be a believer. You might think that, "Oh, now I've up signed that for easy street." No, the way to life is difficult and it's not an easy thing but the reward at the end is awesome and a lot of people will go to boot camp on the earth, sign up for the military and go through blood, sweat and tears, so they can have that title. I'm a soldier now and yet we need to go through our own boot camp. For us to be qualified as enlisted soldiers of the most high and Yahushua went through His qualifications and His difficulties and His trials and He was greatly exalted thereafter but same thing goes for us for now. You know we're in a time of testing and trials and tribulations and this is a part of what we're going through and then after we go through it then it will be well trained by it and we're going to be fine by it and our selfishness well-tended to be go away as a result of it, unless we get angry and started pointing a finger at Yahweh and saying, "What are you doing? Do you know what you're doing?" This is walk is a part of becoming refine for Yahweh's use and that's why they put soldiers through boot camp so that they can be refine and be useful and whether in task that the military leaders have. This is all a similar thing or another parable really is with the children of Israel themselves went through. They were saved by the blood of lamb. They went to the sea in the cloud, right? Baptized into the water and into the cloud, meaning the spirit so baptized in the water, baptized in the spirit and then after that what happened? They're immediately tested and a lot of times if you were just baptized, you will get immediately tested. Now, if you fail, don't beat yourself up over. Come to him again, seek forgiveness, confess your sins and get back up, brush yourself off and keep right on going. Keep right on walking. That's what you need to do. That's what we always need to do. As the righteous man is, he falls seven times but he gets back up again. Many of the afflictions of the righteous but Yahweh delivers him out of them all and so I've seen many times after baptism there'll be a test and the reason why Yahweh does that is because if you were in a low point and then He puts you through to a test, it might be too much for you to bear, see? But if you are in a high point and then He gives you a test, you're able to handle it a lot better than if you're already down here in the dumpster as it is. It's during the time that we are strong through our time of rejoicing and we're so thankful what Yahweh has done, that we are most able to bear the value of the shadow of death. If during the time we are in the valley of the shadow of death, Yahweh lifts us up and takes us up on a mountain and that's the story of our walk. It's like the heaven flow constant of up and down and that's just part of it but through that process we're being refined. We're being tested. We're being cleansed and those men in history overcame their trials by the power of Elohim flowing through them. We can learn from them as our examples as the scripture said here, as examples for us and Yahweh was faithful to them. We need to remember. We're in the time nearing the end and we are in a wilderness. We have not yet reach our eternal home. We have not yet reach the kingdom life quite yet. We're getting close but Yahweh told the Israelites, he says, "You shall remember I let your Yahweh, your Elohim led you all the way these 40 years in the wilderness." Why? To humble you and test you and to know what was in your heart whether you would keep His commandments or not so He humbled you, allowed you to hunger and fed you with the manner which you did not know, nor did your fathers know that he might make you know. Man shall not leave by bread alone but man leaves by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Yahweh. Beautiful verse here, Yahweh is the one who lead and He tested them in the wilderness and we are currently -- we've been baptized. We're now in the wilderness. We're learning the Torah like they did and we're being tested. We're being refined but the days going to come when a men named Yahushua is going to take us across to Jordan because as Moses was not able to take Him across to Jordan, a man named Joshua or Yoshua or Yahushua, same name as the Messiah led them across Jordan and that's going to happen but for now, we are in a wilderness experience.
Exodus 16:4, Yahweh says I'll bring rain, I will
rain bread from heaven for you and people should go out and gather a certain quota everyday and that I may test them whether they will walk in my law or not and it shall be on the sixth day, they shall prepare what they bring in. It shall be twice as much as they gather daily. Them Moses and Aaron said to the children of Israelite, "Even and you shall know that Yahweh has brought you out of the land of Egypt. You're going to know it." He said to them, "This is what Yahweh has said tomorrow is a Sabbath rest, a Holy Sabbath to Yahweh. Bake what you'll bake today. Boil what you will boil and lay out for yourselves all that remains to be kept until morning." They laid it up till morning as Moses commanded and did not stink nor there are any worms in it and Moses said "Eat that today, for today is a Sabbath to Yahweh. Today, you will not find it in the field because before they had not done so." They're a little stubborn about it. Six days you shall gather, eat but on the seventh day which is a Sabbath, there will be none. Now, it happened that some of the people went out on the seventh day and gather but they found and Yahweh said to Moses, "How long do you refuse and keep my commandment and my laws?" See, for Yahweh has given you the Sabbath therefore He gives you on the sixth day, bread for two days. Let every man remain at his place, let no one go out of his place on the seventh day so the people rested on the seventh day. He's still testing people today about the Sabbath deserve us, still is and He want to know whether you will obey His law or not. He wants to know whether you will walk in His law or not. He's still testing people and sometimes the job you work at, work on Sabbath and you think you're going to lose job if you say no. Just say no and if they fire you that means Yahweh don't want you working there, simple as that because He's putting you in a situation where you choose to obey him or to obey man and if they, men want you to do something, you won't do it and they fire you because of it. That means Yahweh doesn't want you working there. He wants you to work somewhere else and there are some areas like that, a lot of people encounter it but what Yahushua will say? Man does not live by bread alone, every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Yahweh seek first the kingdom and His righteousness. All these things heel at unto us. Another area of testing is in Deuteronomy 13 Verses 1-3. It says if there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and He gives you a sign or a wonder and he gives you a sign or wonder and the sign or wonder comes to pass of which he spoke to you saying let us go after other gods which you have not known and let us serve them. You shall not listen to the word of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for Yahweh or Elohim is testing you to know whether you love Yahweh or Elohim with all your heart and with all your soul so he wants to know whether you love Him or not.
