The Reliability of Scripture – Part 2 (Identifying Intelligent Designer)

08/26/17 (06/04) Video Broadcast

Once we believe in Intelligent Design, how can we correctly identify the Intelligent Designer? This study examines this question

HalleluYah, and we are ready to begin our study portion for today's broadcast as we have been examining the reliability of scripture. Reliability of scripture and it's very important that we have a sure foundation, I would say that the Bible, the Holy Scriptures are the foundation of everything that I believe and it's a
core base foundation that I am building my entire life
around and my faith around is the reliability of scripture and we are going to talk really about why the Bible is reliable.
Last week we were starting from the foundation, which
is, why do we even need to seek out greater power than ourselves? And we talked about the merits of evolution versus intelligent design, and whether or not evolution is a viable explanation for how life formed on the earth. And I shared exactly why revolution should be rejected as a viable explanation for the origins of life , origins of species so to speak and intelligent design was the best explanation for how life formed on the earth because intelligent design-intelligent designer. Bookmaker--book. Book--book maker. Intelligent design--intelligent designer. It all works together. And so we have we have a tremendous amount of evidence of a tremendously intelligent designer who created all things. I made very little effort to identify who that intelligent designer was, but we did examine some scriptures to demonstrate from a biblical perspective a common reason why unbelief exists and I was sharing this mainly to the choir, so to speak, but I hope that you watched part one, as we went through number of evidence demonstrating intelligent design. If you have not, I encourage you to go and watch part one. But If you like me have concluded that intelligent design requires less faith and belief, then evolution being a viable explanation for life arriving on the earth, then in a random
chance then I want to focus on why I believe
Yahweh the deity the bible is our intelligent designer. Because I just can't hardly fathom that random unguided deaf, dumb unguided, blind processes lead to the highly advanced and complex life form on the earth and therefore I wanted to know as a young man who is the one who made me? When it comes to seeking out who the intelligent designer actually is, I think we can find evidences in creation itself and how He created us and how He created this world we live in, to tell us some things about Him just as we could look at a car or a house
or a house or how someone would design a room can
tell some things about the person who designed the room, or the house or the car I think that they are things about creation that can tell us things, give us attributes of this intelligent designer. And actually scripture talks about that very thing, but I am not going to go there yet. But there is one thing we can be sure about. If we want the truth, it is necessary that we are willing to let the evidence speak for itself in regards to who He is, and what He is about. We do not get to decide who the intelligent designer is or what His attributes are. Just as someone does not get to decide what your personal preferences are. What you look like or how you think. We can allow ourselves to come up with our own idea of what he is really about. Otherwise, WE end up creating a God for ourselves based on what WE happen to like, what WE like to think He is. What we need to learn to do is empty ourselves of our own will and look for evidence of who he says he is rather than letting our own imagination to find him. Because our imagination is not a reliable source of truth and if we take one look at all the mythological gods of ancient times. One thing is for sure, man has a tremendous ability to imagine god for himself. So that's not reliable. You know it doesn't really matter what we think about Him. He is not going to change based on what we want.
And so how can we be sure we are not really just
kind of creating our own deity. Ancient pagan religions, they love creating their own deity the mythological tale for every single one of them. They tried to base things on what they saw, they saw that the sun gave them heat and light, so they worshiped the sun.Evidence, that hat they went by. They saw the moon and the stars and since they are in the same location as the sun perhaps above them, they figured they must be something worth worshiping maybe it took part in whatever they were doing so, in fact, they even worshiped the act of copulation and reproduction because they knew that is what makes the human race procreate to another generation. That's how we survive and so, in a while, I kind of understand why they did what they did and why it is real, actually has so much trouble with it.
They are ignorant and many just do not know any
better now, of course, we understand today that objects in heaven are not you know gods starring down at us. There is simply a part of creation, just like a rock is a part of creation, a mountain or even the earth itself are one of the many things that are part of creation, but those things do not possess any intelligence. Or any ability to create life on the earth, the sun is just a giant burning ball of hydrogen fusing in the helium. So I hope I will not have to say much about that, but most of the ancient so-called gods were clearly figments of peoples' imagination. But they have long since been disproven and that is why you do not find cultures like that culture that still worships many gods will be in India. The religion of Hinduism which I will get into in a minute. Now based on just the present evidence, it seems clear to me that whoever this intelligent designer is, He is far, far, more amazing than I am far, far more awesome than I am. So looking at the attributes just inherently (1) He is extremely intelligent beyond our comprehension imagination, to have created the cells
and DNA and the process by which DNA builds cells and
builds anything from bananas to monkeys to people to elephants to fish to plant life an all this encoding of information, extremely intelligent information . It is amazing, it is like a book of instructions
telling you how to build a 747 jet, that would be a
pretty large book right, well just the single cell in a human is far more complex with this information, its DNA and any book ever produced. So I don't know one look at the complexity of creation and everything created it is obvious to me this intelligent designer I extremely intelligent and awesome beyond our imagination. And I used creation itself as our evidence for that conclusion. It's inherently evident. And so it seems perfectly reasonable for me to say extremely intelligent design is apparent must be an extremely intelligent designer. But where is He? You can't physically see him. And so whoever He is He is not here or He is invisible to the eye, one or the other. Now another thing that we could notice about the creation that we are in, is that he does, whoever it was, chose to allow created beings to harm one another. And that's for us, quite a sad thing because we get hurt, and we see animals getting hurt and that brings us grief, that brings us a certain degree of sadness, that we see these things. And in terms of how we are created, he gave us humans attributes that are unlike any other created beings. For instance, we become greatly disturbed when harmful things are done. We do not like when children are being hurt or babies being hurt or the helpless are being abused.
