Scripture Calendar

Calendar for 2021-2022 is now Available!

Scripture Calendar

This calendar is probably unlike anything you have ever seen before

I know from experience that since the entire world is following the Roman/Gregorian calendar, keeping track of Yahweh’s calendar on a daily basis can be a great challenge. Since it’s 2 calendars in one, this calendar can help all of us make the transition.

The calendar is set up to be simple to use and makes it much easier to regularly keep track of Yahweh’s timetable. In the prophetic days ahead, this will become more and more important.

2021 Feast Days

Here is a graphic of the feast days for 2021:

Feast Dates 2021

The calendar shows these dates, moon charts and more…

2022 Feast Dates will not be known until 3/5/2022 when we receive the barley reports from Israel. (See study on Yahweh’s calendar) There is a small chance the feast dates could be on 3/18, 3/24, 5/8, 8/29, 9/7, 9/12 and 9/19 but much more likely they will be on 4/17, 4/23, 6/8, 9/28, 10/7, 10/12 and 10/19

Why not start now? Here are the features of this calendar

  • Yahweh’s New months begin with the first visible crescent. See the full study on Yahweh’s calendar for details.
  • Full explanation of how to use the calendar, and how to find the new moon.
  • Mini study on why it’s important to follow Yahweh’s calendar
  • Each month gives you both the biblical date and the Roman/Gregorian date for each day of the month.
  • Whenever a biblical event has taken place on a particular day of the month, this calendar will inform you of the event and where you can find it in the scriptures. You can follow along with your family as part of your daily bible study!
  • Moon visibility charts are included for each month so you can better know when the crescent moon will be seen and the biblical month to begin.
  • A brief teaching or overview of each month is provided along with associated scriptures.
  • Feast dates and the omer count are marked.
  • Because we don’t know where you are personally located, each month offers 2 possible days on which you can start a new month. For instance, if you were unable to see the new moon in your area or if you prefer to go according to the sighting in Jerusalem, this calendar will allow you two possible starting dates. You just flip to the one that matches your situation or convictions.

Download PDF

Download a FREE PDF of the 2021-2022 calendar to print yourself:

Printed copies of this calendar are no longer available but you can request next year’s calendar by filling out this form. It will ship in the spring of 2022.

You have the option of donating to support this project, but if you can’t afford to donate, we will send you one for free.

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