That's what He wants to know and in Verse 4, you
shall walk after Yahweh or Elohim and fear Him and keep His commandments and obey His voice and you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him but that prophet or dreamer of dreams shall be put to death because he has spoken and ordered to turn you away from Yahweh or Elohim and brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of bondage to entice you from the way in which Yahweh or Elohim command you to walk so you shall put away the evil from the midst and so in that case man was the tempter. The one who sought to put the stumbling block in the people's way and cause them to turn away from the commandments and turn towards the commandments of men and that's a test. He said what? He's going to test you. He says He will test you with this. He says He will and you know what, that's a test that every single one of us will face whether we will obey Yahweh or men. Every one of us will face that test. Now, after the end of the promise time He actually continue the test them because they chose not to separate themselves from the people of land but made covenants with them and did not drive them out as Yahweh commanded and so Yahweh says, "Alright, well there going to be thorns and things in your side." He's going to test Israel by them, he said because they did not obey Him and we're surrounded right now by gentile nations. Nations of people who do not serve Elohim the way He wants to be served and Yahweh is allowing all of us to undergo test to see whether we will walk in the cultures of the world and the ways of the world and follow their doctrines and their beliefs and their commandments or whether we're going to follow Him and His doctrines and His standards and the things He's commanded us to do and whether we allow the cultural pulls to yank us and jerk us around to their way of thinking or whether we will yield our members to the body of the Messiah and to the ways of the Messiah, that's up to us and some of the trials that we engage in, some of the test that we're apart of, many of them involve, even in physical pain sometimes. You might think, "Well, you know, I've got a medical condition. I've got some kind of medical affliction or some kind of calamity would befall me. That means Yahweh is not looking upon me with favor and grace and maybe He's unhappy with me about something because I have some kind of health issue." To that I say not necessarily, it's because we have a health issue does not mean that we've done something wrong. It could be but think about Job. He was a man afflicted with boils. Think about the calamities of his children. Their house fell on them, think about that. They probably would have been better in the eyes of Job if the house did fall on them but it happened on him but it happened to his own children and what would be more painful for Job for it to happen to himself or to see one of his children suffer, what do you think? Which would be the most painful, to see your child suffer or for you, yourself to suffer? Probably him having to watch his children suffer as they died in this terrible calamity. A wind fell in the house and killed all of his family. That was probably more painful than anything.
Now some sufferings and especially chronic
sufferings can be tremendously painful but think of how Job's attitude was. What was his attitude toward it?
Look at what he went through.
He says when I say my bed, it will comfort me and my couch will ease my complaint. Bed, you scare me with dreams and terrify me with visions so my soul chooses strangling and death rather than my body. I love my life. I would not live forever. Let me alone from my days are but a breath. What an anguish, what powerful poetry really to
describe it and he says what is men that you
should exalt him. That you should set your heart on him, that you should visit him every morning and test him every moment. How long will you not look away from me and let me alone while I swallow my saliva? Have I sinned? What have I done to you, oh watcher of men? Why have you set me as your target so that I'm a burden to myself? He wanted to know why, how long. Many men in the Bible wanted to know, how long, Yahweh. Oh, how long? Oh, Yahweh, how long? Many man of the Yahweh wanted to know the answer Many wanted to know. Why then do you not pardon my transgression and take away my inequity, for now I will lie down in the dust and you will seek me diligently but I will no
to that question but as righteous as Job was and
longer be, wow. Many people wanted to know why, how long.
how Yahweh boasted about him by how righteous Job
was. He still faced tests, trials and tribulations. Why, because he was wicked? No. No, because he was righteous. Because he was righteous, that's why.
Yahweh is in his Holy Temple.