It bothers us greatly.
We have this built-in sense of justice within us
and we also have this conscience when we do
something that is hurtful to another we have a conscience built into us and a sense of guilt when we harm another. We do not see that in other species or animals or whatever. You know, we might see a cat wanting to protect their own family or a dog wanting to protect their own family. That's about the extent of it. But there are exceptions, but we have a conscience we have guilt, we can carry guilt for decades over things that we have done and it can affect us tremendously. We also have self-awareness, we are aware of ourselves and our existence here on the earth, every other creature seems to be kind of floating around programmed to do what it does. Highly advanced ability to communicate socially, we have highly advanced communication skills, we also have a broader free will to simply do as we desire, animals just run mostly on instinct and programming, they are just kind of programmed to do the things they do, they can't wonder why do I do what I do they just live and do,
whereas we have this free will we just do anything
we want practically. Hardly anything can be withheld from us except where there are limitations that we have as humans.
Also, we have advanced ability to create and to
build unlike other things that were created and then
Numbers 7, I want to zero in on, we have this desire
and every human being I kow has this desire to answer the question, who am I? How am I here? Why am I here? What's wrong with the world and how can what is wrong be made right?
Almost every faith on the earth, maybe all of them, seek
to answer these questions. And we have these questions.Who am I?
We have a sense of justice unequaled by any other
created being, sense of wellness unequaled.
And we have this burning question inside of us, how
am I here, who am I? Why am I here? The world is a mess, it bothers us and how can it be fixed? We want to fix it, look at the different animal shows out there, where they go up and save the animals, we want to fix it, we want to stop the animal from getting hurt or something, we feel like we need to do something. We feel like we need to stop whatever wrong or hurt is going on we have a thing that's built in and
so these questions nearly all religious texts seek to answer.
Now, since he gave us the ability to harm one another, here is an important question: since he gave us the ability to harm one another is this evidence that he is a hateful creator? Some of our mad scientists recently.
Important question.
I don't believe that that He is a mad scientist. Listen, He gave us a sense of justice. He gave us a sense of right and wrong; justice and injustice and then a sense of guilt when we do wrong to others. That is our conscience. And this is kind of built into us; like a built-in negative consequence of having to carry guilt. It seems to me that our creator would not be inherently evil if he placed negative consequences for doing evil, built in, the very
existence of our conscience shows that
while we are permitted to do evil there are consequences when we do it. So since he created us with this unhandled free will and then give us a negative consequence when we choose not to love others, it demonstrates that our creator wants us to love.
And so any creator who does this would be himself
one who loves. If we harm others they can just as easily harm us, right? It is in our own self-interest to do no harm to another, so obviously, what love is choosing not to harm another person and he instilled these things into us and we have the ability to investigate and to seek and to learn about him. It makes no sense to me the creator wants us to learn about him and then find someone we need to hate. Because he is hurting us. When He created this, built in conscience, this sense of justice and right, and so the evidence shows the creator himself as one who loves and yet allows evil to exist but then creates consequences
when evil is done to another.
It's like he is trying to teach us something.
It's like he is trying to teach us that while we are
allowed to do harm to others they are consequences for doing it. And that is evidence. Just in creation itself that tells me something about who he is.
Now I have a question , looking at the attributes

of our intelligent designer, also going to
say and ask the question, what a loving heavenly father , loving creator , creates us with all this free will unlike animals who are programmed to do what they do ,but then never provide any kind of clear direction on how to love each other, or even love him I would say. I mean if he was really a loving father would he really create us with all this free will and then not provide us any guidance on what we need to do with that free will.
I say no.
Number two, what a loving heavenly father create us to want to know who he is, but then frustrate us by providing no reliable way of finding the answer.
I again will say no.
Now that's a contradiction faced by those who reject
any kind of authoritative resource to give us clear
direction, and to give us the answer, if you do not believe there is any way of knowing, for sure how we supposed to treat each other, and how we can learn about him who made us, then the contradiction is he cannot be a loving creator.
