Commands of the Messiah

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The following is a list of precepts and principles that were taught to us by the Messiah Yahushua. Some of these commands are taken from lessons He gave us from parables, others are summaries of teachings He gave us that, while they were not necessarily direct commands, they were expressions of Yahweh’s will that we all must be willing to heed.

Each command has a link to the video(s) in which you can find detailed teachings and explanations of each one of them.

1. Repent and believe in the Good News (Matt 3:2, Mark 1:15) Parts 1 & 27

2. Rejoice in trials and persecutions (Matt 5:12) Part 1

3. Do not think He came to destroy/abolish the law (Matt 5:17) Part 1

4. Be more righteous than the Pharisees (Matt 5:20) Part 2

5. Beware of the Danger of Anger (Matt 5:21-22) Part 2

6. Don’t make an offering if there is unresolved sin (Matt 5:23-24) Part 2

7. Do not lust, or fantasize about committing any sin in your heart. (Matt. 5:27-28) Part 2

8. Put away the old man, put on the new man (Matt 5:29-30) Part 3

9. Do not divorce your spouse unless they are proven to be an unbeliever (Matt. 5:31-32) Part 3

10. Let your word alone have integrity, without needless swearing. (Matt. 5:33-37) Part 3

11. Do not resist an evil person (Matt. 5:39) Part 4

12. With proper stewardship in mind, “give to those who ask.” (Matt. 5:40-42) Part 4

13. Love those who do not love you, including your enemies, so you can be a child of Elohim. (Matt. 5:43-48) Part 4

14. Don’t give charity or pray to please men, do it to please Yahweh and in pursuit of His rewards. (Matt. 6:1-4) Part 4

15. Don’t use vain repetitions when praying. (Matt. 6:7-8) Part 4

16. Pray “in this manner” that Yahushua prescribes. (Matt. 6:9-13) Part 5

17. “When you fast, don’t appear unto men to be fasting.” (Matt. 6:16-18) Part 6

18. “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, but treasures in heaven.” (Matt. 6:19-21) Part 6

19. Judge not, that you be not judged. (Matt. 7:1-2) Part 7

20. Don’t be a hypocrite. Remove the major sins from your life before trying to confront someone with minor sins in theirs. (Matt. 7:1-2) Part 7

21.  Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine. (Matt. 7:6) Part 8

22.  Ask, and it will be given to you. (Matt. 7:7-8) Part 8

23.  Enter the narrow gate. (Matt. 7:13-14) Part 8

24.  Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. (Matt. 7:15-20) Part 8

25. When Yahweh does a mighty work in your life, remember there is greater accountability (Matt. 10:11-15; 12:41-45; Luke 12:49; John 15:22) Part 9

26. Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16) Part 9

27. Beware of men (Matt. 10:17) Part 9

28. When brought before governing authorities, don’t worry about how or what to speak. Yahweh’s Spirit will give you the words to speak. (Matt. 10:18-20) Part 9

29. When evangelizing city to city, go to another city if you are being persecuted. (Matt. 10:23) Part 9

30. Do not fear man, fear Yahweh. (Matt. 10:26-28) Part 9

31. Never deny Yahushua or be ashamed of Him or His words. (Matt. 10:32-33) Part 9

32. Do not think that Yahushua came to bring peace, rather a sword. (Matt. 10:34-36) Part 9

33. Love Yahushua more than anyone else, even more than your own family members. (Matt. 10:37) Part 9

34. Take up your stake and follow Him. (Matt. 10:38-39) Part 9

35. If you are labored and heavy laden, come to Yahushua and take His yoke upon you. (Matt 11:28-30) Parts 10 & 11

36. Value peace and unity more than having your own way, and only make division where Yahweh makes division. (Matt. 12:25-27) Part 12

37. Walk with Yahushua, otherwise you are against Him. Gather with Him or you will be scattered. There is no middle ground. (Matt. 12:30) Part 12

38. Remember the danger of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which is unforgiveable. (Matt. 12:31) Part 12

39. Remember that you are justified or condemned by your own words, so guard your heart. (Matt. 12:36-37) Part 12

40. When you see the work of Yahweh, don’t seek a sign in an accusatory way. (Matt. 16:1-4) Part 13

41. If Yahweh delivers you from unclean spirits, or the works of unclean spirits in your life, make sure you don’t provide an open and empty house for it to come right back in. (Matt. 12:43-45) Part 13

