The Reliability of Scripture – Part 1 (Evolution vs. Intelligent Design)

08/19/17 (05/26) Video Broadcast

According to surveys, only 3 out of 10 global citizens believe that human beings were created by an Intelligent Designer, 4 out of 10 give credit to evolution, and the rest “don’t know what to believe.” In this study we examine whether evolution is a viable explanation for the origins of life on the earth.

We are ready to begin the study portion of today's broadcast and we are going to begin a new study series, entitled the reliability of scripture.
The reliability of scripture part one. And you
know we just kind of live in a society where, here in America, anyway, Christianity being the dominant religion. And many of us may grow up, for the most part, assume the bible to be true, inspired and a reliable account of history and of Yahweh's will for our life. But, not everybody in our nation or throughout the world has that kind of upbringing and in recent years we are seeing more and more of an attack on the reliability of Scripture and the inspiration of scripture. The news media is becoming more and more bold and their hostile opposition to the Bible, Genesis to Revelation and the principles that are taught in it. It's very evident if you look at encyclopaedias. Whenever you look up Yahweh or Christianity, look up the deity Yahweh or something like that. You will find that they treat Yahweh as just one of those many war gods of a bygone era and modern culture particularly atheist enjoy mocking the scriptures and treating it as just a collection of ancient goad herders who were trying to understand the world, and the wise level have the of knowledge that modern science has obtained, and so therefore cannot be a reliable source of truth.
I have spent many years examining the claims of
evolutionists, of atheist and from time to time I go into atheist discussion forums and even enter little talks here and there about different things. And so I have a good amount of experience in the topics, in the things that are commonly believed by those who believe in evolution. Now, I find also even in the Hebrew roots movement, there are people who also are sort of fringed question maybe the inspiration of certain parts of the new testament, some people even question Paul's writings, others will embrace an Apocrypha book perhaps the book of Enoch, perhaps the book of Jasher and I believe these books fall short of the criteria needed for a book to be inspired by the most High. But in all of this the real issue is we really
need to have a firm foundation, otherwise we
are really in a state of confusion and without a firm foundation we will be tasked to run with every wind of doctrine and there is not really hope for a unified understanding of anything and some in all the confusion, in all debates about this, that, or the other, this kind of this kind of throw the hands up and just lose faith altogether in any kind of a creator and choose to be an agnostic, waiting for someday when some kind of solar proof will come, that we are created, or perhaps some proof there is a creator and we can know his will for us. And I have found especially young people who grew up in the faith, it only takes a little bit of doubt and a lot of sin can become too much for all the attractions of the flesh, to want to turn away from it. The lure of pleasure, if placed on a scale, becomes tipped in the direction of pleasure if there is some doubt in one's mind about the existence of a moral creator that we will be accountable to, with some doubt as to the validity and the reliability of scripture. And so in this study series, I want to examine the evidence. I want to share with you why I believe the Holy scriptures, Genesis to Revelation, is a reliable foundation upon which you can build your faith and your life and our reliable source of truth, that if followed will lead to everlasting life, and I say that unequivocally without any doubt, know I want to say first of all, that the debate whether we should believe in the words of our creator or some other words. It's an issue that the scripture itself claims is the root of everything. And it's nothing new because all the way back to the garden of Eden where the enemy was claiming one thin and Yahweh was claiming another and there was enough doubt about Yahweh and His words, that the enemy's words seem to be equally believable. And that with the lust of the flesh in it, pride of life was too much for Eve and she gave in. I want to say something, if the scriptures are true, it is of infinite importance, the Bible
contains a statement of beliefs which if false of
course is of no importance whatsoever, but if true, is of infinite importance. The one thing I cannot be is just morally important, its either infinitely important or it means nothing at all, so we need to be sure that we thoroughly investigate it and its claims and determine whether or not it's true because our eternal destiny may depend on that very thing. Now man's decision to yield to his own will, his own desires is at center stage from the very beginning, where the serpent being more cunning than any beast of the field said being driven by Satan saying, has Elohim said you shall not do this? Because that was really a question. Did He really say this; is there creator who really says these things? Men of various religions have concluded that He has not said. Atheists have concluded that there is no Elohim to have said anything at all. But either way, the central focal point of attack is upon the words of the most high, the words or scripture, there is no coincidence that we are facing this issue today, the same issue that Eve faced in the garden? Yahweh's enemy knows that when we begin to doubt the word will inevitably not yield our will to it when faced with temptation, and so the biggest attacks are
on the Holy Scriptures and science.
The very field of study that in my view should be rejoicing and standing in awe of the complexity in the glory of the world we live in as chosen humanism or man as the center of his own universe.
