The Scriptures (Online version)

Used with permission from Institute for Scripture Research

Welcome to the online version of The Scriptures, a relatively new translation published by the Institute for Scripture Research. Although this organization is not affiliated with EliYah's Home Page, I believe they publish one of the most accurate English translations of Yahweh's Word ever made.  

During the Feast of Tabernacles in 1999, we read through the entire book of Deuteronomy as a group. Others in the group were reading from this translation and I was following along on a laptop computer, with the King James Version. As they were reading, I would notice various words that were translated differently in The Scriptures as compared to the King James Version. When I examined the original Hebrew words in various lexicons and compared how the Hebrew words were translated in other verses I was struck as to the accuracy of this version. I soon wrote the Institute for Scripture Research, asking for permission to publish an online version of this translation. They agreed and also asked if I could create the same on CD. 

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In the printed edition, you will notice that the order of the books in the Pre-Messianic Scriptures (Old Testament) are in the Hebraic order with Torah (Law) first, then the Nebi'im (Prophets), then the Kethubim (Writings). This makes for a learning curve for most people who are used to the traditional English versions. The names of the Heavenly Father and His Messiah are in Hebrew letters. Also, the names of persons in scripture are more accurately transliterated into English. For instance, "Jacob" is "Ya'aqob".  

This translation is now available for download with the free E-Sword program, and is also available for use on the chat room. A search function is forthcoming. Because of portability issues, I had to change the font to a more common font that web browsers would display. I also had to remove the Pronunciation key (with the exception of the ' for the Hebrew letter Ayin) from the online version. Additionally, this pronunciation key would have made it difficult for one to use the forthcoming search function since one would need to know the pronunciation key when doing a search. Yahweh willing, various improvements will be made as time progresses. I appreciate any suggestions that would contribute to the improvement of the online version of this great translation. Enjoy!

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