Because no loving creator can do that.
I do not believe a loving creator would make us and then say well guys you figure it out, trial and error. Knowing how much pain we would go through in trying to figure it out.
But that is the problem faced by those who reject
any kind of authoritative reliable resource that one can look to and say yes this is our guidebook to truth, and so where is that authoritative reliable resource ,every other creature on the planet he kind of built into their DNA what they need to do and how they need to act ,but us, he gave a sense of right or wrong but he did not kind of build into us exactly what right and wrong is, what we need to do . He made us different and he gave us free choice of what we want to with our lives. And so would he do that and then not provide any answer on what we are supposed to do, he gave us free will, he just you know threw us on the earth and said well you all figure it out now. Or did he provide some sort of authoritative resource we can look to tell us the answers, I
believe he did produce for us and give us a reliable
resource to tell us the answer.
It would be consistent with the attributes that
are clearly seen in creation and how he created us, they would provide some sort of answer, am I making sense? So now whenever we are looking for the evidence of something most of us know it's very unreliable to depend on a single witness to tell us the answer. Thus the people out there today think they have all the answers, and that is especially true when we are trying to figure out who our intelligent designer might be.
He is going to allow one person to tell you?

Or multiplicity of witnesses.
When I look at all the major religions of the world, most of them are just what I call some guy
and his ideas.

I know I am being a little bit basic, but think about

this: what is Islam?
They rely on Mohammed, some guy, and his ideas,
Buddhist rely on Buddha some guy and his ideas.
Confucianism follows confusion just some guy
and his ideas.
And then Toaism follows Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu; Just a couple of guys and their ideas. There may be a few more sprinkled in there. I do not know, just to me, I mean that is not reliable. How the whole basic thing is set up over there in these basic religions.
Would you just tell one guy and expect us to
follow that one guy what he says. I don't believe that. Or even two. I mean certainly, a loving Creator, certainly one who instills in us a sense of conscience, a sense of justice, He is going to provide a source that is more reliable than just some guy and his ideas.
I don't know about you but I need more than that, I
need more than that for me to be sure who the intelligent designer is, I want evidence not just ideas and philosophies, I want evidence and the ancient Greek-roman culture was filled with a bunch of people and their ideas and their philosophies about things, with one idea competing with another, then philosophy competing with another and the idea all of it just being quite contradictory and they pile books upon books and libraries full of ideas by different people and no cohesiveness between them and they just trying to find the answer to these five questions: who am I/ Why am I here ? What is wrong with the world and how can what's wrong be made right? And Hinduism is a lot like that Greek-Roman culture in that they actually have settled on a few ideas on why they think things are the way they are.But there is very little consistency in their beliefs, about who or what their creator is. Hindus will actually embrace and believe in most any god you have introduced to them. Brother Tony Sukla, he is an American missionary who does work in the nation of India. He told me when he tells Hindus about Yahweh they usually want to quickly believe in him and agree to believe in Yahweh. But they are not willing to give up on their other gods; they just add Yahweh to the list of gods they worship. And that is one reason that I do not believe that Hinduism will supply us with reliable evidence on who our reactor is much less on what he is about.
Now Hinduism does have some religious texts which they
would identify as being scripture, so I wouldn't say it is completely some guy's ideas. They do have some scripture but its millions and millions of pages worth of contradictory religious texts, and enumerable tribal gods each many of them claiming to be the one. And in practice Hindus accept various gods, I should say, into their religion, and that is millions of pages worth of scripture that does not have to agree with the former scriptures. Actually, I found a quote here commenting on Hinduism, it's from it says "Hinduism is a loose assortment of diverse traditions which share some common fundamental beliefs. However, since it's derived from different sources it also has diverse features which are often contradictory. It is more appropriate to consider it a basket of religions, than a religion. Hinduism has no founder. It did not have a single scripture as basis for its doctrine. It does not insist upon a particular path nor does it emphasis a particular philosophy, deity or a method of worship" So, if you are looking for the one true intelligent designer, you are not going to find it in Hinduism. You are going to find a compilation of different pagan religions and pagan deities filled with tremendous amount of contradictions, because it is just like the Roman world. They would say, hey, you have a god, tell me about him and we will worship him. Hinduism is also not particularly moral because I found some Hindu scriptures actually blatantly advocating for forcible rape and even bestiality. And so it's there and I would quote it, but it's just too immoral for me to even put up on the screen for you. So what about the Koran? The Koran is some guy and his ideas. It was written in 650 AD, it was actually not compiled by Mohammed himself. And actually, the Koran text claims that the old testaments were reliable and authoritative at the time that it was written.
