What the Scriptures REALLY Teach about Health

We've all heard from the Doctors, Nutritionalists and Herbalists. But what does the Creator of our bodies say about health?

It’s long overdue.

As a culture we have been inundated with information on health. News outlets have entire sections dedicated to it. Entire magazines are devoted to it. Trillions of dollars are spent on it every year. No one wants to get sick and die.

But the very Author of life has a message on health for us. In one sense, the entire bible is actually a message on health. It may not be a popular message and it may be uncomfortable for us to hear it, but it’s true…and it’s the most important message in the world.

Journey with me into the scriptures and discover that science is just now learning what scripture has been declaring for thousands of years!

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6 DVD set on What the Scriptures REALLY Teach about Health

Instant Video and Audio Streams

Part 1 – Introduction and Foundation of this Study

We often hear what Doctors, Nutritionists, Scientists and Herbalists say. But what does Yahweh say about health? He created the human body, knows exactly why we have disease, and wants to heal many. Are we willing to listen?

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Part 2 – Biblical examples of sinful roots of disease

In this segment we build from the foundation established in the previous study and examine instances in scripture where a specific sin resulted in a specific health problem. We also examine the question of whether or not a child’s health can be affected by a parent’s sin.

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Part 3 – More examples of sinful roots of disease

Continuing from our previous segment, we examine how improper leadership can result in sickness and disease. We also touch on how fear and anxiety can result in digestive problems.

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Part 4 – Thanksgiving and Contentment: Keys to Good Health

Learn how depression can lead directly to disease, both biblically and medically. Yahweh has the perfect solution for us, if we will lift up our eyes and see. The teachings that follow this study can also help resolve depression.

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Part 5 – Bitterness and separation: A root of disease

Learn how 3 areas of bitterness, along with fear and anxiety actually can, according to both science and scripture, produce disease in our body.

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Part 6 – Fear and Anxiety: A root of disease

We examine the topic of fear and anxiety in depth, along with its relation to sickness and disease. Learn how to overcome habits of fear and anxiety through the power of His word.

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Part 7 – Fear and Anxiety II: A root of disease

Continuing our examination of fear and anxiety, we look into what the scriptures say about a fear of rejection. Some practical steps are offered at the conclusion of the study to help defeat the spirit of fear.

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Part 8 – Bitterness against others: A Root of Disease

Did you know that holding bitterness and unforgiveness against others can actually be the root cause of CANCER? This teaching proves it to be true, both medically and scripturally.

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Part 9 – Bitterness against others II: A Root of Disease

Continuing our examination of bitterness against others, we see how it can also impact our doctrines and beliefs. We also explore bitterness in the family setting, and finish with 7 practical steps toward permanently resolving bitterness and it’s impact on our health.

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Part 10 – Bitterness against self: A Root of Disease

Did you know that a failure to love yourself is a failure to love the one that Yahweh Himself loves? It can also lead to major health problems. Learn about your identity in Messiah, and why it is so important that we believe what HE says about us.

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Part 11 – Bitterness against self II: A Root of Disease

Learn how to be set free from guilt, and the diseases it brings with it, by a proper understanding of the good news of Yahushua. Learn some practical steps for overcoming self-bitterness and guilt, and let the healing begin.

Watch Part 11

Part 12 – The Role of Medicine, Exercise and Nutrition

What do the scriptures say about diet, exercise, nutrition and the use of herbal medicines? Should a believer go to a doctor? What about drugs and the pharmaceutical industry? Is the use of drugs “pharmakeia” sorcery? We examine these hot-button issues in light of scripture.

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