The scientific community completely disregards the
scripture and they wage a war that is arguably the biggest and most successful attack that has been waged against the claims of the bible from Genesis to Revelation. And that overwhelming source of attack is known as the theory of evolution. Evolution has destroyed the faith of entire nations of people, especially in Europe. According to a global survey; only 28% of the world population believes there is a creator, 28%! About one out four even believes there is a Creator. Globally, four out of ten believe in evolution as opposed to creationism. Four in ten, 41%, identify as evolutionists and believe that human beings were, in fact, created over a long period of time of evolution growing into fully formed human beings. They are today from such species, such as apes and those most likely to believe this are from Sweden, Germany, China, Belgium And Japan, all around 60-68%.
Three in ten, 28% global citizens refer to themselves
as creationists and believe that human beings were in fact created by spiritual force such as the god they believe in and do not believe in the origin of man, but the origin of man came from evolving from other species such as apes. And I know Moslem countries tend to dominate this landscape of use, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil. This I find interesting about one-third of the global population indicate they simply do not know what to believe and sometimes agree or disagree with theories put forth by both creationists and evolutionists. Those from Russia are most likely to be unsure, followed by those from Italy, Argentina, Poland, Spain and France. So they do not know what to believe, this is a 2010 survey of 18,531 adults.So as you can see many of the believers are Moslem countries, now Islam itself actually rejects the authority of Genesis to Revelations and instead follows the Koran.
Now of those who do believe in a higher power,
a creator who happen to be somewhat bible believers, about one out of six people on the earth are Catholics. 1.2 Billion. Catholicism in practice believes that church tradition is superior to the teachings of scripture, and so even those who would read from the scriptures, the attack on the validity of the scriptures is indeed massive and sadly mostly successful. But, you know, even that is predicted in the Holy Scriptures. It says enter by the narrow gate. Matthew 7:13, For wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and there be many who go in by it because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and they are few who find it. If they are few who find it, I would say even fewer are actually looking for it, or, let's just say they are even fewer who actually find it and then walk it out. It's something you have to search for. It's something you have to pursue. When you look around you and you see the amazing world that we live in. And you conclude, how could all these have come to us by random chance? Then it's time to seek and discover who is responsible for having created the world we live in. But they are some who have not come to that point; they are some who believe in what I call Darwinian evolution. Darwinian evolution believes human beings were in fact created over a long period of time, evolution growing into fully-formed human beings they are today from lower species such as apes. And therefore since evolution we rose from apes, that means somewhere before that we were lower life forms, and lower life forms going all the way back to beginning where we just kind of rose up from nothing, out of the world we live in. So the age-old question: how am I here? How am I here? One might say, well, the world created me, but another would be an intelligent being created me. And so, those are two options, which of these two options are true, and that is what we are going to look at in today's segment. Evolution is proposed as way of explaining how all things were created. For evolution to be true, absence of any kind of intelligent designer life, will then have to be assembled randomly by unguided processes, and therefore, simply by the very existence of various laws of physics and other scientific discoveries they said we actually are around but way, we have created ourselves.
Now others believe the intelligent designer
actually guided evolution to a place where men now exist, but we will get to that question later, first let's examine the likelihood that all of the things that we see, all of creation that we see came together simply by random chance and unguided processes, first of all, in order for this to take place, you may have to overcome the odds, the very first life forming on its own, but also to me will be the unreasonable notion that this life which was formed also had the ability to collect energy and reproduce viable offspring, which would then also collect energy and reproduce viable offspring, now for me already it takes more faith to believe that than to believe that we are placed here by an intelligent creator. Now if science through evolution explains the origins of life, it is important to believe this, if you are a believer in evolution, really there is no purpose of life, beyond perpetuating one's own survival and we are completely irrelevant beings really in a heartless process which ruthlessly eliminates what is unfit and what is unhealthy, and thus we are just one more species in a world that cares nothing for us and our human mind is simply a random assemblage of neurons with no purpose or meaning for its existence. Rather we are just a tiny twig trying to survive in a world where we are merely the product of a deaf, dumb, blind, brutal, uncaring watchmaker and
therefore there is no real beauty and greatness in
our existence and there is nothing to gain from the intelligence we possess beyond survival of the fittest. And therefore any moral absolute is subject to the musings of those who managed to gain power over others. Because there is no real moral authority and so living in a perpetually unjust world, where good never ultimately eliminates evil. there is no hope beyond expecting that mortal man who are in power, will not hurt those they are in power over. And so these hopes are pretty disastrous, I mean look at evolutionists like Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler, in my mind, such a worldview is damaging to children and to adults alike, but we are going to
look at evolution claims Number one: In order for

evolution to be successful for many life forms, it's

going to require millions of years for creatures to
evolve and to diversify into the complexities we see today. Time is called the hero of evolution, a famous Harvard professor Gorge Well, he wrote the most important point is that since the origin of life belongs in a category of at least one phenomena, time is onside, however, improbable we disregard this event, do we have enough time? It will most certainly happen at least once. Time is, in fact, the hero of the plot, given so much time, the impossible becomes possible, the possible probable and the probable virtually certain. One only has to wait, time itself performs miracles.