Which was about 650 AD. And so the Islam is actually
based on prophetic claims of a particular individual, Mohammed, and it actually claims that, yes, the bible is reliable. Let me share with you some quotes here. From Koran 46:12 "and before this was the book of Moses as a guide and mercy and this book of verification talking about the Koran of it in Arabic time to warn those who transgress and as glad tidings to the righteous" and so they say in the book Moses was a guide and mercy. And this book is verifying that very thing. And also it says that God has brought fervent believers, their selves, and their wealth and for them is the garden of paradise. If they fight in the ways of God and whether they kill or are killed the promise of God is true in the Torah, and the Gospel and the Koran. So there is an example of supporting the Torah and the Gospels, then who is more faithful to his promise then. That's just quoting the Koran here to show that the Koran itself claims the bible is true. Which I find interesting because I find many things in the Koran that contradict the bible. For instance, it says here "no son did Allah begat"
But the bible says I declare a decree Yahweh
has said to me, you are my son truly I begat you. John 3:16 For Elohim so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son. And that we actually have a papyrus of John 3 that dates all way back to 450 years before Mohammed ever
put together the Koran, we actually have a physical
text of the book of John making this claim and every copy of the book of John that's ever been seen does contain the text he has the son, and yet the Koran claims to be you know saying that the gospels and the Torah is all accurate and everything but then partly contradicts it. Does that make any sense? Another example, talking about the Messiah Yahushua, they did not kill him. It says nor did they kill him nor did they crucify him, but another was made to resemble him to them. The book of John once more, we have a papyrus dating back to 450 years before Mohammed and he delivered them to be crucified and they took Yahushua and led him away and he bearing his cross went out to a place called the place of skull, which in Hebrew is Golgotha where they crucified him and two others with him, one on each side and Yahushua in the center.
A flat contradiction, there is no way that you
can say this is in agreement.
Another example a teaching that rather than a man
being created on earth in the Garden of Eden, a man was created in a paradise, not on earth but was later banished to earth. Genesis 3:23 says Yahweh Elohim sent him out of the Garden of Eden, to till the ground from which he was taken. So he drove out the man and he placed cherubim at the east of the Garden of Eden and a flaming sword was turned everywhere to guard the way to the tree of life. That's not true, the papyrus comment here you can ignore that. But my point is they teach different things. Another example, the Koran actually teaches, good women are obedient and as for those whom you fear, disobedience, it does not mean they are actually being disobedient. They just have to be afraid of their disobedience admires them and send them to beds apart and beat them. In other words, the Koran is instructing men to be violent towards their wives and beat them if they are not obedient. Then if they obey you take no further action against them, in other words, if they continue not to obey, beat them until they obey. The bible teaches Ephesians 5:28 so husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. And this one of several verses in the Koran, I submit to you, is just flat out immoral. t should go against our conscience to be violent
and beat our wives.
We are supposed to love our wives as our own body, you love your wife and you love yourself that is far higher a principle I want to live by then that principle of abusing the women that Yahweh gave us. And for that, I would say it is shameful for Mohammed to have uttered such a thing because I cannot imagine how many women have been beaten because of that.
Now another problem with the Koran that it flat out
contradicts what modern science has discovered. For instance, it says the sun actually sets in a muddy spring, it says and he followed a road until
when he reached the setting point of the sun
he found it setting in a muddy spring, he found a people thereabout. We said whatever that means either punish them or show them kindness. Now they did not know in ancient times, when they watched the sun disappear in the horizon, that's it is way out of space 93 million miles away and that's why you know they just thought the sun went down somewhere over there. And, in this case, Mohammed, in his primitive understanding of how the world functions, thought that the sun actually set in the muddy spring. Another example says in the Koran see not how Allah has created the seven heavens one above the other because of seven heavens that's where people get the idea of the seventh heaven. And then he says surely we have adorned the nearest heaven with adornments, the stars. Now there is no way in the world you can say the stars are in the nearest heaven. They are way out, light years away, in the outer space. And so that doesn't make any sense. Another example where the Koran contradicts the bible--I set this last for a reason. I was talking about John the Baptist here, it says " Oh Zachariah! Lo! We bring the tidings of a son whose name is John, we have given the name to none before him". And yet there is a man in Jeremiah called Johanan the son of Kareah. All the captains of the forces which were with him and all people from the east to the west. Now the dead sea scrolls contain this verse right here. These dead sea scrolls are scrolls found in Israel around the areas of Qumran and it was discovered in 1948 and these discoveries brought... It was shocking news because a complete scroll of Isaiah's was found dating back to 100-150 BC. Other texts dated even older. But they were able to find these fragments of the book of Jeremiah dating to 100-120 BC and these fragments actually speak of a name named Yokalan that existed back in Jeremiah's day and they actually found 12 fragments of Jeremiah and one of them contained this verse and its name