Yahweh's throne is in heaven. His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men. Yahweh tests the righteous but the way and the one he loves violence He so hate. What does it say right here? Yahweh tests the righteous. Yahweh tests the righteous. It's normal. It's a part of the deal here, part of package. What does it say? Yahweh tests the righteous. But the wicked and one who loves violence who's so hates. If you're without testing, He may hate you. You want nothing to do with you. It's because Job was righteously, he was tested, not because he was wicked. Yahweh does not lie to the wicked. He said so, the unrepentant, the ones who will never turn to Him but those who are righteous will. Well, if this how Yahweh treats His righteous ones, how is He going treat the wicked? We didn't understand Yahweh tests to be righteous for good reasons, very good reasons. We'll going to that in a minute. But those of us who are in Messiah, we need to understand brothers and sisters, the testing and trials are part of the package, get use to it. Like with the early disciples were saying, Acts 14:21, said they preached the Gospel to that city made many disciples, they return to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch, strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith and saying, we must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of Elohim. Through many tribulations enter the kingdom, you get that? If we hope to enter the kingdom of Elohim, we need to understand is through tribulations and he even says, many tribulations enter the kingdom of Elohim and so when you see your brother or your sister, you see them engaging in some kind of a trial or a test or a tribulation, do not pear down your nose at them and say, "I wonder what sin they're involved in." Don't even go there. Pray for them. Love them. Build them up. Help them. Strengthen the souls of the disciples as they were doing. They weren't judging. They we're saying, "Yeah, through many tribulations, we must enter the kingdom." Encourage them to continue in the faith and not give up. Strengthen their souls rather than judging their
souls and realize that Yahweh does tests to the
righteous and what Job's friends were doing was they were doing the opposite. They were judging Job's soul because he went through tests, trials and tribulations. They spent most of their time accusing him with some kind of thing one after another and most of the things they said maybe all the things they said or pretty much not even true or some twists of what was true. But you see what Job went through wasn't because of Job's sin that was because of Job's righteousness. In Job Chapter 1 Verse 8, Yahweh said to Satan, "Have you considered my servant Job? There is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears Elohim and shuns evil." And say it in the answer Yahweh said, does Job fear Elohim for nothing? Have you not made the hedge around him, around his household, around and over all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands and its possession of increased in the land and not stretch out your hand and touch all he has. He must curse you to your face.
It happened and then later Job chose to bless Elohim
rather than curse Him saying, "Go back." Well, when Yahweh said to Satan, "Have you considered my servant Job? There's nothing like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who to fears Elohim and shuns evil." Still, he holds fast to his integrity that you in sighted me against him, to destroy him without a cost, so without a cost just testing him but you
can be sure of one thing, even if it not a cost.

It was discovered that Job had a little bit of self
righteousness and pride. That was underneath the surface and began to recount on his own righteousness and response to those who were accusing him and begin to justify himself rather than Elohim and so then Yahweh spoke to Job out of the whirlwind and said, "Who
is this who darkens council by words without
knowledge?" Now, prepare yourself like a man. I will question you and you shall answer me. Where were you when I lay the foundations of the earth? Tell me if you have understanding. Where were you? Don't remember you being there Job. Who determined those measurements? Surely you know. Whose stretch the line upon it to what were His foundations pass under who laid this cornerstone when the morning stars sing together and all the sons of Elohim shout out for joy. See, there are times somebody's trying to get a little, toward justifying themselves as a pretty good chapter here to keep people in their place.
Where were you anyway when Yahweh created the heavens
and the earth? What were His measurements to what were His foundations form and finally Job answers Yahweh and said, "I know you can do everything." No purpose of yours can be withheld me. You asked who this who hides council without knowledge therefore I've uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me which I did not know. For Yahweh to explain everything He's doing that I'd shared a few weeks ago, those little ants that are crawling across my desk. I try to explain that ant why he can't be here right now. I can't have them crawling up on my arm and my head and why? I can't explain it to him and so Job says finally, listen please. Let me speak, you said I will question you so answer me. I've heard you by the hearing of ear but now my eyes sees you, therefore I pour myself and repent and dust and ashes and so Job was content with his understanding. Yahweh's in heaven. I'm on earth. He's better than I am. His knowledge far surpasses my own and so who am I to start around question and everything. Who am I? Yahweh looks at the big picture. We have tendency to only look at the present moment. He looks into our future. He wants to reward us. He wants bless us for the blessing. He wants to keep treasures for us and the aids to come and so these are opportunities, trials are opportunities. For us to justify Him and glorify Him in it and sometimes our trial is just there so the other people will see what were going through and we justify Yahweh rather than ourselves and we still trusts Him and then people look at us and they say, He's really holding on into His faith. Maybe what He's got is something real. Maybe His faith, His faith is amazing and then when Yahweh delivers the out of the trials and they'll say, "Oh, that's how you do with trials." See, sometimes it's to glorify Yahweh in some other capacity but when we're obedient in times of ease, times of no difficulty, no opposition. That's one thing but if our obedience is real and our obedience is made perfect when we, in the face of opposition and challenge and difficulty, we still remain faithful to His word. Even Yahushua Himself had says, though He was a son, He learned obedience by the things which He suffered and having them perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him. Job was obedient but He learned greater levels of opposition and difficulty, that's when you really obedience when he began to suffer, right? That's when he really learned obedience so he go learn obedience and that's when Yahushua being pretty through some hard times and you're facing the
existed, He know He's in the most perfect
environment in the heaven and everything is there for Him and no difficult, no trials and He comes to earth and then He learned obedience. When you have to live in this flesh and still be obedient, then you learn obedience and so even though He was the Messiah, He was the son of Elohim. He needed to learn obedience through His suffering, through His suffering. He learned obedience by the things which He suffered. He learned obedience. You're learning obedience to the things you suffered also.