42. Value the spiritual family Yahweh has given you. (Matt. 12:46-50) Part 13

43. When hearing Yahweh’s Word, seek to be those who truly understand it. (Matt. 13:19) Part 13

44. Be willing to obey and be loyal to Yahweh at all costs whenever persecutions and trials come. (Matt. 13:19-20) Part 13

45. Don’t get caught up in worldly things or the pursuit of earthly riches. (Matt. 13:22) Part 13

46. Judgment is coming. Humble yourself before Yahweh, repent and be buried with Messiah in baptism, walking in the newness of life in Him. (Matt.13:24-43) Part 14

47. To receive proper instruction concerning Yahweh’s Kingdom, read the entire bible, not just the “Old or New Testament.” (Matt.13:52) Part 14

48. By faith, know that Yahweh can accomplish great things through you as you do all things in Yahushua’s name/ character, and everyone will benefit from it. (Matt. 13:31-32) Part 14

49. Yes, all have sinned, but Yahweh accepts us when we repent and trust in Yahushua to cleanse us of our leavening/sin, so go and preach the Word of His Kingdom with boldness anyway, and it will multiply as those who hear it…spread it to others. (Matt. 13:33) Part 14

50. Be willing to give up all earthly things to obtain the Kingdom riches. (Matt.13:44-46) Part 14

51. Do not get complacent in your spiritual walk. Always be zealous and ready to hear, and see, and allow Yahweh’s Spirit to lead you into all truth, lest what you do have be taken away. (Matt. 13:12; 25:25-19) Part 14

52. When doing ministry work, don’t expect acceptance from close friends and family, nor let their rejection deter you from doing what Yahweh called you to do. (Matt. 13:53-58) Part 15

53. Don’t allow yourself to dismiss Yahweh’s willingness to use people you are close to do great works in ministry. Rather, reject any unproven negative thoughts about the person. (Matt. 13:53-58) Part 15

54. When it comes to mighty works of the Spirit being done, remember that it’s not just the faith of the one doing the works, but also the faith of those benefitting from the works that determine success. (Matt 13:58, Mark 5:34;10:52, Luke 17:19) Part 15

55. Do not labor for the food that perishes, but for the food (His Word) which endures to everlasting life. (John 6:27) Part 15

56. Do not murmur against Yahushua. Instead, study the true meaning of His Words rather than carelessly finding fault with them. (John 6:43-69) Part 15

57. Partake of the body and blood of Yahushua, symbolized by the unleavened bread and fruit of the vine, as part of a Passover service. (John 6:53-58; 1 Cor 5:7; 11:23-31) Part 15

58. To walk as He walked, wear the tassels (tzitziyot) on the four corners of your clothing as reminders to keep His Word. (Matt. 9:22’ 14:36; Mark 6:56) Part 15

59. Honor your parents by providing for their unmet needs as they age. (Matt. 15:4-6) Part 16

60. Do not follow traditions that violate commandments of Yahweh. (Matt 15:3;9) Part 16

61. Guard your heart against all evil, otherwise you will be defiled in Yahweh’s eyes. (Matt. 15:19-20) Part 17

62. When sharing your faith, only follow Yahushua’s example of harsh words to the scribes and Pharisees if it is the same situation: You are a prophet and are hearing the direct words from Yahweh, knowing the final destination of their soul. (Matt. 23:1-36; 15:12-14;, John 12:49-50) Part 17

63. In whatever Yahweh calls you do, for the most part stay on task rather than always operating in gifts He hasn’t yet given. (Matt 10:56; 15:24-26) Part 17

64. Beware of the doctrines of the Pharisees/Sadducees, presently preserved in the Talmud. (Matt. 16:6-12) Part 17

65. Do not trade your soul for anything this world has to offer. (Matt. 16:24-26) Part 17

66. By faith, seek to understand the root cause of sickness/disease in a person and how to respond to it. It may or may not be a spirit; it may or may not be from a sin in one’s life. (Matt. 17:14-21, Mark 2:9, James 5:16) Part 17