That's the hero of evolution.
I would dare say the idol of evolution. Now the reason why time is considered to be a friend of hero evolution is that in order for humans to have evolved in a less intelligent and lower life form a lot of time is required. When a human is born, they cannot reproduce until at least the age of puberty as the minimum and most humans do not reproduce until they are in their late teens or early twenties. And so, since it would take many generations of humans in order for variations to take place in our genetic code, along large quantity of time is necessary for evolution to take place. So when evolution says all you need are just, add millions of years, what they really mean is all you need are hundreds of thousands of generations of life. And then they say you will see evolution in action. You will see transformations in action, well here is a point I want you to consider, you
do not need millions of years to watch evolution
take place. You do not. You only need thousands upon thousands of generations of life to be able to witness evolution in action. Did you know that we are currently able to witness many thousands of generations of life?
Not in human but in other life forms.
Take for instance bacteria. Bacteria lives about 12 hours.
Alright, so for multiple generations to take place
it can happen very quickly. You know as long as we have been observing bacteria, bacteria still produces bacteria, and they have not evolved into some form of higher form, they are still bacteria.
Even things like house flies.
House flies have a lifespan of about three weeks, where is the evolution? Why house flies are still housed flies why have not been able to see them evolve into something different. You see, you do not need this so-called hero, in order to see evolution take place. You should be able to see many generations of life, and other life forms that are not humans but they have very short lifespans and very short times in which they go from you know emphasis so to speak to sexual maturity where they can reproduce.
And so you do not need that.
Now many people would say haven't you heard Tom, haven't they been witnessing evolution in action? Because we now have this antibiotic-resistant bacterium doesn't that prove evolution? No, it does not. Not Darwinian evolution. What happens with bacteria that become antibiotic resistant, there is already a very small number of bacteria that will be resistant to that kind of antibiotic. Inherently, it will have resistance to it. Now when a person kills all the bacteria, except for the ones which are resistant to the antibiotics because it does not kill that population, what happens is that the remaining population expands.It is at that population of that type of bacteria is now resistant to that antibiotic. hat's how it happens, there is no new information that is entered into the genome of the bacteria to produce a different type of bacteria.It's simply survival of the fittest, simple as that. That is not Darwinian evolution, in fact, the theory of evolution really is not even science.The scientific method is based on gathering observable empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning, and from what we are able to observe, or able to repeat, or able to measure, bacteria is still bacteria.And no one has ever witnessed it evolve into something other than bacteria. In fact, no one has ever witnessed anything evolve into anything different Then what is it commonly called? Now you might have different species of birds or things like that. and the other thing no one has ever witnessed or observed or been able to repeat living matter rising up out of dead matter. I do not care how long you stay out of rock there is no life that's going to come out of there. And life, I mean, how can dead matter produce living matter? To me, that does not even make sense. What is observable and reportable is life begat life, science confirms over and over and over again, life begat life. That is provable by science or just by observation. Alright, so when I am speaking of evolution I am not talking about the kind of evolution that is from adaptation. Adaptation is where a particular species based on environment changes or even intentional breeding attempts will have various changes in appearance. I hold the view that all dogs are probably descendants of an original wolf-like ancestor, but packed inside that wolf-like ancestor was the genetic ability to diversify into many many
kinds of dogs.The same would be true of the cat
type of animal or the horses, or many other kinds of animals. That's why a chihuahua may look a bit different than the wolf, it is still undeniably a dog. It's small, it has variations in its body type but I mean they both wag their tails, bark and sniff around and all the characteristics we have come to know as dogs, like a dog like features. No one has ever seen one of those dogs turning into something different than a dog, it's still a dog. Hence for that reason, all of the animals were indeed able to fill up the ark in the global flood because it only needed the type of animal it was. It doesn't need to have all the generic variations of that animal. And, speaking of the flood, I know this is off track for some of you but ever noticed how many depictions of the ark, that are out there? Particularly cartoons, you know here is Noah with his little boat and his giraffe coming out the top there and everything. To me, this is a sad, sad depiction of Noah's ark. I mean it is sick. And this is the way that a lot of the world looks at and thinks about Noah's ark and it's one reason why they say how could that old man ever fill up the ark. First of all he only needed one type of dog, he only needed one kind of horse and so on. And Yahweh placed in those animals the genetic ability to diversify into different kinds, different types of horses, different types of cats, different types of dogs and so forth, but they are still horses, cats and dogs. Now, a more accurate depiction was actually built in the state of Kentucky by a ministry and there you go. It's not quite the same. They actually built this to life-size biblical proportions. So, anyway, I just want to point that out, because so many people when they think of the flood, they got this little Noah with