You also learn obedience so this happens to all of
us and my heart was out in compassion to everyone who's facing trials and test and tribulations and difficulties and I know it's hard but you know something, Yahweh has a plan bigger than you. He has a plan bigger than you and bigger than me, bigger than all of us. Now, when Job was tested the impurity of prior king, the surface says He was being refined but one thing that impresses me about Job is He held onto Yahweh. He did hold on to Yahweh and with that joy that was going to be before him, he knew he would see the face Elohim and he endured the trial. He said I know that my redeemer lives and the He shall stand at last on the earth and after my skin is destroyed, I know in my flesh, I shall see Elohim. I know my redeemer lives. He knows. This also, this joy setting before Job, one day after the skin's all destroyed I'm going to see Elohim. I'm going to see Him. Yahushua says, therefore we also sense that we are
surrounded by so great crowd of witnesses.
Let's lay aside every way and the sin would so easily ensnares us and let us run with endurance through the race that is set before us. Looking to Yahushua, the author and the redeemer of our faith who what? For the joy that was set before Him, He endured a tree. His body in a shame has sat down through our hand. We're throwing novella to Him, so run with what? Run with endurance, the race, run with endurance.
We've not yet resisted the bloodshed.
If we consider Him we would endure that's hostility from sinners against Himself lest he become weary and discourage in your souls. You have not yet resisted the bloodshed striving against sin. You have not encountered the possibility in having to die for your faith in order to remain sin free. You've not resisted the death. You have another level that we being good at heart and that is being willing to endure to the point of death. Are you there? Are you there yet? No, we're not but the day is coming when we will and He says, you have forgotten the expectation with speaks to you as sons, my son. Do not despise the tasting of Yahweh nor be discouraged when you everybody reviewed by Him. For whom Yahweh loves who He chastens and scrounges every son whom He receives. If you endured chastening, Elohim deals with you as sons, so rejoice that you are His child, you're His son, you're His daughter. For what son is there him a father does not chasten.
Yeah, sometimes we get spanking and taken out for
the wood shed by Yahweh and He chastise us for our good. It's when we're getting chasten is when we're facing challenges at the hand of Yahweh's offering us correction as for our benefit and He says, if you are without chastening, all of which all have become takers and you're illegitimate in that sense. If you're breathing through life, you wonder why, "Why do the wicked always have it so easy?"
You think they have it so easy and they just there

with something how they get bless and fill with
all these riches and all these things that are going on. They're not sons. No chastening in their life, that's why. They're not sons. If you're without chastening, you're illegitimate. You're not sons. Furthermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us and we paid them respect. Shall we not much more readily being subjected into the father's spirits and live, for they indeed for a few days chasten us as seen best to them but He for our profit that we may become partakers of His holiness so don't fret when the evil are somehow
prevailing over you or prevailing in life.
At least so it appears on the outward. Inside they are rotting. Their souls are rotting and whatever pleasure they get, this is the closest thing to heaven they'll ever see and likewise when we go through the closest thing to hell whatever experience but for them, this is it. This is their final thing. This is it. There's nothing else. Don't be envious of them.
Now, no chastening sins of joyful for the present but
painful, nevertheless after all the ills, the feasible fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. The goal is that we won't have this feasible fruit of righteousness when we're trained by His chastening therefore strengthen the hands which came down and the feeble knees and make straight pass for your feet so that what is lame may not be dislocated but rather be healed, be healed. So brothers, we need to rise up and walk in the name of Yahushua, the Messiah and continue this pathway where on and don't be surprised when the fiery trial comes because there's good reasons for it. Why do we have trials? Why trials? Number one, chastening, we've seen that. Chastening is for our good, to correct us, to instruct us, to direct us. It's some discomfort in the eternal agony that goes as result of the chastening and tribulations. Maybe you feel like somehow, you've wronged Yahweh and now He hates you and so He's punishing you. No, if you're getting chastens it's because He loves you. Maybe you feel like I can't pray right now. I just can't pray.
