Truth Tracts

Truth tracts for proclaiming the Way of Yahweh to others

Truth Tracts

Tracts are an excellent way to sow seeds of Yahweh’s word to the world around us. If we truly love our neighbor, we will care enough about them to share Yahweh’s truth with them.

Luke 11:33- ” No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a lampstand, that those who come in may see the light.

Matthew 5:14- Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

So we are called to be a light on a hill, not a lamp under a basket. We ought not be ashamed of our faith, but consider it an honor to be a child of the King and seek to proclaim His ways to all. Any light persecution we might receive at this moment in history is nothing compared to what the true believers experienced in former generations. We ought to take advantage of this opportunity and diligently share Yahweh’s ways with everyone around us.


For this purpose, I have written some tracts for proclaiming Yahweh’s truths to all the world. Click the links below to read and/or download them. If you like them, print them out and pass them along:

“What we believe”

A tract you can hand someone who asks you about your faith. Shares the truth of the names, and the need to keep all of Yahweh’s commandments.

“The True Way of Love”

Aimed at unbelievers but good for Mainstream Christians to read as well. Shares the truth of the names and need to keep the commandments–all in the context of our need to love Yahweh and love one another.

“Preaching for Jesus?”

A tract targeted to Mainstream Christians. I made this especially for putting on the windshields or open windows of cars which have Christian bumper stickers or emblems on them. It’s a good way to get your children involved in ministry. Just drive through a parking lot and have them distribute the tracts 🙂

“The Third Commandment”

A tract target toward Mainstream Christians. It focuses on how the name of Yahweh got taken out of the English bibles and why it was wrong for man to do that. 

“Is the Savior ‘Merry’ about Christmas?”

A tract targeted to Mainstream Christians who celebrate Christmas. I made this especially for handing to people who say, “Merry Christmas!” You can respond with, “Have a blessed day” and hand them the tract.

You are free to edit/change the content of these tracts, but please remove the link to this web site if you choose to do that.

This is what the tracts look like when folded:

If you don’t have any way to print your own tracts, a limited quantity of color printed tracts can be sent to you through the mail. Just fill out the form below!

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Please limit the total quantity of tracts to 125 per order. 

If you really do need more than 125, please explain in the comments form the reason why you want more and why you cannot print your own. We might be able to print more for you.