Commands of the Messiah – Part 35

04/16/22 Video Broadcast

Why did Yahushua say it was possible to be an ardent studier of the scripture, yet not have salvation in the end? Why are there so many denominations and different understandings of scripture today? How can we be sure that we aren’t following “a different Yahushua?” Are those who desire to keep the Torah missing the “simplicity that’s in the Messiah?” What are Yahushua’s expectations of bible teachers? What is satan’s biggest tool to divide people? With so many different opinions on what’s really going on with world events, how can we find the truth? What are the biblical standards of righteous judgment and how can we judge others and ourselves properly? We address these questions and more in this study.

Commands of the Messiah - Part 35

Commands of the Messiah - Part 35

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