this cute little boat, no giraffes sticking their heads out of windows. No, not at all. But there is a difference between adaptation and dominion of evolution; some call the difference between microevolution and macroevolution. Microevolution involves no change in the DNA of the species but rather just a variation of the DNA of that species. Macroevolution requires intelligent and beneficial information to be added to the DNA of that species to the extent that one kind of animal turns into another kind of animal, like a dog becoming a cat, a horse becoming a pig or a pig becoming sheep. No one has ever witnessed one kind of species, microscopic or otherwise, change into another type of species. That's macroevolution, or I am going to call it Darwinian evolution. We have had the opportunity to watch it happen, again due to the short life space of various insects or microscopic creatures, but it has never been observed. in fact, every creature that exits on the planet is already fully formed , you never see something like a halfway formed eye or partly-formed organs, or a human with an extra half-formed hand bulging out looking for the day when they will become fully formed. No, everything is fully formed. Fully formed, and biology is now learning that the things they once thought to be residual that is a useless reminiscence of things that our body no longer needs, they actually do have useful functions. And so if evolution is a viable explanation of the origins of life why do we not see creatures are that on some stage of evolution, that we recognize as, well, this part is not done being formed yet, whatever it is, you will see that, but that is what I would expect to see and you know
evolution, now with the modern discovery of DNA we
now understand that DNA contains what is considered to be the instruction book for life. And the instruction book for life, known as DNA is an amazing collection of intelligence. DNA is what instructs the living cells to do the things that it does, DNA tells the body how to build an eyebrow, how to build a heart, an ear, blood vessels even blood itself. And everything that makes who we are. I am going to share with you a video here called the Book of You. Now that one cell reproduced itself, dividing and dividing until there were ten trillion of them. You realize there are more cells in a human body than there are stars in a milky way. Those trillion cells are just living there in a big pile. They would make for a boring human being, so what is it that says a nose is a nose? Toes is toes, I mean what is it that says this is a brain, this is a heart, this is a little thing in the back of your throat you can never remember of. Everything that you are or ever you will start as a tiny little instruction from each and every cell. Every time your body wants to make something it goes back to the instruction book, looks it up and goes back and puts it together. So how does one so hold that information? let's get small, I mean really small, smaller than the tooth of a sewing needle then we can take a journey inside a single cell to find out what makes out the book of you, your genome. The first thing we see is that the whole genome, your entire DNA is contained inside its own tiny compartment called the nucleus. If we stretch all that DNA in one cell into a single thread, it will be over three feet long. We have to make it fit into a tiny compartment that's a million times smaller. We could just bunch it up like Christmas lights but that can get messy we need some organization. First, the long thread of DNA wraps around proteins, causing the little beads called nuclear zones, which looks like a long beaded necklace. The necklace is wrapped up in its own spiral like an old telephone code and those spirals get layered up on top of one another until we have a neat little shape that fits inside the nucleus. Now how did this little spiral even happen? How did this randomly create this spiral--to pack everything so neatly? Just random chance? Squeeze 3 feet of DNA into a tiny compartment. Each tiny mass of DNA is called a chromosome. The Book of You would have 46 chapters, one for each chromosome. 23 chapters of your book came from your mom and 23 chapters from your dad. 2 of those chapters, called X and Y determine if you are male, XY or female XX. Put them together and we got 2 almost identical but slightly different sets of 23 chapters. The tiny variations are what makes each person different, it estimated that all the chapters together hold about 20 000 individual instructions called genes. Written out all those instructions are thirty million letters long, and someone typing one letter per second it will take them also an entire year to write at once. It turns out that our genome book is much much longer than those thirty million letters, almost like a hundred thousand longer. What are those extra pages for? which set of instructions has a few pages of nonsense inside it that have to be taken out before we end up with something useful. Now that particular set is borders or a border that Yahweh put in to put keep things organized. Man speaking he parts we throw out we call in terms instructions we keep we call exertions We also have hundreds of pages between each gene, some of these extra pages were inserted by nasty little infections in our ancestors, with some of them actually being helpful, they protect the ends of the chapter from being damaged or somehow our cells find a particular thing they are looking for and so this is the book of you. thirty million letters and thirty thousand instructions and
how this all just randomly assembled under some kind
of coherent thing that would make any kind of sense, that is the question that science has not been able to find a clear answer to. DNA contains instructions not only for the human body but for, plants, for trees, for vegetables and all plant life, in fact, all life, and without the intelligence that exists in the DNA there would be no life on the earth. And we are not just talking about intelligence like hey one plus one equals two, we're talking about intelligence that is so amazing and so complex it is literally beyond our own ability to even comprehend it, We can only
observe it and marvel what we see as we try to figure
out how it all works.