67. Follow Yahushua’s example and endeavor not to offend people unnecessarily. If one finds your actions offensive, let it be your obedience to Yahweh that offends them. (Matt. 17:24-27) Part 18

68. Be humble as little children, or you will not enter kingdom of heaven. (Matt. 18:2-4) Part 18

69. Look for humble disciples of Yahushua who just want to serve and follow and keep His Commandments, and receive them. (Matt. 18:4-5) Part 18

70. To avoid great consequences, take heed that you do not despise a little one or cause them to stumble. (Matt. 18:6-10) Part 19

71. Do not despise the unbeliever, especially the more humble ones. Love them as Yahushua did and rejoice when they repent. (Matt. 18:6-10) Part 19

72. If someone sins against you, go to them privately to see if he will hear you. The purpose is to gain your brother/sister. (Matt. 18:15-17) Part 20

73. If you have gone to a person privately about their sin and they won’t hear you, bring with you one or two others to try and bring them to repentance. (Matt. 18:15-17) Part 20

74. If you have gone to a person privately about their sin and they won’t hear you, and you have brought one or two others with you and they still won’t hear you, bring them before the congregation in order to bring them to repentance. (Matt. 18:15-17) Part 20

75. If one has gone to a person privately about their sin, brought with them one or two more, and brought the matter before the congregation but they still will not hear, regard that person to be an unbeliever. (Matt. 18:15-17) Part 20

76. If your brother/sister repents, forgive him from the heart. (Matt. 18:23-35)  Part 20

77. Keep all of Yahweh’s Commandments and put your trust in Yahushua for your righteousness. Otherwise, you will not inherit eternal life. (Matt. 19:16-17; John 14:6) Part 21

78. No one can serve two masters. Therefore, serve Elohim rather than money or anything else. (Matt. 19:23-25; Luke 16:13-15) Part 21

79. When others receive a blessing, choose to rejoice rather than to demand fairness or allow envy and jealousy to enter your heart. (Matt. 20:1-16) Part 21

80. Don’t turn Yahweh’s house or any other place of ministry into a capitalistic marketplace. (Matt. 21:12-13; John 2:13-17) Part 21

81. Praise from a pure, humble and innocent heart, without pretense, is perfected praise. Seek to give Yahweh the praise… that kind of praise. (Matt. 21:14-16) Part 21

82. Be willing to admit it when you are wrong, even to your own hurt and shame. (Matt. 21:23-32) Part 22

83. Make sure you have on the wedding garment, the fine linen of righteous acts through repentance, and the robe of righteousness that can only come from Yahushua. (Matt. 22:1-12; Isaiah 61:10; Rev. 7:7-10; 12:17; 14:12) Part 22

84. Pay what you owe due in taxes, for the tax money is under the stewardship of various earthly governments. (Matt. 22:16-22; Romans 13:7) Part 22

85. To avoid error, seek to know the Scriptures and the power of Elohim. (Matt. 22:23-29; 2 Peter 3:17) Part 22

86. Obey those who speak the word that comes from Yahweh and do not follow the example of anyone who disobeys it. (Matt. 23:1-4; 15:2; Luke 11:37-39) Part 23

87. Do not be called “Rabbi” or “Master/Teacher” and don’t call anyone on earth your (spiritual) Father. (Matt. 23:4-8) Part 23

88. Do keep the finer points of the law, but without neglecting the weightier matters such as justice, mercy, faith, a true love for Yahweh and a true love for man. (Matt. 23:23-24) Part 23

89. Take heed that no one deceives you by leading you to a false Messiah/prophet, or a false teaching that we can disobey Yahweh’s law. (Matt. 24:4-5) Part 24

90. See to it that you are not troubled by world events prior to the end of this age. (Matt. 24:6-8) Part 24

91. If you are in Judea during the time of the abomination of desolation, flee to the mountains, and if you are on the housetop, don’t go down to take anything out of your house, nor go back to get your clothes if you are in the field. (Matt. 24:14-18) Part 24

92. If you are in Judea, pray that your trek to the mountains isn’t in the winter or on the Sabbath. (Matt. 24:14-10) Part 24

