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Tools & resources to help you grow in faith, study the Scriptures and share the light of Scripture with others

Fellowship Finder

Looking for like-minded believers to fellowship with? This place is for you. Create a profile about yourself or find others in your area looking for fellowship.

Last updated "05/19/2021"

Ad-free Webmail

Ad-free webmail service with an email at or

Last updated "05/18/2021"

Sacred Name Audio Scriptures

Listen to or download mp3 audio Scriptures with the True names, Yahweh and Yahushua restored.

Last updated "05/26/2021"

Video Broadcast DVDs

Receive free DVD's of each broadcast by signing up for a subscription or request individual studies on DVD

Last updated "04/29/2021"

Scripture Calendar

Download a PDF or request a printed bound copy to hang on your wall or give to someone.

Last updated "05/24/2021"

Truth Tracts

Download and print tracts to give and sow seeds of the truth to those around you, or request printed copies

Last updated "05/24/2021"

Tassels (Tzitzit)

Request a free set of tassels (tzitzit) and learn from Scripture why all must wear them

Last updated "04/26/2021"

Scripture Software

Free software to help you study in-depth with Hebrew and Greek Lexicons, Concordances, etc.

Last updated "05/08/2021"

Praise Songbook

Free, downloadable praise songbook for family or group using the Sacred names

Last updated "04/05/2021"

Scripture Meditation

This section is dedicated to scripture meditation and study. There is almost no commentary in this section.

Last updated "05/15/2021"