Yokanan. And in this text again dated between 100-150 BC they said the Haznonian period is when this particular scroll was dated back to. And so here we have a copy of the Hebrew Bible dating back to 100 years before the birth of John the Baptist. And yet contained the name of a man that the Koran claimed had never been given to a man before. Now whenever a Moslem scholar is confronted with the fact the Koran does contradict the Bible, he will inevitably claim the bible was corrupted and therefore unreliable. Now the time frame that he will have to consider this corruption to have taken place will have to be after the creation of the Koran. Because Mohammed himself is said to have considered the bible to be authoritative and he would even tell people, refer them to the Bible to settle disputes. And referred to the Bible twenty times himself and the Koran actually assumes you already have a familiarity with the major narratives recounted in the Biblical scriptures. It even summarizes some, dwells at length on others and in some cases, it provides some alternative account interpretation of the events. So now we have full copies of the New Testament in our possessions that predate the Koran by 300 years, sometimes older than those 400 years. And that goes back to 100 AD, 25 years after the book of John was written, we have fragments of the book of John. And also parts of the Old Testament scriptures that predate the Koran by 800 years or more. And so when there are these contradictions it's unreasonable to choose and believe in later altered version by a guy named Mohammed. And then say everything was contradicted before and after, and one guy Mohammed is right and multiple scrolls and multiple witnesses of what the bible actually does say or let's say these are wrong. I'm sorry but I don't believe Mohammed and I do believe the other witnesses. Now, because I mean the alteration would be just one guy, he's the one saying all the other ones are wrong and here he said they are all right. So it doesn't make any sense. Now, when the Bible speaks of the world, as now discovered by science, you actually find divine revelation, things that the ancient world did not know. The Bible itself declares, for instance, the bible says the earth is in space, empty space hanging on nothing. Job 26 verse 7 says He stretches out the north over the empty place and hangs the earth on nothing. It also declares the heir has weight, Job 28 verse
24-25 for he looks to the ends of the earth, and
sees under the whole heavens to establish a weight for the wind; and the portion the waters by measure. That's something that was really recently discovered, bio-metric pressure from the weight of the gasses on the earth. Also, the air recirculates around the earth, ancient religion taught all of this kind of... But the wind goes toward the south; it turns around to the north when the whirls are about to continue and comes again on its circuit, that's Ecclesiastes 1:6. It also states that life is in the blood, it says in Deuteronomy 12:23 only are sure that you do not eat the blood: for the blood is the life; you may not eat the life with the meat. Now today doctors can find out about the condition of our health, our vital organs and a whole lot more just by testing our blood, something that was not known in ancient times. Also, there's knowledge of the water cycle, Ecclesiastes 1:7 all the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full; to the place from which the rivers come, there they return again. Joel 36:27 he draws up the drops of water: which distill as rain from the mist which the clouds drop down and pour abundantly on men. It also states that diseases are contagious and tells Israel to take steps to protect themselves from the contagiousness of disease. In Leviticus 13:46 it says he shall be unclean all the days he has, his sore shall be unclean, he is unclean he shall dwell alone, quarantine.
Same thing we have in modern medicine, people
get quarantined. His dwelling shall be outside the camp, now the earliest evidence we have for public health and sanitary conditions would be the bible. You don't find these things in other ancient religions. The earliest evidence we have of any kind of public health in sanitary practice is in scripture. In these writings the Israelite's were instructed to isolate and if necessary quarantine those who were sick. They were told to destroy contaminated objects, they were told to burn used dressing, bury were told to bury their fickle waste outside the camp. They were prohibited from eating animals that had died of natural causes, they were also admonished to practice personal hygiene by hand washing, keeping clean, taking baths and to take certain precautions when touching the infected or the deceased, the ones who were dead. It was also clearly forbidden for the Israelites to engage in sexual relationships outside of marriage and thereby sexually transmitted diseases would be virtually non-existent if biblical principles were followed.
It's also generally accepted that modern
medical science came about in 1876 when Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch demonstrated, almost simultaneously and unknown to each other the idea contingency can pass on from one individual to another. And the discoveries made by these men were ignored and even scornfully rejected by virtually the entire medical establishment at that time. And they defended this age or Greek philosophy that micro-bio life could be generated just under certain conditions. So it's clear to me the facts of modern medicine agree amazingly with scripture, in fact, the Mosaic laws that pertain to childbirth, monogamous, sexual relationships, frequent washing, wound and discharge care, quarantine the diseased, laws governing burial of dead bodies, waste disposal. These are example which indicates diseases are communicable and the best protection against them is to be clean and prevent their spread. How do people know this in ancient times? They didn't it was the divinely inspired document that the Heavenly Father, the creator of men knew what's going on in the microscopic world and told Israel to do these things to help keep them healthy so they would not get these diseases that other nations often had.