93. Learn the parable of the fig tree, that when the events of Matthew 24 take place, Yahushua’s return is near. (Matt. 24:32-34) Part 24

94. Watch, be ready, and pray always that you are counted worthy to escape all the things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man. (Matt. 24:42-44; Luke 21:33-36; Mark 13:33-37) Part 25

95. Take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. (Luke 23:34) Part 25

96. Be like men who wait for their master, when he will return from the wedding, that when he comes and knocks they may open to him immediately. (Luke 12:35-36) Part 25

97. Proactively care for the physical and spiritual needs of people around you. Otherwise, you are not one of His sheep, but a goat (Matthew 25), and given everlasting punishment rather than eternal life. (Matt. 25:31-46) Part 25

98. Keep your lamps burning with extra oil in your vessels by receiving the ministry of the Word as a lamp unto your feet, and receiving the ministry of the Messiah Yahushua in your life. Otherwise, He will not know you on the day of His return. (Matt. 25:1- John 6:63; 2 Corinthians 3:12-14) Part 25

99. Don’t live by the sword, but by His Spirit. Thus, only use weapons if the Spirit of Yahweh leads you for the protection of life, but be willing to die for your faith. (Matt. 26:52; Luke 22:31-29) Part 26

100. Make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that Yahushua commanded. (Matt. 28:18-20) Part 26

101. When sharing Yahweh’s Word (seed) with others, remember that you can only care for Yahweh’s garden by sowing seeds, watering and caring for the plant (person). Be loving and patient, for you can’t make the seed grow into a fruitful plant, only Yahweh can make it grow. (Mark 4:26-29) Part 27

102. When doing ministry, make sure that you set aside some time to rest and recuperate. (Mark 6:31-32) Part 27

103. Do not worry about your life and whether your physical needs will be provided for. Seek first the Kingdom of Elohim and His righteousness, and all of these things will be added to you. (Matt. 6:25-34) Part 27

104. When it comes to our giving and our service to Yahweh, give your best effort with what you have. He is more impressed with effort than with the actual end-result. (Mark 12:41-44) Part 27

105. Those who are sick need the Great Physician. Let your light shine before men and let Yahweh’s Word sanctify you rather than going out completely of the world to resolve the sin in your life. (Matt. 5:16) Part 27

106. Observe the Sabbath in such a way that manifests the truth that the Sabbath was made for man rather than man being made for the Sabbath. (Luke 2:27-28) Part 28

107. A disciple is not above His teacher. Seek to be perfectly trained by Yahushua your teacher, and walk as He walked, keeping Yahweh’s commandments as He did. Then you will be like Yahushua your teacher. (Luke 6:40) Part 28

108. If we cast the enemy out of our lives or the lives of others, don’t rejoice that the unclean spirits are subject to you, rejoice that your name is written in heaven. (Luke 10:17-20) Part 28

109. Be a neighbor to those who you would normally view as a stranger or one with whom there is animosity by serving them in their time of need, and by that fulfill the command in Leviticus 19:34 to love the stranger as yourself. (Luke 10:30-37) Part 28

110. When serving in ministry, don’t allow your serving to be a distraction away from the one thing that’s most needed: Being regularly fed by the word of Yahweh. Don’t fail to give attention to reading. (Luke 10:40) Part 28

111. Take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness. In whatever good thing that you are doing, it must be from a love for Yahweh and man, or it is nothing. (Luke 11:35) Part 29

112. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known. (Luke 12:1) Part 29

113. Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses. (Luke 12:15) Part 29

114. Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Part 30

115. If you have possessions keeping you from putting Yahweh first, sell it and give alms; provide yourselves money bags which do not grow old, a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Luke 12:33-34) Part 30

116. When faced with a legal situation such as a financial dispute, with a uncertain but potentially very troublesome outcome, try to settle out of court quickly. (Luke 12:58-59) Part 30

117. When judgment appears to fall on sinners, don’t be high minded. Instead, be sure that you are bearing the fruits of repentance yourself. Sometimes Yahweh judges sinners to be a wakeup call for others who need to repent. (Luke 13:1-5) Part 30

118. Yahweh is very patient, but He does have a limit to the number of times He will try to call a person to repentance and faith in Yahushua, or allow one who claims to be a believer to not bear fruit. Hear His call. You don’t know if He will call you again later in life. (Luke 13:24-30) Part 30

