Study the Scriptures, Grow in Faith & Share Truth with Others

Tools & resources to help you grow in faith, study the Scriptures and share the light of Scripture with others

Ad-free Webmail

Ad-free webmail service with an email at or

Scripture Calendar

Download a PDF or request a printed bound copy to hang on your wall or give to someone.

Fellowship Finder

Looking for like-minded believers to fellowship with? This place is for you. Create a profile about yourself or find others in your area looking for fellowship.

Video Broadcast DVDs

Receive free DVD's of each broadcast by signing up for a subscription or request individual studies on DVD

Truth Tracts

Download and print tracts to give and sow seeds of the truth to those around you, or request printed copies

Tassels (Tzitzit)

Request a free set of tassels (tzitzit) and learn from Scripture why all must wear them

Scripture Software

Free software to help you study in-depth with Hebrew and Greek Lexicons, Concordances, etc.

Praise Songbook

Free, downloadable praise songbook for family or group using the Sacred names

Scripture Meditation

This section is dedicated to scripture meditation and study. There is almost no commentary in this section.