That's all we can do, there is no other way,
consider the intelligence here, pardon me. This little guy is a leafhopper, and leafhoppers are only a couple of mm long, but
with one jump they can spring at a velocity of
3.9 meters per second, that's about 9 miles an hour. With the acceleration of 400g. That is like That is like a fire path can handle about 9g the jump takes two milliseconds, now if both of the leafhoppers high legs did not push off at precisely the same time, it will spin out of control and yet nerve impulses are not even able to travel fast enough to accomplish that feat, and so the solution is a miniscule set of gears between the legs, so as one leg begins to leave the other one does the same. . And its tender twelve tiny gear teeth just six to twelve ten thousands of an inch that's 15 to 30 thousands of a millimeter long, and they are located in the inner circus of each leg. This carves they mash under the abdomen and as the insect corks its legs to jump they must move in unison no matter which leg goes first. During a jump, the gear cogs roll past each other at a rate of 50,000 teeth per second. Now rather than being symmetrical like most man-made gears, a leafhoppers' nymph gears teeth are curved, they are curved and they all point towards their point of contact. So, in fact,
Gregory Satin saw this unique kind of gear and he
said this is a prototype for a new kind of gear perhaps we are to find useful. So we are looking here at a glimpse into amazing matchless creativity here. A perfectly functioning finely tuned, an amazingly complex gear system in a tiny little insect. Now our bodies are made up of
And now they are eight times more atoms in a teaspoon full of water, as they are teaspoons full of water in the Atlantic ocean. just to give an idea of how small an atom is. These atoms combine in different ways to produce molecules, they say now our human body is made up of some thirty-seven point two trillion cells and they work together to make up who we are. Take a look at this video.
Take a look at the different functions that
come together.
The other things going on inside on
such a body as we speak. Here is my favorite. Look.
So, what was the cause of all this order, this order,
orchestrated movements, the things going here and going there, and doing this and doing that which enables this to happen and that to happen? It is mind blogging. I mean think for a moment your
hand, what makes it do this?

Scientists barely even understand the process,
but listen in my mind, you and I are walking miracles. The fact that you can hear the words I am speaking now, most of us have learned that we have an eardrum that catches vibration of sound better. Have you ever realized what happens after that? The vibrations pass through three bones inside your Hear, the sound vibrations pass on from a hammer bone to the anvil, and the anvil to the stirrup bone because the surface area of the eardrum is much larger than the footplate of the stirrup bone, vibration becomes amplified, the footplate moves in and out producing waves at the foot of the inner ear. The inner ear, sorry I had the wrong graphic, right here and then produces waves inside the float right here of this inner ear, and takes the mechanical vibrations and converts them to electrical signals that the brain can understand. Now inside the cochlear duct of the inner ear, there is a stripper tissue known as the organ of Corti. Here the ear converts signals at the molecular level. And the organ essentially consists of three rows of outer hair cells and one row of inner hair cells. And the tops of these cells have tiny hairs. Thus the name hair cells and these hairs actually are much smaller than the hairs on our bodies. In fact, they are too small to be seen individually even with a light microscope. The tips of some of the hairs are attached to an overlying spiral membrane called the tectorial membrane. When the organ of the Corti bounces up and down the tectorial membrane wiggles the hairs. The wiggling of the hairs causes a small molecular trap door on the tips of the hairs to open and close, permitting electrically charged particles, ions to enter into the hairs. Incredibly these molecular trap doors are controlled by molecular springs that are attached to adjustable molecular brackets, brackets are being designed here. It staggers the mind to think that these tiny molecular trap doors right here, they open and close at a rate between twenty and twenty thousand times per second, admitting charged ions into the tips of the hairs, the movement of ions could generate electrical signals that are sent to the brain, where they are processed and interpreted. And for the fact that I am describing just one part of the human body most people think that I am describing something that was invented.
A design of an incredibly complex invention and yet
its just the ear. Now scripture says the hearing ear and seeing eye, Yahweh has made them both and infinitely intelligent designer, evolution says ooh that just evolved by random unguided processes,
I pray tell, which of the two makes more sense?

Did you know adult body contains about one hundred
thousand miles of blood vessels?
Did you know if you are to stretch out `the DNA in
your body you would stretch it to the moon and back over 1500 times and to the sun and back four times that is seven hundred and forty-four million miles of DNA in your body?
How can you not be flawed right now at the awe, this
awe is an intelligence inside DNA to struck the body to create intricately designed things and put them in the proper position you know. Its mind boggling, but most plants harvest their energy from the sun and take nutrients from the soil and convert that and water from the rain to move and live, you know the process of photosynthesis is so complex, science does not even understand it yet,
not completely.