119. Don’t exalt yourself in group settings, assuming too much for yourself. Be humble and allow others to take the best seat. (Luke 14:11) Part 30

120. Look for opportunities to bless those who are at a disadvantage, such as inviting the poor, the disabled, the fatherless or widow to dinner. They cannot repay, but Yahweh will repay you at the resurrection of the just. (Luke 14:12-14) Part 30

121. Don’t allow distractions in your life to pull you away from what’s really important: Being sure that you are zealous for Yahweh’s Spiritual food, spending time with Him, and being about our Father’s business. This will show Him that you truly want to be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, no excuses. (Luke 14:15-22) Part 30

122. Don’t just listen to Yahushua’s teachings, become the salt of the earth by following those teachings, considering what you may lose in this world when deciding to do so: Friends, family, possessions, and even your own life. (Luke 14:34-34) Part 31

123. Once we have confessed our sins and expressed a heart of contrition and brokenness over them, remember that we have expressed the kind of heart that Yahweh says He will save. Let Him revive your heart and give you the joy of salvation rather than remaining in that condition forever, lest you grow faint. Let the joy of Yahweh is your strength! (Luke 15) Part 31

124. The law and prophets prophesied the Kingdom of Elohim would come. Once John the Baptist came, it was established by one’s free will to receive Yahushua as King and walk as He walked, not by force or violence. Live your life accordingly. (Luke 16:16) Part 31

125. Remember that wealth is not always a blessing, for it can lead to a self-centered lifestyle where we do not care to hear the scriptures and the testimony of Yahushua. (Luke 16:19-31) Part 31

126. When you have done all those things which you are commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do.’ (Luke 17:7-10) Part 31

127. We can cry out for mercy when we are in difficult circumstances, but in everything we must give thanks. And if we are delivered, glorify Elohim with thanksgiving, continuing to follow Yahushua…even if no one else does. (Luke 17:38-43) Part 32

128. In faith, cry out day and night if you desire Yahweh to avenge and bring justice on your behalf. He will avenge you speedily. (Luke 18:1-8) Part 32

129. When you pray, come to Him in humility and genuine repentance for any sins you have committed rather than pridefully recalling your good deeds, and never compare your righteousness to others in your prayer. (Luke 18:9-14) Part 32

130. Show love to sinners rather than scowling at them from a high perch. Your kindness, love and grace can demonstrate what Yahushua has done for you, and may even save their soul. (Luke 19:1-10) Part 32

131. When repenting, let Yahweh lead you in how to bring forth the fruits of repentance. Sometimes that may involve practicing the opposite behavior of what you were doing before, at levels that may not be required of others. Doing this may even help you overcome. (Luke 19:8-10) Part 32

132. If you are in a position of leadership, focus on serving others by meeting their needs and setting an example of what you expect of them rather than sitting back and just firing off orders, expecting to be served. (Luke 22:24-27) Part 32

133. Believe in Yahushua’s death and resurrection and you will be born of the water and Spirit, inheriting eternal life. He will give you the Holy Spirit to live a Spirit-filled life of keeping His commandments, leading you to the ultimate rebirth at your resurrection: an incorruptible Spiritual body. (John 3:3) Part 33

134. To worship Yahweh in Spirit and truth, receive Yahushua the Messiah to receive the Holy Spirit, and then walk in the Spirit by pursuing obedience to the Word, the Torah of Yahweh. (John 4:23-24) Part 34

135. Yahweh the Father gave Yahushua the ability to have life in Himself, give life to whom He will, committed all judgment to the Son, is one with the Father, and did many mighty works in Him. Honor Yahushua, even as you honor the Father. If anyone doesn’t honor the Son, he fails to honor the Father who sent Him. Part 34

136. Do more than just search the Scriptures to find truth. Come to Yahushua with a true and loyal heart toward Yahweh so that you might have life. (John 5:39) Part 35

137. Make sure that you aren’t following “another Yahushua” by living differently than He lived. (John 5:43) Part 35

138. When sharing the Word, let it be from Yahweh’s oracles rather than from yourself, so that He is glorified rather than man. (John 7:16-18) Part 35

139. Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment. (John 7:24) Part 35

140. If anyone spiritually thirsts, come to Yahushua and drink, calling upon the name of Yahweh. Then with joy you will drink of His Spirit from the wells of salvation, and you will rejoice. (John 7:37-39, Isaiah 12:2-6) Part 36

141. Abide in Yahushua’s words by walking as He walked and putting your trust in Him for the forgiveness of sin. Then the truth will set you free through Yahushua the Messiah. (John 8:31-36) Part 36

142. If you want to know the truth and understand Yahushua’s words, you must walk in righteousness rather than a spirit of slander/murder. (John 8:37-45) Part 36

143. Never put confidence in your physical heritage, the flesh, as having any bearing on whether you are accepted by Yahweh or not. We all need to walk the Yahushua walk. (John 8:33-40) Part 36

144. Beware of hireling or self-serving pastors and wolves in sheep’s clothing who in any way disregard even one scripture, whether it be in the “Old Testament” or New Testament.” Yahushua’s sheep hear His voice in the holy scriptures, recognize His loving and protective leadership style in the Spirit, and follow. (John 10:1-16) Part 37

145. If you are called to be a Pastor/Shepherd, never allow money or personal benefit to be a motivator. Imitate the Good Shepherd by serving them, protecting them from spiritual wolves, and sharing the words of the Good Shepherd, thus feeding the flock with good spiritual food (Genesis to Revelation). (John 10:12-15; 21:15-17) Part 37

146. Prior to partaking of Yahushua at Passover, wash one another’s feet, for Messiah said, “I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.” (John 13:15) Part 38

147. Love one another as Yahushua loves us, then all will know that we are His disciples. (John 13:34-35) Part 38

148. If you fall into some kind of serious sin, do not become bitter against yourself, allowing your heart to remain troubled and embittered. Repent, believe in Yahushua, and He will prepare a place for you–that you may be with Him forever. (John 14:1-4) Part 38

149. Abide in Yahushua and show love to Him and our Heavenly Father by keeping His commandments, then you will be loved by Yahweh the Father, He will send you His Spirit, and He and the Messiah Yahushua will make you their home. (John 14:15-15:14) Part 39

150. Receive the peace (shalom) that comes through Yahushua by choosing thanksgiving and faith in His Word rather than fear, love rather than division, trusting in Him for the forgiveness of sin, setting our minds on spiritual things, loving and heeding His commandments, and knowing that Yahushua has already overcome the world. (John 14:25-27; 16:33, Romans 8:6-7, Philippians 4:6-7, 2 Peter 3:13-14, Psalm 4:6-8; 119:165, Isaiah 26:34; 48:17-18) Part 39

151. Prayers should go to the Father in Yahushua’s Name, but it is permissible to talk to Yahushua. He lives in you. (John 14:14; 16:22-23. Psalm 45:6-7, Acts 7:59-60, Acts 9:3-21) Part 40

152. If the world hates you, know that it hated Yahushua before it hated you. But because you were chosen out of the world, and because of His name, the world hates you. (John 15:18-21) Part 40

153. If you keep Yahushua’s words/commands, you must keep the words/commands of His disciples also. (Luke 16:10:16; John 15:20) Part 40

154. Seek oneness the Father, so that Yahushua’s desire for us to have oneness with one another will come. (John 17:20-21) Part 40

155. Walk as Yahushua walked by declaring the written and spoken name of Yahweh. (John 17:6,26) Part 40

156. Remember that no one can harm us unless Yahweh allows it. He will use it for our benefit, and His glory in the end. (John 19:10-11) Part 40

157. Focus not on when Yahushua will return, for the Father has put that in His own authority. Focus on being a witnesses for Yahushua to all the world and living as He called us to live when it does. (Acts 1:7-8) Part 40

158. Remember to not take it so personally when you are being persecuted for your faith and obedience, for they are actually persecuting Yahushua. You are members of His body, of His flesh and bones. (Acts 9:5) Part 40

159. Don’t neglect to evangelize people that you assume are too evil (unclean) to be saved. (Acts 10:1-11:19) Part 40

160. Remember the words of Yahushua, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) Part 40