Another example from scripture it says that a
merry heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones. Now it turns out, biologically, our immune system produces immune cells, white blood cells, natural killer cells, things that fight off cancer. It produces these things in the bone marrow and when a person suffering from depression or anxiety, the body actually releases a chemical or a hormone called Cortisol. And, Cortisol is our body's fight or flight response. It's intended to be temporary but it's supposed to temporarily suppress our immune system and prevent our immune system from producing these cells. And in fact, even Cortisol can cause our body's ability to fight cancer to be reduced and studies have shown that those who have depression, bitterness, anxiety and hurts going on in their hearts they have an on-going consistently high level of Cortisol in their bodies. And that hinders their ability to fight cancer, to fight infection and to fight disease. And so the heart that's filled with joy is like medicine, but those who have a broken spirit have a dried up immune system. It's not producing adequate amounts of white blood cells T-Cells and natural killer cells. Now, what's the cause of a broken spirit? Proverbs 15:13 says a merry heart makes a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. This word sorrow has to do with heart wounds, wounds in the heart, where we are damaged in our hearts. And so the original Hebrew sorrow means simply means wounded, and those who have wounded hearts are as science has discovered today in biology more likely to have illness and disease and that's why stress is often a factor in so many diseases and illnesses. How could the ancients have known this attribute of our immune system, actually arising up out of our bones, unless it was a divinely inspired book? It says the spirit of men will sustain him in sickness but who can bear a broken spirit? And so if our spirit is broken we will not have something to sustain us in times of sickness and we are likely to get sick and to have a short life. And so what is the solution? The scriptures actually provide the solution saying speaking of the Messiah, whom I call Yahushua; most of the world calls him Jesus. The spirit of Yahweh is upon me because He has annointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those oppressed. How does he heal the broken hearts? If you watch a video on our website, its twelve videos actually, at or you click on the health link at the very top of, you can actually request a free DVD set that goes into that very thing. But, a number of people have actually reported physical and emotional healing simply by watching and applying the principles in that teaching series. Certainly, a loving creator, one who instilled in us a conscience, a sense of justice, He does provide us with a resource that is more reliable than some guy and his ideas. And this is one of tons of examples, demonstrating the scriptures are indeed a reliable resource and it's just not some guy and his ideas. It's not a false hope assembled by the, as some say, musings of ancient goat horders. The scriptures rely the most historically accurate, archaeologically verifiable, scientifically supported, explanation than any other faith in the world. As a collection of 66 books written by 40 different witnesses who lived on 3 different continents over a span of 1500 years and yet they speak one cohesive message. In fact, the deeper you study them, the more cohesive and harmonizing they prove to be. The more I study the Bible, the scriptures, the more clear to me how impossible it would be for the words I am reading to be anything other than divinely inspired. Indescribably deep, and amazingly awesome with each book being connected together to other books by layers of depth that no human artist could possibly have developed on their own. I will be sharing more on that later. But when you compare modern scientific discovery to the bible, you will find evidence of divine inspiration and when you compare modern scientific discovery to the Koran well you will find stories like the sun setting in the mud spring.
Now speaking of differences the bible is
often different than the teaching of other religions. And it is very incompatible with other religions. When Judaism came onto the scene in the Middle East they were a number of things that made ancient Judaism radically different than the pagan religions that once dominated the religious landscape. I am going to share with you 15 differences between all other religious faiths that we discovered in Judaism, the one taught in the scripture: 1) Number one: it emphatically states there is only one mighty one that created all things. 2) Number two: emphatically stated that this mighty one Yahweh made all things in heaven and earth, has no limits to his power. 3) Number three: There is evidence for this but they physically moved, fed and provided for 2 million people for over 40 years as the entire nation of people moved from Egypt to the land of Canaan and archaeological discoveries do show an explosion of population during this time period. 4) Number four: Rejected the idea an inanimate object could represent divine being, that was a new thought. 5) Number five: Outlaws sex outside marriage covenant and I will tell you what, if the bible is written by mere man I do not think it would have outlawed sex out of the marriage covenant.I think it would say go ahead guys do what you want. Just pretty much like all the other religions are like yes do what you want. 6) Number six: stated that man was made in the image of Yahweh rather than depicting Yahweh as some kind of an animal or a beast or something of the earth 7) Number seven: offerings of praise were to be a response to his love and his grace rather than trying to appease some angry deity that just got mad. 8) Number eight: we provide a meticulously detailed document, the Bible containing his expectations and his promises and blessings. 9) Number nine: Unlike mythological tales, the bible was written by eyewitnesses of verifiable historical events with real historical people and real historical places. 10) Number ten: speaks of a future role where God will triumph over evil rather than perpetually struggling good and evil against each other. There is actually a solution to it. 11) Number eleven : promises Saviour will willingly bear the sins, the wrongs of mankind in give his spirit to empower men to overcome a temptation to do wrong and this is evidenced by millions and millions of lives that have been changed as a result of people turning their lives over to the Messiah, instant changes in many cases. 12) Number twelve: Did not just expect external obedience. The bible actually forbids hating someone even in your heart or having greed in your heart or coveting and stealing in your heart Leviticus 19:17, Deuteronomy 15:9, Exodus 20:17, and so if it was just some book of laws you know like the United States of American laws where you know you have got these external laws it would be different, but the Torah is very different. It talks about how our heavenly father wants to make sure that your heart is in the right place, also. 13) Number thirteen: Eliminated class warfare.