Actually when you're going through a chastening and
from a difficulty, that's when you're really need to be praying. You cannot hide whatever sin you're involved and
you can't hide it from Him.
You might as well just be straight up. "Yeah, I have done this." Confess it. "I have done this. I shouldn't be doing it and I'm having a hard time with it. I'm having a hard time with it. I'm tapping into my flesh rather than walking in your spirit. I might not fulfill less of the flesh and I'm choosing this instead of the spirit and I'm having hard time with it, will you help me Yahweh? I know you will. I need it. I can't bear this on my own."
Remember, Yahweh is merciful and gracious,
slow to anger, abounding in mercy. He will not always stride with us, nor will He keep his anger forever. He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor punishes us according to our inequities. We're not getting what we really deserve at all. For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward those who fear Him. This is why. As far as the east is from the west so far has He removed our transgressions from us. As a father pities his children so Yahweh pities us who fear Him for He knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust. As for man has days are like grass as a flower of
fields so He flourishes.
Why trials? It's sometimes the chastening of Yahweh. Can we have choice? Let it happen. Let it happen. Yahweh, have mercy on you.
Another reason for trials, learning what's in our
hearts, we might not be manifesting any obedience or disobedience at the time. Maybe like Job or doing pretty good but Yahweh sees some little thing as kind of little tiny seed in our heart somewhere that He knows the trial is going to bring into the surface and bring forth refining. Through the trial we find out something in our heart that we didn't know before was there. Yahweh knew but He wanted to prove it was there to us and that's how He does it, through the trials, tribulations so be attentive to what Yahweh is trying to show you in this trials, something about your own heart. Be attentive to it and then the third reason, just learning obedience through suffering.
Sometimes that's just the way it is.
You're going to be obedient at a certain level when things are easy or you're going to be obedient when things are hard. It's when things hard. It's hard to be obedient, right? The chastening and trials and tribulations, we try to understand was Yahweh trying to show you something through this? Is He trying to bring something to surface He sees in your heart that you need to get rid of? There may not be anything disobedient in your heart. Maybe He has just want until you meet that level of obedience at this next level now. There are people undergoing trials they think they've somehow wronged Yahweh and yet they've done nothing wrong too because no chastening happening. Really, the best thing to do is pray to Yahweh. "Yahweh, why am I going through this? Are you trying to correct something that you see in me or is this just so that I can learn more obedience through these sufferings?" Whatever it is and you're looking at other people, don't look at them with judgmental eyes. Consider like Yahushua who also went through trials. May this be a test, may Yahweh strengthen you in this trial, my brother and my sister. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but Yahweh delivers them out them all, right? It may not have anything that needs purge right now, at least He is not purging anything with this particular test. For myself, when I'm going through some kind of negative thing, I try to think, "Have I done something recently that Yahweh is allowing this to
happen in my life because I did allow that.
That particular area, I was stubborn about this or I shouldn't have done this over here. I did it wrong." And try to be sensitive to it but at the same time you don't need to beat yourself up into a pulp. I mean let Him instruct you and you take it, you learn from it and you move on. Our faith is tested and He wants us to manifest
Sometimes our trials just so we can have an opportunity to manifest faith because without faith, it's impossible to please Him. For he who comes to Elohim must believe He is and
that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek
Him. I'll be rewarded for this trial. I know it. I believe He is first. I believe He is the rewarder second.
The word rewarder means one who pays wages.
You're earning wages right now and the age to come you are going to inherit wages. You see, women who receive their debt and brace to
life again, others were tortured, not accepting
deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection. They're looking for their wages.
Still others had trials and mockings and
scourgings, talking about people who are persecuted. Yes, they've chains and imprisonment and they were stoned. They were sown into somewhere or tempt to or slain by the sword. They wandered about in sheep skins and goat skins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented of whom the world was not worthy. The world was not even worthy of these men and
women because they were obedient to the point of
total death and torture. The world was not worthy of their presence. That's how Yahweh saw them. They wandered in deserts and mountains and dens and caves of the earth and all these having obtained a good testimony of good faith did not receive their promise, not yet. Elohim having provided something better for us that they should not be made perfect apart from us.
