New Moon Broadcast Information for 2024-2025

New moon broadcasts include new moon reports from all over the world, live music and a full review of the Biblical events for that particular month.

You can find new moon visibility charts for each month in the Scripture Calendar

2024-2025 New Moon Broadcast (Roman) Dates & Times

These dates are not necessarily the night of the new moon/new month. These are the nights that we will be hosting a New Moon Broadcast and collecting reports of the new moon being sighted.
See the moon visibility charts to get a general idea of whether you are likely to see the new moon in your area.
We do not yet know if there will be a 13th month this year, but inspections will be done in Israel before confirming anything.

As always, tune into the broadcast to get the latest reports.
1st Month

3/11/24 9:15pm ET

2nd Month

4/9/24 9:15pm ET

3rd Month

5/8/24 9:30pm ET

4th Month

6/7/24 9:45pm ET

5th Month

7/6/24 9:45pm ET

6th Month

8/5/24 9:45pm ET

7th Month

9/4/24 8:30pm ET

8th Month

10/4/24 8:00pm ET

9th Month

11/3/24 7:30pm ET

10th Month

12/2/24 6:30pm ET

11th Month

1/1/25 7:00pm ET

12th Month

2/28/25 7:30pm ET

1st Month

3/30/25 9:00pm ET