Now to me the faith required to believe that we are self-created is simply a religion. So many people today are looking for some kind of miracle to prove the existence of an intelligent designer, but isn't the very existence of an intelligently assembled life evidence of an
intelligent designer?
And not just any designer but an extremely intelligent designer that we can hardly even fathom. And yet evolution demands a deaf, dumb, blind process of creation. Now the following
illustration I owe to Ray[unintelligble], a very
popular Christian Evangelist. Ray would hand a book to college students. It had pictures and words. He would say do you believe a book? It could happen by accident that essentially nothing produced, the colored pictures in the book can be it red, blue, indigo just kind of fell from the sky and randomly arranged themselves into beautiful pictures and then black ink just sort of fell from the sky from nowhere and formed itself into concurring words and sentences. Capitals and periods and commas making sense, page numbers fall from the sky and all in order and then binds itself, forms itself a cove without a word and we have a book, now obviously an intelligent designer created the book. But what is DNA? DNA is information about us, who we are, how we built, an instruction book for life. They tell whether we are going to have a light skin, dark skin, brown or blue eyes, even how to construct an eye in the first place or how to construct an ear. They tell whether we are going to be a human, whether we are going to be an animal, a fish, an insect or a bird. All this information is coded into our DNA, so can a DNA book make itself? I mean the origins are a matter of fact that there is intelligent information should clue us in to there being some kind of intelligent designer. So the point really is a very simple book, bookmaker. Intelligent information and DNA, intelligent designer. What would you think of the mentality of a person who thought a book could make itself? What would you think of the mentality of a person who thought DNA, the instruction book of every living thing that exists on the planet bats, dogs, cats, insects, plants, fish, humans everything could just make itself? And I want to talk about this one book here with rather thousands of libraries worth of books, infinity intelligence to construct and compute everything from the process of photosynthesis to how one's heart can beat and pump blood all making itself by random chance and random processes. Please explain to me how a program can make itself? How to construct a human eye, or elephant size or dogs or cats or birds every living thing with DNA so complex, a genius beyond any human reasoning and all just come together. A big bang just exploded? And here we are, step by step here we are. I mean every explosion I have ever seen produces chaos.
Even evolution-minded narrators of nature shows
on TV, national geographic, you will catch them sometimes will go "this animal was designed to." They go on to talk about how that animal was designed--some kind of unique characteristic enables it to do certain things, whether it's the long tongue on the anteater o the lightweight skeleton on birds so that they can fly, whatever. I admit, I sometimes have to chuckle a little bit when I hear that but you know to me that is just, they give themselves away you know. Now biology is not the only place we find evidence of an intelligent designer we also find it in our environment, in our place, in outer space. As you know the sun is exactly to the mile four hundred times larger than the moon, to the mile. The sun is four hundred times larger. It's also four hundred times further away. Which makes the solar eclipse which is supposed to happen here in a couple of days, possible. If the earth were not tilted to its axis in relation to the sun, to where they were different seasons, the earth would be uninhabitable to the heating at the equator, the tilt allows the earth to be heated more evenly sort of like a chicken egg gets turned. So it's more evenly heated. It also causes the movement of air and wind producing weather. Because when you have a hotter air in one place it wants to travel to where there is cold air, lets creating the wind, then we have rain now, we have weather. The northern hemisphere which contains most of the heat absorbing land mass it actually tilts towards the sun during the time when the earth, in its oscillating orbit, is furthest away from the sun because the earth is not going around the sun in an oval but in a circular more of an isolating orbit, back and forth. And so the time was furthest away that's when the earth which absorbs the heat better than say ocean water. During the winter time, the northern hemisphere is actually closer to the... I am sorry. During the summer time, its actually tilting to an area that I furthest from the son, otherwise, the summers would be so much hotter and the winters would be so much colder. It's also a precise distance from the son to support life. The earth's unusually large moon is at a precise size and distance to ensure that the world's oceans are not stagnant.
Earth also has a very thin atmosphere and at just the
right density and combination of gases to maintain their presence of solid, liquid and gaseous water necessary to life. Also, volcanic activity, if it were much greater earth, would be uninhabitable. Now, its a matter of fact that water can absorb a lot of heat with very little effect on its temperature. The large quantity of water on the earth's surface about 70% is just the right quantity to ensure the earth does not become uninhabitable due to overheating. Even thou water to land ratio on earth is just right for life, and that's just the beginning but it goes to show that we do not have to just look at biology to find evidence of design. We can see it just in the position and the characteristics of the earth itself.
To me, a single bladed grass is setting sun a
baby's birth. I don't have to look for miracles. I
don't need someone to come over here and say hey show
me a sign, show me a wonder, show me a miracle for me to believe, I can look around me a creation and see evidence of tremendous miracles.