So many of the ancient cultures and religions
favoured the rich over the poor even in Hinduism today they are three castes where you know people have different casts of value differently based on what casts they happen to be in but scripture eliminates class warfare by forbidding permanent self-land, charging interest and there is even a special fund that was set up for the poor. Interesting. 14) Number fourteen: Also unlike laws such as which is seen in the Hammurabi code, some of the people think that the bible came out of the Hammurabi codes which is not true, but the Bible commands everyone receive equal justice whether rich or poor as the Hammurabi code has different laws depending on how wealthy you are.You going to get away with more things if you are rich than you can if you are poor. (15) Number fifteen: and finally promised the Jewish people would never be assimilated or lose their identity and that's why they have survived in spite of 2000 years' worth of attempts by others to assimilate them and alienate them and why Hebrew is a spoken language in Israel to this day. Now on this last point here, Fredrick the great asked his advisor for the single strongest piece of evidence that proved the existence of "God", his advisor answered him " the Jews sir", the Jews.
He could not argue with it because in spite of 2000
years' worth of unimaginable persecution an attempt to assimilate the Jewish people have never lost their identity or their heritage. Why? 2 Kings 8:19 Yahweh would not destroy Judah for the sake of his servant David, for he promised him to give to him a lamp to him and his sons forever. All the other tribes are simulated.
Got mixed in with other people and lost their
identity, but not Judah.
The tribe of David.
Here they are back in the land speaking Hebrew.
Now in the first century the Messiah actually
predicted that the Jews that some will be destroyed and the Jews would be scattered to many nations and that Jerusalem would be run by gentiles for a while, He said in Luke 21:24 They will fall by the edge of the sword, and be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem will be trampled Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Well now the Jewish people are back in their homeland, the times of the Gentiles are getting fulfilled I do not know if it's a 100%.But they are back in their land and they are actually speaking Hebrew, a language that was actually a dead language, not spoken by any nation in nearly 2000 years. And it's amazing. It really is amazing how some people will say that you know the bible has been translated so many times it cannot be reliable, it has been translated so many times. You need to understand something; it has not been translated so many times. It is not like there were the translation in one language and a translation in another language, when you hear about Bible translations, they all translating from either Hebrew, which is the original language, or the Greek which is either the original language or it's a translation that the early apostles would have overseen because they were so many Greek-speaking people.
English bibles are direct translations of Hebrew and
Greek texts, in fact, the 2000-year-old dead sea scrolls proved that the 1100-year-old Nazareth text was amazing, I dare say miraculously preserved.Almost letter for letter and the small differences are spelling differences and almost entirely negligible differences.
And some of the Greek manuscripts of the New
Testament date back to as early as only 25 years after they were originally written.
Most of them are 70 to 130 years after, but some are
really early, and so another example here is
the kete hinnon which was between 650 and 700 BC by

some counts, others say closer to the lower six
hundred BCE.This is during the reign of Hezekiah Manasseh and other Judaic kings and Solomon's temple still stood and they archaeologically discovered this text here, there was a tiny silver imminent contained Yahweh's name three times and it's the oldest written biblical text known and it matches up with the bible that we have today.2600 years later, what does it say? Part of it reads Yahweh bless you and keep you , Yahweh makes his face shine upon you, be gracious to you , lift his countenance upon you to you and give you peace. And this blessing is in the scriptures says Yahweh bless you and keep you, Yahweh makes his face shine upon you, be gracious to you, Yahweh's lift his countenance upon you upon you and give you peace. And so don't let this, oh so many translations fool you. Well, they are so many translations from the Bible, they are all translated from the ancient sources . which have proven to be amazingly consistent. The Dead Sea scrolls are over 95% identical to the Hebrew text we have in our hand today, and I have gone through the texts and found the differences are quite minor. The vast majority of cases add very little to our existing knowledge of Yahweh' word. And unlike mythological tales which have long been proven to be nothing more than fiction, the bible has historical accuracy which again and again has been supported by archaeological finds and historical evidence. The people, the places, the events mentioned in the bible are often corroborated by extra sources outside the bible. And that's one reason why the Bible has survived the test of time. For instance here are a few. They are more than a dozen Israelite kings that have been securely identified in extra-biblical sources. 10 Israelite kings have been found in Assyrian documents. Dated from the 9th to 7th centuries BC Omri, Ahab, Jehu, Joash, Menahem, Pecka, Hoshea of Israel Ahaz, Hezekiah and Manasseh have all been found in other sources outside the Bible, in fact the relationship to each other to Assyria matches with the bible ,it says their relationship to Assyria was whether good or peaceful or hostile. In the chronological order of the kings found in Assyrian documents matches the chronological order of these kings mentioned in the bible.
