The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

A vision of slaughter I have seen in pictures. They seem so far away, yet so near to my heart.

How could it be? How could humanity be so cruel? More than six million killed in the days of slaughter. Yet many stood by with excuses in their hearts. Some looked the other way, pretending it didn’t happen.

“They aren’t really human” some said in those days. They were used for medical research, thrown away in dumps. Some burned, others dismembered or tortured beyond recognition.

A decision was made that these people were not worth living. But these were not given the choice to live or die. They were forced to enter the gates of death. They were trapped, they were confined, unable to escape or even understand what was happening to them.

Indeed, millions were executed for the convenience of the powers that were. It wasn’t fair, nor was it right for so many to die for no good cause at all.

If only we had spoken in the days of the holocaust, we would not have let such evil happen. Surely we would have stopped the tyranny. Surely we would have not stood by. Surely we would have cried out for them. Surely we would have delivered them that were drawn toward death.

But it wasn’t Hitler who directed this slaughter, nor was it the Nazi’s who brought their doom. It was the doctors and the mothers who killed the most innocent. Children in the comfort of a mother’s womb.

It was far more than six million. Over 40 million since 1973. On average, 3000-4000 children a day are murdered by their own mother in the United States alone. Many would save them and give them a home…if only they legally could.

I wish I could.