Name Explanation

Explanation of the names used on this website


A name that appears over 6,800 times in scripture, is the name of the Heavenly Father. While He is commonly called “The LORD” or “God”, the reason we see “LORD” and “God” in our bibles is because of an ancient Jewish tradition. This tradition stated that the name Yahweh was not be spoken for fear that the name be blasphemed. This tradition was carried over into 2nd century Christianity. However, this tradition does not agree with the scriptures which declare that His name be exalted! (Ps 68:4 is a good Example). The Preface of some bibles will declare why they change His name. Nearly all will cite tradition and familiarity as the reason. Because of these things, I restore the name “Yahweh” into my studies.


This is the name of the Messiah, commonly called “Jesus”. It has also been changed by translators into a Greek/Latin form. When the Messiah walked the earth, He was known as “Yahushua”. Click here for more information.


This is the Hebrew word commonly translated “God,” but I’ve discovered that “God” is a very poor translation and the word actually means “Mighty One.” “God” actually is the name of an idol mentioned in scripture.