Also, the book of Jeremiah talks about a scribe by
the name of Baruch.And Baruch wrote on a scroll of a book at the instruction of Jeremiah all the words that Yahweh had spoken to him. Well, they discovered a clear seal in the area of Jerusalem, archaeological discovery that actually reads "Baruch son of Neriah the scribe". They found his clay bulla which they used for
sealing documents and scrolls.In fact, it even
has his fingerprint or thumbprint on it. So that is one example and they dated this clay, or
they found out that it does date to the 7th century
BC, the time that Jeremiah was alive. So when you are reading the scriptures you are not some assimilative mythological tales, you are reading something that is reliable. Another example, this says to Berechyahu, the son of Neriyahu, the scribe. Alright. In 2 Kings 25:27 it says, Now it came to pass in the thirty-seventh year of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah, in the twelfth month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, that Evilmerodach king of Babylon in the year that he began to reign released Jehoiachin king of Judah from prison.
He spoke kindly and gave him a more prominent seat
than of the kings who were with him in Babylon. So Jehoiachin changed from his prison garments and he ate bread regularly before the king all the days of his life and for his provisions, there was a regular ration given to him by the king, portion for each day all the days of his life. A ration was given. o according to what took place now tablets from the royal archives of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon were unearthed in the ruins of Babylon , and there is this tablet here that is currently housed in the pagan museum in Berlin and the tablet contains information about rations that were paid to captives and a craftsman who lived in and around the city and one of the tablets restored in a barrel found in the underground building near the east gate it contained a reference to Jehoiachin king of the land of Judah. It actually says Judah sends love oil to the offspring of Judah's king and to pour some for the 8 men from Judah. Another tablet reads, it is just talking about this kind of non-nonchalantly, kind of a matter of factly; it is the rations that belong to Judah's king and his sons. And notice how Jehoiachin got more than anybody else and that tells me that he was favored than the others, and that agrees with the biblical account that he had rations. Another example, it's from the new testament Pontius Pilate a Roman governor made a decision that Messiah was going to be put to death at one time,skeptics claimed that this was a non-existent historical figure, but then in 1961 an inscription which said Pontius Pilate prefect of Judea was found a limestone block in a theatre of Caesarea. So, listen, when we compare the Bible to any other work that is available to man, the bible stands tall. I mean it's far taller and more reliable with far more witnesses than anything else available, nothing can hold a candle to it or even come close to it in terms of reliability of transmission, supported by archaeological finds and non-biblical historical records and shows itself to be scientifically accurate as well and rather than being some guy and his ideas,40 different witnesses, authors, living on 3 different continents over a span of 1500 years and yet once again speaking one cohesive message, and the deeper you study them the more cohesive and harmonizing they prove to be. I dare say even miraculously harmonizing and cohesive. No other faith in the world can compare to that spoken of in scripture, and so once we have concluded our world as obviously intelligently designed and we begin to search out the answer to who that intelligent designer maybe and we are looking for the best possible evidence. Nothing can compare to the faith spoken of in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible and as I will be sharing in future segments it contains predictive prophecies which prove divine origin and supernatural revelation The only thing that would stop us from believing it would be perhaps some kind of scientific claim that we think contradicts it or perhaps we think that the Bible contains a morale teachings, any other reason that we are going to get into in future segments, But nothing can hold a candle to terms of number of witnesses, in terms of evidence in terms of things that ancients could not have known but were divinely inspired to be written such as the way things are nothing and the health message that is there it's an amazing work And we are just beginning to look into it in comparison to other works of other faiths. We will continue our examination of the next segment, but until then I am going to close with a word of prayer. Heavenly father, Yahweh great and mighty Elohim.
Thank you that we are not lost and groping around
looking for some kind of evidence of what you are all about and who you are and who we are.
Father thank you that you have revealed to those of
us who you have revealed it To, that your word is reliable, the bible is a reliable source of truth.
And for those who are still seeking I pray
father that they will not allow their own personal desires to live the way they want, to influence the decision as to whether or not they believe your word , the holy scriptures are true. I pray father that they would have a humble heart and they would be willing to accept where the evidence actually leads.Even if that means giving up their own personal preferences or desires because we know you are far greater than us and you know far better than us what is good for us.
We thank you, father for all the things you have
done and all that you promised to do, for truly yours is the kingdom and power and glory and majesty forever and ever and all praise honor and worship belongs to you. Yahweh Elohim, Yahweh Almighty one in Yahushua's great name we pray. Amein.

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