All these brothers and sisters, so that we may
receive rewards in the age to come and that takes faith, not just a little bit of faith, a lot of faith. Countless men have been tested so Yahweh may give them rewards. It is when we are tested that the genuineness of our faith is revealed. 1 Peter 1:6-7, "And as you greatly as rejoice, you greatly rejoice though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold and a pair of shoes. Though it is tested by fire I may be found to praise, honor and glory at the revelation of Yahushua, Messiah whom, having not seen your love." You're not seeing Yahushua yet and yet you love Him.
Though now you do not see Him yet believing, you
rejoice with joy and expressible and full glory, receiving the end result of your faith, the salvation of your souls. That's the goal. You may ask how can this suffering I'm going through right now, how can that glorify Yahweh? How can trial I'm facing glorify Yahweh? I don't understand. Why would Yahweh put something like this upon me and how on earth would you think I'm going through right now, a thing I went through five years ago, or the thing that facing me right now, staring me in the face? How could that possibly glorify Yahweh? It just makes me look like I'm in a big mess. It makes look like life in Messiah doesn't have any joy. It makes me seem like there's no joy in serving the Elohim of Israel when I go through these difficulties. Maybe you think Yahweh would be glorified if He just had been piles of riches and the ease of life and full of blessing and goodness but you don't understand something about faith. It's when we go through trials and tribulations and difficulties, challenging circumstances, painful tribulations that we do glorify Yahweh. Why? Because those who are not of faith, those who are unbelievers or weak believers will look at our lives and say, "What they're holding on to, there's something real there." How does He maintain joy in such difficult circumstances? How was he able to go through this trial and do the things he does in ministry or do the things he does in his prayer life or whatever he's doing, how does manage that?
How come that man whose wife is in the intensive
care unit be running around at wheelchair giving glory and spreading joy and cheer? Like Brother Neil did a few years ago during the feast. I don't have that joy in my life. I don't live for that and I'm still bitter and angry. I'm still miserable. They don't do that. They're going around spreading the joy of salvation with other people. The unbelieving would say, "I need that. I need that in my life, I want that too." See, we glorify Yahweh when we walk in faith, when we don't complain, when we rejoice in our trials, we don't justify ourselves, we justify Yahweh. When we justify Yahweh, we preach repentance. We actually preach repentance. When we counted all our joy and we actually preach repentance because every smile in the midst of
suffering everyone mentioned of faithfulness
of Elohim, we preach repentance. Every time we justify Yahweh rather than ourselves, we preach repentance without having to break out a single Bible verse because we're saying, "Yahweh's ways are right, no matter what." By that, we preach repentance. We justify Elohim. How many times do we hear about unbelievers who are bitter at Yahweh over all the evil and sufferings in the world? They could hardly believe that we would go through evil and suffering and still believe Yahweh as a loving father in heaven that loves and care for His creation and they're wondering what in the world are they doing? Does not make not make any sense but it sure does look real, whatever they're holding on to. We declare His love and His faithfulness in the midst of test and trials and tribulations. We're fulfilling the great commission which says," Go there forth and make disciples of all nations."
What is that's in us?
It's that joy. It's the hope has set before us. That's our strength. We declare, "I deserve nothing. I don't even deserve to live right now at this moment. I don't deserve to have my heart beating. I only deserve to light the fire." And so if the only thing Yahweh ever granted me was eternal life that would be enough. That's already far more than anything I deserve.
We stop justifying ourselves and we start to
declare the faithfulness and the love of Yahweh for preaching repentance. To those who see us, counting at our joy and they wonder where is that strength coming from. You will declare there is an Elohim in Israel. That's my strength because our faith is super human. It's super natural. Nothing in the natural world can explain it. We declare, brothers and sisters, our redeemer lives. When my flesh is no more, when I put off this tent, I will come forth as gold and I will see His face and He promises to bare it through me. We are declaring His life as this no longer we who live, it's Messiah who lives in me. The life which I now live are live by faith and the son of Elohim who loved and gave Himself for me and my redeemer is not asking anything of me that He didn't go through Himself.
He suffered for me, though He didn't deserve it.
He didn't waver in His faith though He faced the biggest challenge any human being's ever faced.
Am I willing to go through some difficulty for His
sake in return? That I might glorify Him rather than myself? That I might demonstrate my love for Him as real just as He demonstrated His love for me was real through His willingness to endure suffering that I might live. Am I willing? 1Peter 2:21, "For to this you were called because
Messiah also suffered for us."
He is leaving us an example that you should follow His steps who've committed no sin nor was deceit found in His mouth. He's perfect. He's suffered and we're called to suffer too. You know even unbelievers suffer. Unbelievers, they got that big hole in their hearts. You see, the emptiness, the empty feeling that's felt that emptiness again. That old familiar feeling I had in childhood when I miserable. I remember time, especially early in my life I felt so alive, so in Yahweh's presence, and when I turn away and I did things I shouldn't do, I
wasn't a believer.