It's just a so commonplace we do not realize how
miraculous it really is. And so you do not have to turn off your brain because you are a believer. We are believers in part because of the evidence not in spite of the evidence. An
intellectual journey based on reason, based on logic,
based on common sense can and often will cause one to realize the impossibility of everything that is simplifying itself randomly. It would be like five million tornadoes going through a junkyard the size of Missouri, and assembling a 747 jet, one step at a time in order.
It takes quite a bit of faith to believe it, In my
mind, In my estimation, it takes more faith to believe that all these things came randomly than by some intelligent designer. You know when I was in Israel I took this picture of these rocks,
you notice that the rocks are all on a row here. If

you were to see this, you came upon all this and you
saw all these rocks that were just lined up there in a neat little row. Would you say there was evidence
there that some intelligent life form came
along and arranged those rocks?
I think most of us would say yes, there is some
person or something came along and put those rocks because you look at the surrounding and it's all this kind of random but here are these rocks all in a row. Now if you look at that and say that's evidence of an intelligent person that came along and arranged these rocks in a row. Why can't we look at creation itself which is infinitely more complex than these rocks put in a line and say you know what, something intelligent produced us. Something intelligent. Now the truth is none of us were here when the earth was formed. We did not personally see how life was created on the earth. To some degree faith is going to be required to believe one way or the other. I am not saying blind faith, I am saying faith based on what the preponderance of the evidence points to. And if we easily accept that a pile of rocks were arranged in an orderly fashion is reasonable evidence to believe that an intelligent being created rocks and arranged the rocks, certainly the overwhelming complexity of modern world would, even more, be evident and I say, I want to say proof of an intelligent being at work. Now, in order for life to have a reason out of its called primordial soup Darwinian minded scientists will say that, just out of sheer chance, RNA which is a precursor DNA a symbol itself. That's
just the very step to life being formed. Now Casey
Lesker in a book called More than a Myth, it points out that in order for RNA to assemble itself by random unguided processes, it would require a molecule between 200 and 300 nucleotides in length. Now the odds of 250 nucleotides arranging itself by random chance, they have determined it to be about one out of ten to the hundred and fiftieth power. Now ten to the hundred and fiftieth power how large a number is that? Just to give you an idea how large a number ten to the hundred and fiftieth power is. It is estimated that the total number of atoms in the universe, is between ten the 78th to 82nd power. Yes, the entire number of atoms in the observable universe that they have discovered so far, just say 10 to the 80th power. Now, so the odds of those 350 nucleotides arranging themselves 1 out of 10 to the 150th power, almost double the number of atoms in the universe, that's just one step.
Casey mentions there is also a need for additional
mechanisms to create life, such as in the confirmation to be converted into proteins which themselves are encoded with the genetic information You have this huge chicken and egg problem where enzymes and molecule machines are needed to perform the very task that constructs them. On top of this of course you need an earth being to be the precise distance to the sun's support life, the tilt of the earth and make up ovations and land mass procedures and all the other things I have mentioned and all the other steps to create the incredible diversity of intelligence that is in DNA.
You have faith to believe that all came together by
random chance? I do not. I would say it requires a bit of faith,
now even a fossil record which is usually quoted as
evidence for evolution requires faith to really fill in the supposed blanks. It does. A man by the name Richard Licky, he had a myth in his book
called "The making of mankind" He said
biologists would dearly like to know how modern apes, modern humans, and various ancestral hormones have evolved from a common ancestor. Unfortunately, the fossil record is somewhat incomplete as far as the hormones are concerned. It is all but blank for the apes. The best we can hope for is that more fossils will be found over the next few years which will fill it in the present gaps and evidence. David Peel comments rightly if you brought in a smart scientist from another discipline and showed him the meager evidence we have got, he will surely say forget it, there isn't enough to go on. So I noticed here it says the best that we can
hope for, we are hoping for proof of the already
predetermined belief system. We are walking by faith. Some transitory,
transitional foils will appear one day and we are
accepting this evolution by faith, not by real facts. Now for the past century, the vast majority
of the scientific community has been
diligently seeking for evidence, this is evidence for revolutions and interpreting all evidence through pro-evolution glasses. They have all the funding, they have the support of federal governments. Everything is at their disposal. It's probably for this reason, that many think they know things that we do not know. And therefore we should put our faith in what these scientists have found who are considered to be experts, highly intelligent people. So why don't we put our faith in what they have to say too? Doesn't this sound a little bit like the garden of Eden? Where Eve said maybe the serpent knows more than I do and, besides, I kind of want to eat from that tree over there anyway. So when it comes to looking at the evidence we have two options: the world created me and an intelligent being created me. I do not apologize for it, I am going with number two. Creation itself is evidence of a creator. Rather poetically an ancient writer of
scripture said, now ask the beast and they will
teach you, and the birds of the air and they ill tell you, speak to the earth and it will teach you and the fish of the sea will explain it to you. Who among these does not know that the hand of the hour has done this and whose hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind? Psalm 100:3 Know that Yahweh he is Elohim: it is he that has made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people and the sheep of his pasture. And he loves us, with a beautiful love. You alone are Yahweh. Nehemiah 9:6 You hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and everything on it, the seas, and all that is in them, and you preserve them all; salm 19: 1 The heavens declare the glory of Elohim; and the firmament shows his handiwork. Then today others speech, not until tonight reveal knowledge there is no space language, their voices not heard. So creation itself speaks to the evidence of a tremendously glorious intelligent designer. Now if you are a complete unbeliever I do not expect you to necessarily jump to the conclusion that since there is an intelligent designer, the designer must have been the one spoken of in scripture. We will talk about that in the next segment, but I do want to point out that this very issue, whom do you trust as truth for a source? And that is why we started this broadcast today.
