Scripture Songbook

Praise songbook with the Sacred names and guitar chords

The songbook on this page was created to be something that anyone can download and print out for their home fellowship group or local congregation. It’s also useful for families who want to sing together. Most of the songs are simply scripture put to music. All the songs include the guitar chords as well.

Download “Praise to Yahweh” songbook

The songbook is intended to be opened and printed with Windows WordPad and is in Rich Text Format (RTF). I have it in this format so that everyone with a PC will be able to use it.

If you plan to print it, click “File” in WordPad and then select “Page setup.” Change the left margin to .75 and the right margin to .5 so that users of the songbook will not have to change pages in the middle of the song.

We plan to add new songs to this songbook in the future. Check back for later revisions.