I remember that. I ain't going back to that. Yahweh helped me through this. That is the most miserable existence there is, not having Elohim filling that void in my heart.
I get back on the street in there.
I said, "I don't want to go there." I don't think Babylon want me anyway. I knew do too many things about her now. It's that old song and here it goes, "We know Yahweh will avenge and reward us in due time. For those who wronged us and for the times we suffered and didn't follow Him around but Yahushua asked a question. To those of us in this final generation, He says, "Shall not Elohim avenge his son Elek, who cry out day and night to Him, till He bears long with Him. I tell you, He love and innocent speedily and never lust. Once the son of man comes, will He really find faith on the earth? Will He? He wondered. He wondered if we're going to live like He did and
commit ourselves to Him to judge us righteously.
Yahushua said, "Remember the word that I said to you a servant is not great than their master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they kept my word, they would keep yours also but all these things they will do to you for namesake because they do not know Him who sent me."
See, we're just like Yahushua.
We can be like Him being found faithful until the end, being found of praise, honor and glory. At the revelation of Yahushua, the Messiah, even though we were tested by fire but will we have the faith? He wants to know this.
When the end times come, when brother delivers
their brother to death and a father to his child and children rise up against their parents and cost them to be put to death, will we be? When we're hated by all men for His name's sake, what will happen? Will we endure? When brother delivers that brother to death, the father and his child and children rise up against parents and cost them to be put to death and you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But he who endures to end will be saved. He who endures to the end will be saved.
Great tribulation will not arise on my brothers and
my sisters. Remember, we will have high praise who can't sympathize at our weaknesses. He knows all too well but was on all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us there forth come boldly into the throne of grace. He knows that we're dust and that we may have obtained mercy and find grace to help in time of
We need help. If you hear somebody say, "Well, I need help." We need help. We do. We need help. Oh, yeah. I need help. How about you? Come boldly into the throne of grace. Maintain mercy. Find grace to help in time of need.
Yahushua, He was without sin His whole life.
All of those tempting and all those test so what about us? I know myself. I'm no stranger to test and trials and tribulations. I continue to experience them. I have my life since I've been a believer and I failed many times. You know what? Yahweh just kept on testing me until I pass.
He keeps on testing me with the same thing over
and over again until I finally pass the test. I've moved on with something else, all the test be on something else but when I pass, there's no greater feeling in the world other than that. Yahweh would give me the power and strength to overcome and take me to the next level. He's awesome.
We have to be watchful, my brothers and sisters.

You think times are hard now, you haven't seen
anything yet. For there will be great tribulations such as has
not been since the beginning of the world
until this time, nor shall ever be. Unless those days are shortened, no flesh would be saved but for the Elek's sake, those days were shortened. For our sake, He's going to shorten the days. Be ready. I tend to think that this great tribulation that's being spoken of here is going to happen, probably in my lifetime more likely but take hate to yourselves, lest your hearts be weight down with carousing, drunkenness and cares of this life. That they come upon you unexpectedly for it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.
Watch therefore and pray always that you may be
counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and to stand before the son of man. Are you doing this? Are you praying always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass? He told us to do it. Yahweh please, let us be found worthy to escape these things that which will come to pass and to stand before the son of man in Yahushua's name, we pray. Amen. Well, I hope you joined me in that prayer. If we're willing to persevere now, maybe He will give us His promise. Revelation 3:10, because you've kept my command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which will come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth. If you're willing to persevere now, you may not have to go through tribulation later. Pass the test now and He won't have to test you later on. Be faithful of what you have now. If you're faithful in little, He knows you'll be faithful in much. He won't have to test you. Let's keep that command to persevere. Let's call upon His name as we are tested in the fire and pray diligently for deliverance as we reach the moments of refining as we go through them. Zachariah 13:8 says, "This will come to pass on all the lands, as Yahweh, that two thirds in it shall be cut off and die but one third shall be left in it. I will bring the one third through the fire. We'll refine them as silver is refined and test them as gold is tested. They will call on my name." HalleluYah. Do you do that? Calling His name? Yahweh answered them, Yahweh said, "This is my people. Here they are." This one will say, "Yahweh is my Elohim." Imagine that. You're calling His name. , He says to you, "There's my people." I got chills going up my spine right now. "This is my people. They've been refined. By gold and silver, they've been refined." He says, "There's my people, there they are." We're going to Yahweh is my Elohim. For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again with the wicked shall fall by calamity and many of them are the afflictions of the righteous but Yahweh delivers out them all, right? Remember those verses. If you have fallen, don't lay there, get up. Get up again and keep on walking. Blessed is the man who endures temptation for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which Yahweh has promised to those love Him, the crown of life, if you can endure the temptation, if you can endure it just for this time, now.