It's already issues mentioned in the Bible
itself. As I was saying, the serpent was more cunning than any beast in the field that Yahweh Elohim had made. He said to the woman, "Has Elohim indeed said, 'You shall not eat of every tree of the garden'?" creating doubt about his words. "And the woman said to the serpent, "We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden; but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, Elohim has said...(Elohim being the Hebrew word translated God) 'You shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it, lest you will die.'" Then the serpent said to the woman, "You will not surely die. For Elohim knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like Elohim, knowing good and evil." So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her and he ate." So a combination of things here: creating doubt about the words of our Creator and then the contradiction. You will not surely die. And then the alternative half-truth. And we see the same process happening with the evolution doctrine. The
enemy coming in and teaching things, causing
people to doubt the word as Elohim said, presenting an alternative, are you not going to die in your sense? You are just a product of random chance. That's the lie. And then the combination of that with she really wanted to taste that tree. Good for food and pleasant to the eyes, desirable to make you wise, and she ate. He was willing to trust since she had limited understanding. She was going to trust that a more intelligent being presumably in her mind was speaking to her through the serpent and was speaking the truth, she decided to trust in his words rather than the words of her creator because she supposed that his foresight, his knowledge was greater than hers and those things that she did not know and the same thing is happening today. Very few have advanced knowledge of the science out there, but if you have advanced knowledge of the sciences that people can tend to trust these experts. Even if the things they say do not really line up with common sense, and therefore create just enough doubt and speaking to a lot of people who depart from the faith as teens or in their twenties, create enough doubt and then the lure of the world was enough to bring you into the soon to be pleasant to the eyes and pride of life was such a lure, you departed from the faith. So my goal was not only to reason with you. Using your ability to reason to determine where the majority of evidence really is, but I am also willing to trust that Yahweh will do his part by calling you by his spirit with the knowledge his willingness to call you is often based on whether or not your heart is humble and willing to yield. When there is evidence being presented its contrary to your current understanding. And if he is calling you, I want to at least demonstrate your faith does not have to be blind faith. You don't have to check your brain in at the door here and be completely devoid of any reason. In order to become a believer, your rather is based on a preponderance of evidence. The majority of evidence points to intelligent design, intelligent designer. There is no other explanation that even makes sense. So in our next segment, we will examine the validity of scripture versus some common health diet. Scientific beliefs such as the age of the earth and other challenges that science has sought to bring the words of the holy scriptures, and so we will take a look at those in our next segment until then let's pray.
Heavenly Father Yahweh, this world you made is so
amazing, you are so awesome. I thank you, have
opened up my eyes to see, your hand, your glory, in
all of the creation and how creation itself is evidence of a creator. And that you are that creator and that you have touched my life personally and changed it for the better. You have given me a peace that only you can give me. The kind of peace that comes from the word, peace with our creator, the peace with ourselves, and with others. Thank you, father, that you have revealed these things to others as well who are listening to this broadcast today. I pray for a father for those who have doubts that you build their most holy faith. For those who do not believe, that you would expose their heart's motive of not believing. Maybe it is really rooted more in just wanting to do what they want to do, moreso than looking at the evidence and making a conclusion. I pray that you reveal that to them, their. heart motives, and they humble themselves before you, the great and awesome creator, and open their hearts to consider whether these words Genesis to revelations are indeed your way of communicating to us in a way that's solid, in a way that's believable, in a way that's backed by the evidence. I pray you draw all men to your self, through and by your son Yahushua the Messiah, the anointed one and truly yours is the kingdom and power and glory and majesty and all praise, honor, and worship belong to you. Yahweh our Elohim, Yahweh Elohim. Yahweh our mighty one. Forever and ever in Yahushua's great name, we pray. Amein.

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