The temptation's hard.
It's pulling you hard. You pull back and you ask for Yahweh for help. You say, "I reject that temptation in Yahushua's name." You'll receive the crown of life, eternal life. We might run the race with endurance but we endure that we might cross the finish line in faithfulness because we believe in the promises of Elohim and we hold on to that joy He set before us. What joy? Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth.
Revelation 21:1, for the first heaven and the first

earth had passed away, also there was no more
sea, then I, John, saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from Elohim, prepare as a bride adorned for her husband. I heard a loud voice from heaven saying. "Behold the tabernacle of Elohim is with men and He will dwell with them and they shall be His people. Elohim, Himself will be with them." Elohim will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There shall be no more death nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain for the former things had passed away. Halleluiah. What a joy that is set before us. Then He was set on the throne and said, "Behold, I make all things new." He said to me, "Right for these words are true and faithful." He said to me, "It is done. I am the Allah from the top, the beginning and the end. I will give the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirst. He who overcomes shall inherit all things and I will be his Elohim, and he shall be my son." What a promise.
You know it becomes easier in our trials when we step
back and just look at the big picture for a minute. Just step back and look at the big picture. Our life here is just a tiny little vapor that appears for a moment and vanishes away. A little dot in the midst of the ocean, a little of dot in the midst of the universe, just a little vapor passing up, a little 60, 70, or 80 year time period compared to trillions and trillions of years of eternity. Can we indeed only live right and overcome these things that afflict us now in the short life that we may receive the great and precious promise as trillions and trillions of years of true life? True life and joy, peace and eternal contentment and fulfillment, the wise will seek the eternal things. As they say, "He is no fool. He gives up what he can't keep. That's our life. To attain what he can't lives. That's eternal life. Will we be wise or will we be fools?
Yahushua said, "Behold, I am coming quickly and my
reward is with me, to give to anyone according to His work." I am the Allah from the top. I like to say it in Greek letters. The beginning and the end, the first and the last, blessed are those who endure these commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life and they enter through the gates of the city.
But outside of the dogs and the sorceress and
sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters and whoever loves and practices a lie, I, Yahushua have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the assemblies. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright and the morning star.
In the spirit and the bride say come and Him who
hears say come and let him who thirst come. Whoever desires let them take the water of life freely. For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book, if anyone adds to these things, Elohim will add to him the plagues which were written in the book. If anyone takes away from the words of the prophecy of this book, Elohim will take away his part from the book of life, from the holy city and from the things which are written in this book. He who testifies to these things says surely, I am coming quickly. Amen. Even so, come Master Yahushua. The grace from Master Yahushua, the Messiah be with you all. Amen. That's it, brothers and sisters. That's the big picture. I mean whatever you're going through in the midst of trial, consider it for a moment the thing, these are all temporary, everything.
We only need to trust Yahweh with all of our
hearts. All of the things that surround us, you look around, everything will pass away. Everything is temporary. But those who do the will of Elohim will abide forever. Let's hold on to the hand that never changes, the everlasting hand that will lead us to the promise land as we make our ways through the wilderness because this land is not our own. Let's prepare ourselves for the days to come because we need to be prepared for our master. He's coming for a pure bride.
Be accustomed to hearing His voice.
Be ready to lay down your lives as He did, though we've done no wrong to deserve such. For its only when we truly lay down our life that we begin to live. Let's pray. Oh, Yahweh and Yahushua's great name, give us the
strength as we cry Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Holy,
Holy, Holy is Your name and we praise you Father
Yahweh for calling us out of this dark world, for
establishing your kingdom in our hearts.
We desire Your will to be done in our lives on this
earth. Just provide us with the daily manna as you provided Israel. That those of Your spirit and dwelling of Your word in our hearts.
We desire that the word of the Messiah would dwell
most richly with all wisdom, that we may sing praises to You.
Forgive us Father Yahweh where we have failed You.

Strengthen us in our weaknesses and glorify
Your name in our strengths.
Help us to understand what you were doing in our
lives. Give us the understanding and keep us from temptation and from the hour of trial which we come upon the world to test the earth. Help us to persevere today that we might be faithful in little, that You might know that we will be faithful in much as well.
I pray right now personally for those who
are going through difficulties and they don't understand why things are happening the way they are. Oh, Yahweh I just pray that they would come forth as gold.
For truly Yours is the kingdom and the power and
the glory. Give us all the strength that we need to carry on. In Yahushua's great name, we pray. Brothers and sisters, as you carry on putting one foot in front of the other, as you remember the faithfulness of Elohim, as you put into practice the things that I've shared with you today, May Yahweh bless you, And may Yahweh truly have mercy on us all.

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